Solar-Powered Security Light is also a Wireless Surveillance Camera

Coleman PSD3E Solar Security Camera Light 480TVL



  • Uses no electricity, only solar power (light, motion sensor, transmitter only)
  • Runs up to 14 hours on a full charge
  • Advanced monocrystalline solar panel and lithium-polymer battery
  • Photocell prevents lamp from coming on during the day
  • Motion sensor turns on light and camera
  • Wireless installation


Don’t let an intruder sneak up on your home. This security camera looks like a floodlight, but it contains a covert camera as well. And it does not require AC power or video cable! Mount this solar-powered camera/floodlight where it can keep an eye on things, then point its solar panel towards the sun. Connect the video receiver to a video monitor or DVR and you’re finished with the installation. The sun will charge its internal lithium polymer battery and give you up to 14 hours of continuous illumination. But because there are both a photocell and a motion sensor, the floodlight will come on for 60 seconds only when triggered, conserving battery power. The receiver has a built-in quad screen system, allowing you to connect up to 3 more cameras to monitor your entire property. The lamp housings are made of cast aluminum to act as heat sinks for the LEDs, to assure durability and ensure maximum brightness. The LEDs are from CREE, the best available, and emit 600 lumens (the same as a 60 watt incandescent bulb).  Read More

Create an Outdoor Media Center that Stores a Small Flat Panel TV and Other Gear

The medialifTV system lets you build an entertainment center equipped for outdoor environments. You’ll never have to lug your television outside for a temporary setup for outdoor parties. This enclosure is designed to be left outside, while protecting its contents from the elements. Large enough to house a flat panel television up to 47 inches and related media components such as cable boxes, game consoles, and movie players, the medialifTV system is weatherproof to provide a permanent outdoor media center. Beautiful, rounded edges and sides make this a sleek and sophisticated storage compartment and TV lift.

A built-in auto-lift mechanism allows you to raise and lower your media gear as needed. When you are ready to view, the system will lift the TV out of the enclosure. After you shut down your TV, a quick button press stows everything into the enclosure, forming a weatherproof seal to safeguard your devices from open-air conditions. Each system is equipped with an infrared remote control and wired switch box. Use the remote to raise and lower your TV from a distance. Or use the manual switch located on the enclosure itself. The remote requires the use of one CR2025 lithium battery, included.

Front mount enclosures can be mounted behind a wall or work bench, even in the back of a truck. The media-QUAD system is perfect for watching movies or sports games during backyard barbeques and parties. You can even take the enclosure to tailgating events. The media-QUAD enclosures can be used in both stud and concrete installations. Additional mounting options include a rear mount for mounting in front of a wall or a wheeled rover option for a truly mobile media center.   Read More

Make Installations Cleaner with an HDMI Decora® Plate Extender

Hall Research EQ-HDMI-DP HDMI Active Extender Decora Plate with ExtenderAchieve a professionally installed look with the use of Hall Research’s HDMI Decora Plate Extender. This decorative wall plate not only provides a standard HDMI plug connection for any HDMI device, its active equalization cleans the signal traveling through long cable runs. Fully compatible with HDMI versions 1.2a and 1.3 and the unit is self powered and requires no additional power supply.

The EQ-HDMI-DP can be used on the source end of your home entertainment center as a booster (to push HDMI up to 50 ft), however, it is better suited as a receiver on the remote end of the cable where it acts as an active equalizer to display the image on your display. In that case, you will be better suited to use the less expensive Passive Pass-Through HDMI Connector on the source end and be able to extend the video to 65 feet or longer. Read more

Complete and Comprehensive System to Train Three Dogs Simultaneously

High Tech Pet Products RT-3 Express Trainer Radio Dog Training System, 3 DogTraining your canine friends can take a little time and this system lets you train three dogs simultaneously! The system comes with three collars with sets of both long hair and short hair probes for use with just about any breed of dog. The collars are waterproof so you can continue training in all weather conditions. Each of the collars is controlled with a single handheld transmitter that will work up to 1/3 of a mile away. This training system is designed to teach a multitude of behaviors using proprietary Pavlov concepts.

The collars can present three different positive tones to reinforce desired behaviors, such as sit, stay, and heel. One negative tone and four shock levels can be used to indicate and eliminate bad behavior. With this system, you can simultaneously train your canines with more effective methods. You’ll spend less time training and more time enjoying the company of your furry friends. Read more

iDVM is the World’s First Wireless DMM for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

The Redfish Instruments iDVM Digital MultiMeter (DMM) makes measuring and utilizing voltage, current, and resistance data much, much easier than any other product on the market. With its unique, advanced features, the iDVM will facilitate your work, save you time, and increase your productivity. The iDVM is the only DMM on the market that works with Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products. Our unique voltmeter measures voltage, current, and resistance. The iDVM wirelessly links to the Apple devices to allow the use of the tremendous Apple interface as an interface to the electrical measurements made by our device.

As a result of the integration of this advanced DMM with Apple devices, users can acquire data, save it, email it, post it to a web server, or display it for further visualization. Using the integrated speech function, the iDVM can “speak” the measurement through the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad integrated speaker or earphones.

The iDVM application is easy to navigate and easy to use. It looks just like the volt meter that you’re used to using, but it let’s you do so much more. Read More

Power Up to 12 Plug-In Devices from a Single Outlet

AVB Cable LTS-12 12 Outlet Anodized Aluminum Rack Power Strip

  • Allows for 12 Grounded Outlets
  • Right Angle Grounded Plug
  • On / Off Switch with 15Amp Breaker
  • Excellent for Rack and Cabinet use
  • Heavy Duty Metal Housing

Use one outlet to power up to 12 devices at once with the AVB Cable 12 Outlet Power Stip. This heavy-duty metal power strip features 12 wide-spaced transformer outlets. Its 14-gauge, 3-prong power cord has a right angle grounded plug designed for tight spaces, making it ideal for any workspace. A lighted on/off switch with a 15Amp breaker allows you to cut off all power to the outlets without unplugging. Easily mount the power strip to a wall or workbench for added convenience and flexibility. The power stip is excellent for Rack and Cabinet use. Read more