Arm Youself from Pickpockets and Identity Theft

Rogue WALBIFOLDBLK-6 Black RFID Bifold Wallet 6-Slot




  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Multiple slots accommodate credit and ATM cards
  • Premium leather for casual style and durability


Don’t get scammed! A new form of pickpocket has appeared on the scene, and you don’t even need to be physically touched to lose your valuables. Crooks now can electronically scan your credit and ATM cards, while they are still in your wallet or purse, without you ever knowing about it. At least, not until you get your next statement! Fight back by making it as hard as possible to steal what is rightfully yours. The Rogue bifold wallet has traditional style but modern ideas, like a special pocket for those ubiquitous store loyalty keychain cards, a window on the outside for your driver’s license, 6 slots for credit cards, and also has WalletGuard built-in. This is a special lining which blocks RF, preventing electronic thieves from stealing your information. This wallet is made of black premium leather for a traditional style. Read More

Regulate the Current and Voltage Going into your Battery

Nature Power 60008 8 Amp Charge Controller

  • Use with any 12 Volt or 24 Volt solar panel system
  • Designed for permanent installations
  • Easy plug and play connections
  • Adjustable voltage settings
  • LCD screen clearly displays charging current, load current, and battery voltage in 5 second intervals

If you are using a solar panel to charge your batteries, this charge controller will be sure to protect it. The charge controller will protect your battery from overcharging, high voltage surges, short circuit, low voltage, discharging, and reverse current. Use the charge controller with both 12 Volt and 24 Volt solar panel systems. Designed for permanent installation, this charge controller is simple to install and use. A digital LED screen shows the charging current, load current, and battery voltage in 5-second intervals. The charge controller also features adjustable voltage settings and Pulse Width Modulation technology to provide higher charging efficiency and maintain a higher battery reserve.

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Elegant Solar Powered Lantern with Shepards Hook

Tricod Inc SS30P Shepards Hook Solar LanternSolar lighting is a perfect way to brighten up a yard or walkway and to do so hassle and maintenance free. Tricod Inc’s Shepards Hook Solar Lantern has no operating costs, requires no running of electrical wires and no continual flipping of a switch or plugging in of a cord for operation. To operate simply set the lantern up in an area of the yard that receives sunlight throughout the course of the day and flip the switch to the “on” position. After the lantern has been setup and had ample sunlight to charge, a photocell sensor in the actual lantern will trigger it to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. The lantern is illuminated by 4 super bright white LEDs which have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. The Shepards Hook Solar Lantern is water resistant and CE certified. For optimum operation it is important to set this solar powered light up in an area of the yard that will receive as much direct sunlight as possible throughout the day.

  • Removable lantern
  • LED lifespan is up to 100,000 hours
  • Photocell sensor offers dusk to dawn operation
  • Solar powered
  • Water resistant

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Use Mini Wireless Color Spy Camera for Various Surveillance Applications

Mini Gadgets HS203USB7x64 1-Camera Wireless Surveillance SystemThe Mini Gadgets Mini Wireless Color Spy Camera System with PC USB Adapter allows you to spy through walls by placing the video cameras measuring less than an inch on every side. This tiny wireless system features next-generation 2.4 GHz circuitry. That eliminates cordless phone interference so you can send color digital images to your monitor up to 300 feet away. (Three hundred feet is the length of an American football field.) The miniature pinhole camera measures about 1″ cube, has an 80-degree field of view, and operates on a 9 volt battery or AC adapter; the wireless receiver hooks up easily to your computer. Hide in a plant, a book, a video case, air vent, automobile, the only requirement is to make sure the small pinhole lens is facing the video surveillance target. When properly placed, the wide camera angle will give you a complete view of a normal size room.

How Do I Use This Device?
Operation is SIMPLE. Anyone can use this amazing wireless camera. Simply snap a 9 volt battery (not included) onto the camera/transmitter unit and attach the wireless receiver to your computer. That’s all there is to it!

Covert video surveillance has never been easier. With the ability to use a single 9 volt battery, concealment is no problem. Hide in a plant, a book, a video case, air vent, or automobile; the only requirement is to make sure the small pinhole lens is facing the video surveillance target. When properly placed, the wide camera angle will give you a complete view of a normal size room.

Typical Applications For This System:

  • Nanny Camera
  • Residential Surveillance
  • Business Surveillance
  • Automobile Security / Back-Up Camera
  • R/C Enthusiast in Airplanes and Helicopters
  • Motorcycle Helmet Camera
  • Great For Any Application Requiring Small Size and Portable Use

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Compose SMS Texts, E-mails, Facebook, Twitter Updates and Much More with Just your Voice!

SuperTooth Z004092E HD Bluethooth HandsFree AssistantMany traffic collisions and accidents on the road are due to driver distractions. Most of all these distractions today come from phone use, but fear not. The SuperTooth HD is here and it offers a complete handsfree solution for drivers. This Bluetooth speakerphone was engineered for ease, quality, and simplicity.

Easily pairing your Bluetooth enabled phone with the one touch and automatic pairing feature. Never will you have to struggle with reading messages while driving, as you can simply ask it to read it aloud. Also, imagine updating your social network status or sending texts using just your voice. Due to dual noise canceling microphone which eliminates wind and road noise, it can correctly perform voice commands. With the twin speakers powered by a 5.4-watt amplifier, you will not miss a word coming out of those speakers. The device is powered with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that allows 1,000 hours of stand-by time and 20 hours of continuous use on a single charge. Keep you and your precious cargo safe with the SuperTooth HD!

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