Arm Youself from Pickpockets and Identity Theft

Rogue WALBIFOLDBLK-6 Black RFID Bifold Wallet 6-Slot




  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Multiple slots accommodate credit and ATM cards
  • Premium leather for casual style and durability


Don’t get scammed! A new form of pickpocket has appeared on the scene, and you don’t even need to be physically touched to lose your valuables. Crooks now can electronically scan your credit and ATM cards, while they are still in your wallet or purse, without you ever knowing about it. At least, not until you get your next statement! Fight back by making it as hard as possible to steal what is rightfully yours. The Rogue bifold wallet has traditional style but modern ideas, like a special pocket for those ubiquitous store loyalty keychain cards, a window on the outside for your driver’s license, 6 slots for credit cards, and also has WalletGuard built-in. This is a special lining which blocks RF, preventing electronic thieves from stealing your information. This wallet is made of black premium leather for a traditional style. Read More

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