Take your home connectivity to the next level

Schlage FE599GR CAM 619 ACC Schlage LiNK Z-Wave Starter Kit with Keypad Entry Lever - Satin NickelA Z-Wave network is made up of Z-Wave enabled products that wirelessly communicate with one another and this kit has everything needed to get started. Included in the purchase are a Schlage LiNK Keypad Entry Lever, a Schlage LiNK Bridge and a Schlage LiNK Light Module, which all communicate using Z-Wave. With the Schlage LiNK Keypad Entry Lever installed on your front door you will benefit from increased home security and convenience.

Schlage LiNK’s Keypad Entry Lever features a 128 bit AES encryption and can have up to 19 personalized 4 digit codes installed on it. Each family member can have their own unique code for access while at the same time assign emergency codes for friends and neighbors or special one-time access codes. Web based access to this system from a Smartphone or computer is also available and provides the ability to confirm a doors status when not at home leaving the peace of mind to know your home is safe. Remote access of this system does require a low, monthly fee which users can activate by contacting Schlage customer service.

Security and convenience go hand and hand with a Schlage LiNK Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever. By assigning unique, personalized access codes to family members you can keep track of who is home by setting up the system to send an email or text alert upon entry. This is ideal for a situation like ensuring that your child has made it home from school safely. Another convenient feature with Schlage LiNK door locks is the ability to unlock the door remotely. If a neighbor unexpectedly needs access to your home, the door can be unlocked via a phone or computer to grant them access. If connected to other Z-Wave devices then the convenience doesn’t stop at simply being able to have remote access. Z-Wave allows enabled devices to wirelessly communicate with one another and create entrance or mood settings. A Z-Wave enabled thermostat can be set so that upon punching in a personalized access code to the Keypad Entry Lever the thermostat will automatically change to a pre-set desired temperature. This is just one example of the many possibilities a Z-Wave network of products offer. Installation of the Keypad Entry Lever is hassle free as well and in most instances will only require a screwdriver and batteries. Read more

Add Temperature and Humidity Sensing to Your Power Sensing Rack PDU

A-Neutronics TEMP-HUM Temperature and Humidity Probe Outlet
The A-Neutronics TEMP-HUM Temperature and Humidity Probe is designed to be plugged in to the ANI-15115-08MSH Eight Outlet Power Sensing Rack PDU . The sensor probe provides temperature and humidity information to the user via the network environment using the included software or SNMP.

The ANI-15115-08MSH Eight Outlet Power Sensing Rack PDU combines all the features and functions of a Switched Cabinet PDU with the ability to provide power monitoring on a per outlet basis. Different then other PDU’s where power monitoring is for the entire power unit. With the addition of the TEMP-HUM Probe you can now monitor the Temperature and Humidity of your rack components and have the ability to power them down remotely when needed. Read more

Solar Powered Outdoor Table Lamp Can Be Used Anywhere

Tired of being reliant on AC outlets and extension cords to power lamps both inside and out? With a Solar Outdoor Table Lamp from Nature Power you can say goodbye to both because this lamp will work free of electrical wiring. Three solar panels in the base of the lamp harness the sun’s energy and use it to recharge its internal batteries. When fully charged this lamp will run for up to 4 hours with its super bright LED that shines 24x brighter than that of a standard LED. A weather resistant aluminum construction with a frosted glass shade and black rust color make this lamp great for use both indoors and outdoors.

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Timer With Built-In Nightlight Prevents You From Being Left in the Dark

Woods 50005 Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Timer with NightlightThis daily timer turns off appliances when you aren’t using them but also provides a gentle nightlight so you will never find yourself in complete darkness. The timer leaves just enough illumination to light walkways and keep scared children reassured. Up to 24 on/off settings can be programmed for a single day. When the timer turns off the connected devices, it automatically turns on its nightlight. Settings can be programmed in 30-minute intervals. You can schedule lamps to turn on at sunset so you will never have to come home to a dark house. Program fans or space heaters to turn off at bedtime so they don’t run all night when they aren’t needed. You will save energy by ensuring your appliances are powered only when they will be in use. Programming can be completed in a matter of minutes – a quick pin adjustment is all it takes. Pins are permanently attached so you won’t lose them. A convenient override button can suspend the timer with a simple flip of a switch. Use the timer with just about any 2-prong appliance including lamps, fans, heaters, fountains, and more. Read more

Introducing the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera

Have you always wanted to add video surveillance to your home or office but were leery of the price? Have you been hesitant to buy a camera system because you didn’t want to have it professionally installed? Then the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is the perfect solution for you! For under $100 you can get a quality camera, designed to be installed by do it yourselfers, that delivers crisp, clear images and video in either daylight or night. Order multiple units to add surveillance to various locations throughout your home or office.

The Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is a great solution for:
• People who travel – check in on your loved ones, home and possessions from anywhere in the world
• Business owners and managers – make sure the staff is working if you are away; check in on your office after hours to make sure it is safe and secure
• People with children – use the camera as a baby cam or check in on the nanny or babysitter – the two way audio feature is great for monitoring little ones
• People with multiple homes or vacation property – keep your peace of mind by knowing your investment is safe
• Farmers and ranch owners – want to see what is happening in your barn, shed or stalls, but don’t want to leave your home…now you don’t have to
• Pool/Hot Tub owners – receive an image when motion is detected near your pool or hot tub (camera should be mounted away from water)

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Don’t Lose Precious Video From Your Analog Camera, Bring it Into the Digital Age

Channel Vision W-4001 4-Ch Web Camera Server

  • Supports four cameras
  • Supports two-way audio
  • View your video on internet browsers
  • Alarm inputs and outputs
  • Now you can update your old analog surveillance cameras into the digital age. Connect up to 4 cameras to this video server and you’ll be able to view their video feeds on any internet browser. You may also add an SD card (sold separately) to back up your video files. The server supports two-way audio and has alarm inputs to turn on individual video inputs as well as two relay outputs to operate external devices like a light or siren. You can also set zones for motion detection. The server can send you an email or FTP a file when triggered. Read More