If You Have Small Children, You NEED This in Their Bathroom

Think about all the things a child’s hands touch over the course of the day. Now think about how often a child rubs their hands on their face, puts them in their mouth or touches things around your home that you also regularly touch. It’s no wonder why people get sick so often if you think about it. The easiest way to curb this is by washing your hands regularly and doing so for at least 20 seconds. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention says that washing your hands for at least 20 seconds is the easiest way to keep oneself from both getting sick and spreading germs. To help aide in teaching this healthy habit SoapTime® has created the SoapTime ABC on Base to help teach children the proper amount of time to suds their hands while washing.

SoapTime has taken in to account that most children probably don’t have the attention spans for something like regular hand washing which is why they have made it a multimedia learning experience. The way this works is that when the ABC soap bottle is snapped on to the included Smart Base® and then depressed to give out soap the 20 second hand washing experience will begin. Once the head of the soap is pushed down it will light up for 20 seconds and when it stops the user will know that they have washed their hands for the proper amount of time. Along with this the Smart Base has 6 unique songs it will shuffle between as well as teaching its users how to say “hello and goodbye” in Spanish, French and Chinese. However, if the music gets to be a little too much a volume switch on the base can turn off the music leaving simply the soap bottle to display its LED light show for 20 seconds.   Read More

Remotely Control A/V Components that are Behind Cabinet Doors or in an Equipment Closet

Vanco 280731 CFL Resistant 1x6 Home Theater IR Repeater Kit with Mini Surface-Mount Receiver

  • Pass IR signals through doors/walls to control hidden AV components without line of sight
  • CFL Resistant mini surface-mount IR Receiver accepts signals from up to 40 feet away
  • Two included IR emitters stick directly onto your AV equipment – supports up to six IR emitters
  • IR receiver and IR emitters work with existing remote controls
  • IR Receiver works in most lighting environments and is CFL resistant
  • LED status indicators on connecting block

The Vanco 280731 CFL Resistant 1×6 IR Repeater Kit is a great way to control your home theater components that are located inside of a media cabinet or in an AV equipment closet. Most AV components are controlled via an infrared (IR) remote control that requires a line of site to work between the remote control and the component(s). So components located behind closed doors can’t be controlled unless the doors are open, which defeats the purpose. An IR repeater kit solves this problem. The mini surface-mount IR receiver is the only item that needs to be visible. It receives IR commands from your remote, passes it through the connecting block and distributes the signals out through the IR emitters. This system allows you to keep a cable or satellite TV receiver, stereo receiver or amplifier, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, or virtually any component controlled by an IR signal behind closed doors so you can use your remote control like normal.   Read More

Designed by 50 Cent for the Highest Quality Sound, Comfort, and Style to Please Any Audiophile

SMS Audio SMS-WS-WHT SYNC by 50 Wireless Headphones - White



  • Professional sound from sleek and stylish headphones that are built to last
  • 50 foot wireless range
  • Delivers up to 17 hours of listening time from a full charge
  • Sync up to four sets of headphones from a single audio source
  • One-touch controls conveniently placed on the outside of each earpad
  • THUMPP Enhanced Bass option




Hands on Research
If you are anything like me, you have to have music with you where ever you go. I listen to all different platforms of music from Classic Rock, Rock, Punk, Reggae, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap and have been using these headphones to enjoy all of them. The passive noise isolation offered by the SYNC do a great job in keeping the music in (even when cranked up to 11) and the cluttered noise of the outside world out. The bass hits well and sounds even heavier with the THUMPP Enhanced Bass activated. The voice of each artist and each instrument I have listened to are very clear, smooth, and concise. Aesthetically, the SYNC headphones come in a beautiful high gloss finish and the stylish S on each can is lit with an LED. I prefer these headphones versus it’s competitors because they take a simple yet somewhat flashy approach. The head band and each ear can is lined with a very comfortable padding and covered with an extremely soft leather. One feature I loved about these headphones is that they are wireless and feature a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which means you won’t go through endless amounts of AA or AAA batteries. If you are traveling or using these headphones for long periods of time and you run out of power, don’t worry, the SYNC also boasts a 3.5mm input that you can use the included cable to plug in and pick up where you left off when your battery ran out.
If you are as much of a fan of music as I am, you can’t go wrong with these headphones.
Keith M. – Smarthome Product Testing

Record Everything Your Car Does, Everywhere it Goes, with this Dual Camera/Recorder

Mini Gadgets CCBlackBox Black Box Car Camera with GPS




  • High resolution of 640×480
  • Two cameras record outside and inside views
  • Internal rechargeable li-ion battery
  • 12V cigarette lighter plug
  • 2.7″ LCD screen



How does your car really get treated when you’re not driving it? Does your company truck make any extra stops on its delivery route? Does the valet practice for next week’s road race using your car? Or would you like to see how you did in the race? This camera/recorder tells all, with one camera looking out the windshield and one with a field of view of the interior. Sensitive enough to record at night. There’s an internal GPS to add a location tag to your recorded video. Just mount the camera so it has a good view out the windshield, charge its internal battery or plug into the cigarette lighter socket, and go. Records on a removable SD card up to 16GB. Watch the video on its own 2.7″ LCD screen, remove the SD card and play on your PC, or download with the USB cable (included). This video footage might be very useful if there’s an accident.  Read More

Money-Saving Bundle of Security and Surveillance Tools

Mini Gadgets SpyStickBundle PC/Cell Phone Spy Stick Bundle

Here’s a way to save money by buying a bundle of surveillance and recovery sticks. Keep tabs on cell phones and PCs and recover data that might otherwise be lost. These sticks are useful to discover hidden data or recover information that may otherwise be lost.

The Android Recovery Stick can recover deleted text messages, call logs, images, contacts, and more. Supports up to Android 2.2, and it may not be possible to recover all data. Requires the PIN for locked phones. Plug the phone into a computer, plug the recovery stick into the same computer, and follow the prompts.

The iRecovery performs much the same services as the Android but for iPhones up to IOS 4.3.

Chat Stick searches a PC for chat logs from all sorts of chat logs. Discover how time your employees waste when they’re supposed to be working. Learn what sites your kids are visiting.

The Data Recovery Stick can help you recover deleted files. Deleted files are not really gone until the computer writes new data onto the drive location, so you can often get files back if accidentally (or deliberately) deleted.

The Porn Detection Stick protects your PC from pornography. This software searches all images on a PC and evaluates them for possible pornographic content. Searches active files, deleted files and Internet caches.

The SIM Seizure stick performs comprehensive analysis of SIM cards and can recover deleted texts and emails.

Windows Breaker can help you regain access to your computer. It does not break the password, but bypasses it, granting you file access, including the ability to reset your password. Your PC must be bootable to a USB device in order for the Breaker to do its work. Read More

Hide a Camera in Plain Sight in a Seemingly Ordinary Pill Bottle

Mini Gadgets HCPill Hidden Camera in Pill Bottle

  • Fake pill bottle with a hidden camera looks ordinary
  • Can start recording when it detects motion
  • Color video and audio
  • Motion activation
  • Built in Li-Ion battery
  • Time/Date Stamp

Now you can hide a video camera right out in plain sight and no one will be the wiser. This fake pill bottle appears to be just that, except there’s a camera and recorder concealed within. The camera and recorder can take still images and video, storing on a Micro SD card up to 8GB (sold separately). Record manually or by motion detection. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, running approx. 2 hours on a charge, and charges using a USB cable (included). Download images or video via USB cable or by removing the SD card. Read more