Highlight Keyholes – No More Fumbling with Locks After Dark

Smart Solar 3720WRL1 Solar Key-hole Light

  • Easy to use, just push the top of the unit to switch on
  • Approximately 720 operations from a fully charged battery
  • Easy mounting using the adhesive pads supplied or screw holes on the reverse
  • Energy-saving white LED
  • Long-life lithium rechargeable battery

The Smart Solar 3720WRL1 Solar Key-hole Light is a solar-powered LED light to highlight keyholes, latches or door handles. The package includes three interchangeable covers (white, brass, and chrome) to match the door, furniture or other décor. Easy to install and even simpler to use – press the top of the unit to turn the light on. The light will stay on for 10 seconds and then switch off to conserve energy. Read more

Be Green and Stylish All at the Same Time

simplehuman CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler - Grey




  • Ideal for recycling of cans and bottles
  • Dial next to lid can be set to show what bin is used for
  • Top lid lifts up for disposing of larger goods
  • Designed for easy stacking of one on top of another
  • Constructed of dent-proof plastic


In simplehuman’s® continued quest to make product’s that aide in making recycling easier for you, the user, comes the CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler in grey. This recycling friendly trashcan is ideal for storage of trashed aluminum, glass, paper or plastic. Next to its circular front loading lid is a dial that can be turned to indicate what type of goods are being thrown into each specific recycling bin. Though its opening is circular the front loading lid can be easily lifted up for disposal or larger items that might not fit into the circular opening; the top lid can also be removed altogether to make changing a line or emptying an easy process. This Recycler has been designed to allow for stacking of multiple units on top of one another to save space when multiple Front Load Recyclers are being used or neatly lined up next to one another. This recycle bin is constructed of dent-proof plastic which is durable and easy to clean.   Read More

For Those Who Aren’t in Such a Romantic Mood This Valentine’s Day…

Mini Gadgets Checkmate Infidelity Test Kit




  • Test in only 5 minutes
  • Kit contains enough materials for 5 tests
  • Works with any type of material
  • Will not damage material
  • Guaranteed 100% effective




It is not a pleasant thought that perhaps your spouse might be straying, but it is important that you know the truth. Every encounter leaves trace evidence and this kit detects that evidence. Once you know for sure you can take appropriate action. Quick-acting testing procedure gives positive or negative results in only five minutes. Kit comes with sufficient materials to perform five tests. Works on any type or color of clothing without staining or damaging the material in any way.   Read More

New Product Release: Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision

We are proud to announce the release of the brand new Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision. Have you always wanted to add video surveillance to your home or office but were leery of the price? Have you been hesitant to buy a camera system because you didn’t want to have it professionally installed? Then the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is the perfect solution for you! For under $100 you can get a quality camera, designed to be installed by do it yourselfers, that delivers crisp, clear images and video in either daylight or night. Order multiple units to add surveillance to various locations throughout your home or office.

The Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision is a great solution for:
• People who travel – check in on your loved ones, home and possessions from anywhere in the world
• Business owners and managers – make sure the staff is working if you are away; check in on your office after hours to make sure it is safe and secure
• People with children – use the camera as a baby cam or check in on the nanny or babysitter – the two way audio feature is great for monitoring little ones
• People with multiple homes or vacation properties – keep your peace of mind by knowing your investment is safe
• Farmers and ranch owners – want to see what is happening in your barn, shed or stalls, but don’t want to leave your home…now you don’t have to
• Pool/Hot Tub owners – receive an image when motion is detected by your pool or hot tub (camera should be mounted away from water)

This brand new product combines a high-quality digital video camera, featuring remote pan/tilt ability, with network connectivity to bring clear video and images to your desktop or smart phone from anywhere in the world via the Internet! Read more


Convert the Sun’s Energy into Electric Current to Charge 12 Volt Batteries and Provide DC Power

Nature Power 40158 18 Watt Solar Battery Charger Kit with 8 Amp Charge ControllerTake advantage of a natural and readily available energy source – the sun. The kit’s high-quality amorphous solar panel can collect 18 Watts of energy while the charge controller delivers the power to your rechargeable 12 Volt battery. This kit will replenish your battery so you will never be without power. The solar panel is designed to work in all light conditions and is even strong enough to absorb sunlight during cloudy days. A built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electricity for the most efficient charge solution.

The kit works solely off the energy of the sun – absolutely no AC power needed. The solar panel can be surface mounted with the included hardware for a permanent charging option. Tilting poles are also included for a more portable and temporary charge option. Eleven feet of cable offers flexibility, allowing you to place the panel in the best possible position to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. Its sturdy aluminum frame and toughened glass top will withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, this solar panel is perfect for use with cars, boats, tractors, RVs, motorized sports vehicles, deer feeders, waters pumps, and any other device powered by a 12 Volt battery. Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Here’s a Deal That Will Add Some Fire to Your Special Day

Safety Pilot Kit With Remote

Price: Normally $304.00
Hot Deal $243.20

Installing a gas log set for your fireplace? Why not add a safety pilot system to control it? Made specifically for gas fireplaces with pilots that remain lit. Manual control is also possible. The gas log set is sold separately.  Read More