Make Installations Cleaner with an HDMI Decora® Plate Extender

Hall Research EQ-HDMI-DP HDMI Active Extender Decora Plate with ExtenderAchieve a professionally installed look with the use of Hall Research’s HDMI Decora Plate Extender. This decorative wall plate not only provides a standard HDMI plug connection for any HDMI device, its active equalization cleans the signal traveling through long cable runs. Fully compatible with HDMI versions 1.2a and 1.3 and the unit is self powered and requires no additional power supply.

The EQ-HDMI-DP can be used on the source end of your home entertainment center as a booster (to push HDMI up to 50 ft), however, it is better suited as a receiver on the remote end of the cable where it acts as an active equalizer to display the image on your display. In that case, you will be better suited to use the less expensive Passive Pass-Through HDMI Connector on the source end and be able to extend the video to 65 feet or longer. Read more

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