iDVM is the World’s First Wireless DMM for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The Redfish Instruments iDVM Digital MultiMeter (DMM) makes measuring and utilizing voltage, current, and resistance data much, much easier than any other product on the market. With its unique, advanced features, the iDVM will facilitate your work, save you time, and increase your productivity. The iDVM is the only DMM on the market that works with Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products. Our unique voltmeter measures voltage, current, and resistance. The iDVM wirelessly links to the Apple devices to allow the use of the tremendous Apple interface as an interface to the electrical measurements made by our device.

As a result of the integration of this advanced DMM with Apple devices, users can acquire data, save it, email it, post it to a web server, or display it for further visualization. Using the integrated speech function, the iDVM can “speak” the measurement through the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad integrated speaker or earphones.

The iDVM application is easy to navigate and easy to use. It looks just like the volt meter that you’re used to using, but it let’s you do so much more. Read More

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