Hearing Aid Compatible Headset with Conventional Headset Functions

Sonic Alert CLA3 Hearing Aid Compatible Headset with Microphone




  • Specially-adapted T-coil headphones and extra-sensitive microphone
  • High quality & comfort headset
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Includes both 2.5mm and 3.5mm jack plugs


Conventional headphones can cause distortion and discomfort when worn with hearing aids, which can prevent you from enjoying personal music, radio, mobile phones features, movies and games. But with these specially-adapted T-coil Sonic Alert, Geemarc CLA3 headphones and extra-sensitive microphone you can enjoy interference-free interactive listening with any device that includes a standard headphone socket. In addition the headset also functions in a conventional sense, providing audible sound and essentially giving you the best of both hearing-aid compatible technology and other standard headsets. Read More

A Sleek, Stylish, and Portable Wireless Door Chime

While most homes have a pre-wired doorbell for the front entrance, for those that don’t, using this wireless door chime module by Honeywell is a great solution. Other excellent applications would be for apartments, travel trailers, back entrances, garages, dorm rooms and offices. The bell push unit communicates with the chime module via radio frequency (RF) so no wires are required. There are multiple sounds available and tunes can be programmed to individual bell pushes (if others are added) to identify which doorbell is ringing. Additionally, there are visual indicators on the chime module which helps out those that are hard of hearing. The receiver chime unit can be free standing so you can take it wherever you go in the house, or it can be wall mounted with the included hardware. The bell push module is rated for outdoor use and has a UV resistant plastic housing with a rainproof push button. It can be mounted with included screws or double-sided tape. Each push module has also been individually coded to prevent interference with other transmitters such as PIR movement detectors and telephone ring detectors. The chime module requires three AA batteries for operation, sold separately. Read More

Keeps Ingredients in the Baking Dish and Off the Hot Oven Floor

Baker’s Band BB-95R Round 9.5-Inch Casserole Band




  • Slides easily onto standard round 9.5-inch glass casserole dishes
  • Holds food inside the baking dish to prevent spills and messes
  • Naturally non-stick for hassle-free cleaning – also dishwasher safe!
  • Non-toxic and FDA approved




The Baker’s Band is an innovative device designed to be used with your existing baking dishes. Simply slide the band over a round 9.5-inch glass baking dish and you can prevent messy spills inside the oven. The soft silicone rubber band won’t scratch your dishes and can be used in temperatures up to 450 degrees F. Naturally non-stick, this silicone band makes cleaning completely hassle-free. No more stains or lingering smells after washings. Wash the band like you would your other dishes, by hand or in the dishwasher. With the Baker’s Band, your ingredients will stay in the casserole dish and off the oven floor, so you’ll spend less time scrubbing out your oven and more time making tasty treats. Read More

Complete Your Cat Genie Setup

CatGenie GenieDome and Genie SideWalls
To complete your automated, hands-off cat litter setup, top your Cat Genie with the GenieDome. Simple snap-on assembly will take less than five minutes but save you hours of litter clean up. The snowy white dome tops the pearl gray rim that securely nests on to the CatGenie Base. The top of the Dome is 19.5″ from the floor; with its Dome, the Cat Genie is not as tall as the back of the unit.

The CatGenie GenieDome gives cats who crave total privacy their wish. If you use the original CatGenie 60 Self-Cleaning Litter Box or the CatGenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box, this dome top eliminates the scattered litter due to your cat’s scratching and kicking, completing the “hands-off” aspect of this wonderful product. Perfect also for those cats who will not use any litter box that is not covered, the GenieDome provides complete privacy for the finicky or shy pet. Dome includes SideWalls, which can also be used alone.


Average Customer Rating

4.5 Stars

5 Stars DINA — AUSTIN, TX    Date: 1/7/2011
Review: Life changing…in a good way!

5 Stars SUSAN — ORONO, ME    Date: 11/16/2010
Review: the entire cat genie 120 is an excellent system. brings the joy back to being a cat owner. the excellent thing about the dome and the sidewalls, is that they contain odor, protect the mechanism, keep granules in the pan, and provide privacy.

5 Stars DAVID — SAN FRANCISCO, CA    Date: 10/4/2010
Review: We love it. It took about a week for our cat to totally adopt it, though for three days she peed on the carpet in the bedroom (always in sight, so we knew she had no choice and was mortified to be put in such a situation) and she held the rest for another few days but we followed the guide and after that it was GREAT! For for another week she kept finding one of us to show us what a good girl she was and to watch it work with her. Gotta be honest about 2 things: 1. When the CatGenie empties into the toilet the volume of water is enough to flush the toilet EXCEPT for the last time, so that sits in the toilet and coats the sides unless you catch it quick. Once of those automatic toilet cleaners helps a lot. 2. The granules will get tracked EVERYWHERE as some reviews already noted. Our solution is a Roomba vacuuming robot.

3 Stars JENNIFER — FORT COLLINS, CO    Date: 6/7/2010
Review: good addition to the cat genie

4 Stars KENDALL — LAFAYETTE, LA    Date: 6/6/2010
Review: This is an amazing product! Make sure and get these additional add-ons. It really helps with keeping the granules in the cat genie.

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Don’t Let Barking Dogs Keep You Up!

Don’t let your dog’s annoying barking disturb your neighbors or ruin your quiet time at home.

Super Bark Stop

Super Bark Stop is a humane and effective barking deterrent that won’t shock or hurt your dog. Super Bark Stop uses an ultrasonic tone that only dogs can hear. Dogs don’t like it and quickly learn that their barking triggers this negative response.

Super Bark Stop will work on any size or breed of dog, whether it’s your pet or your neighbor’s that’s barking incessantly. The Super Bark Stop is completely weatherproof, so it’s safe to place anywhere. Place the Super Bark Stop unit outdoors as close to the source of problem barking as possible, in direct line of sight of the dog; grass or plants can absorb the ultrasonic sound. Once in direct line of sight, the annoying dog won’t miss the Super Bark Stop’s response: Its 120dB output is loud enough to act as a true bark deterrent.

You can choose how loud the barking must be to activate the Super Bark Stop, which also has an adjustable bark number switch, which lets you determine how many barks in a 10-second period it takes to activate the unit, thus helping to eliminate false readings. Super Bark Stop features two different tone settings: ultrasonic (only dogs can hear it) or audible (humans can hear it too). Thanks to its internal directional sound output, no unsightly cone adorns the unit.

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