Attractive and Energy Efficient Alternative to Bulky USB Adapters

CurrentWerks UI-2222-SW USB Outlet Duo In-Wall Standard AC Outlet with 2 USB Ports, WhiteThe CurrentWerks USB Outlet Duo 2 features two powerful in-wall USB charging ports delivering 16 Watts of output power from a standard 110V wall outlet. The Duo’s advanced power management design gives the consumer a total of four charging solutions, two USB charging ports and two standard US/CAN sockets from a single wall outlet. This makes the Duo the second most powerful in-wall charging solution available in the market today, surpassed only by the CurrentWerks Quattro.

No more carrying around bulky USB adapters or powering up a computer to charge cell phones, music players, PDAs, or any other USB-powered device. All you will need is a USB cable to connect to the one of two USB ports on this unit. This energy-efficient unit uses less energy than traditional chargers, leading to savings in electricity costs. In addition to the USB ports, this unit also features two standard UL listed tamper resistant 15 Amp electrical outlets.

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Get Your kids the paperless alternative to notepads, sticky notes and memo pads

Improv Electronics 90057001 Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet, Black
Join the Green movement by lowering dependence on paper with the Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet from Improv Electronics. Using just one of these tablets can save as much as 50,000 pieces of paper because it cuts out the need for sticky notes, memo pads, scrap paper, etc. Think about all the grocery lists thrown in the trash after being used and the to-do lists with a few chores on them that are crumpled up and thrown out afterwards. With this LCD Writing Tablet write out a grocery list and afterwards simply erase it from the board with the push of a button so it can be used for another paper-saving task. Weighing in at an ultra-light 4 ounces and a thickness of only a 1/8 inch make the Tablet ideal for use on the go too. Bring it with you to school or the office for note taking as an alternative to using scratch paper throughout the day. An included pen-like stylus makes writing or drawing as easy as it would be on a piece of paper. Can’t find the stylus or don’t feel like using one? No problem. The Boogie Board Writing Tablet can be even be drawn or written on with a finger. Read more

Set the Perfect Mood for Valentines Day

With Valentine’s Day less then a week away, make sure you’re home is ready for this special occasion.  Nothing makes Valentine’s more special then the small touches of mood lighting. So set the mood for Valentine’s Day or any other special event with INSTEON-compatible lighting control. Using your home’s existing wiring, these products connect in seconds for whole-house mood lighting at the press of a button. The good thing about these ideas is that the products can be used after Valentine’s is over. With multiple uses for the products you can save money and have the latest in lighting for your home.

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4 Port Switch is the Perfect Solution for High- End Home Theater Setups

This high performance HDMI switcher by Hall Research is capable of switching and boosting 4 independent HDMI audio/video sources to one output. Since HDMI digital signals have cable distance limitations, this switcher is equipped with a signal booster and equalizes the inputs for losses in the cable up to 65 feet. This HDMI switch is 3D HDMI ready, can support HDMI 1.3, HDCP 1.1, and DVI 1.0 and 30/36 bit color depth.

This unit is equipped with front panel LED indicators for status monitoring. You are able to change which input you would like to use by either pushing the selection button on the front or using the included remote. It is also able to be controlled by a universal IR remote or by a RS232 external controller. Read more

Solar Powered Spot Light Designed to Look Like a Real Rock

Tricod Inc K5017 Solar Stone Spot LightTricod Inc’s rock-themed Solar Stone Spot Light seamlessly integrates into a yard to blend into its surroundings by day and then provide light where ever needed come nightfall. Designed to look like a common stone, this spot light will be unnoticeable while not in use and give the appearance of just another rock. The Stone Spot Light can be easily moved and used where desired because it is wire-free with the only catch being that it needs to be left in the sun during the day so that it can charge. When fully charged it will provide as much as 10 hours of lighting time. A photocell sensor will automatically turn the light on at night and off in the morning. The LEDs that power the Spot Light have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and the rechargeable AA batteries should last for approximately 2 years before needing to be replaced. The Solar Stone Spot Light is water resistant, corrosion resistant and CE certified. For optimum performance the Spot Light should be put in a place that will receive as much direct sunlight as possible throughout the course of the day. Read more

This Spinning Top is Floating in Mid-Air!

Mesmerize your guests by suspending a spinning top in mid-air through the wonder of physics. Balancing the universe’s two strongest forces – gravity to pull down the magnet and magnetism to push it up – the Levitron OMEGA is composed of a base and floating top with adjustable weights. All you have to do is place the top above the base at the right point for it to begin hovering in mid-air and start amazing all onlookers. The adjustable weights are used to allow the top to reach the equilibrium height needed to properly balance gravity and magnetism so that the top can float. The spinning top displayed with the Levitron OMEGA will stay levitated and spin in a range of 20-35 revolutions per second until resistance causes it to fall after several minutes of amazement. The OMEGA is sure to leave a lasting impression on all guests and is suitable for ages 8 and up. Read More