Create a Home-Run Connection for Up To 8 IR Receivers for Output to 1 Connecting Block

Vanco 280735 8-Port IR Receiver Hub for Home Theater IR Repeater System Ki




  • Eight IR receiver input ports
  • One IR receiver output to connecting block port
  • Hardwired termination ensures a solid connection
  • No Power supply required
  • Mounting holes for secure placement in you audio video (AV) control center


If you want to control a single group of AV components from your IR remote control(s) from multiple areas throughout your home, consider using this Vanco 280735 8-Port IR Receiver Hub. The hub is hardwired with up to eight IR receivers and outputs to a single IR connecting block. From the connecting block, emitters go out to your AV components. The IR receiver takes in a signal from your remote control, passes it to the hub, through to the connecting block and out to the emitters allowing you to remotely control your AV components behind cabinet doors or in a closet. The supplied terminal blocks on the hub facilitate making the wire connections and can accommodate wire sizes ranging from 24 AWG to 12 AWG. The hub is a passive device that does not require a power supply. For added convenience, the hub has opening that allow it to be shelf or wall mounted.   Read More

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