Are You a Romantic? Create the Perfect Dinner Lighting This Valentine’s Day


Want to do something special for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? How about creating a sophisticated, romantic and ambient dinner for two using INSTEON technology! Guys, it’s time to get creative. This simple D-I-Y will have your home into an elegant environment for the perfect Valentine’s DayLearn more here

Powered Exclusively by the Sun for Cost-Free Outdoor Accent Lighting

When you need a more cost-effective way of highlighting your pathways, plants, flagpoles, signs, or other outdoor accents, this solar floodlight offers the perfect solution. It is powered solely from energy from the sun, so you won’t see any increases in your electricity bill when you use it. An integrated crystalline solar panel also eliminates the need for wiring, allowing you to place the floodlight just about anywhere it can receive direct sunlight. Attached to a durable ground stake, the floodlight takes mere minutes to install. Easy adjust the angle of the light with a quick turn of a knob. The floodlight is constructed from weather resistant aluminum to withstand harsh, outdoor conditions all year-round while the beautiful pewter finish adds a look of sophistication. Once installed, the floodlight will immediately begin absorbing sunlight. On a full charge, the 16 ultra bright LEDs will provide up to eight hours of illumination. Built-in photocells analyze the amount of available light. When it starts to get dark, the lights will automatically turn on. As the sun rises, the lights will turn off. No matter what outdoor feature you want to highlight, this solar floodlight offers a quick, easy, and very inexpensive way to light up your garden, lawn, or yard.   Read More

Create a Home-Run Connection for Up To 8 IR Receivers for Output to 1 Connecting Block

Vanco 280735 8-Port IR Receiver Hub for Home Theater IR Repeater System Ki




  • Eight IR receiver input ports
  • One IR receiver output to connecting block port
  • Hardwired termination ensures a solid connection
  • No Power supply required
  • Mounting holes for secure placement in you audio video (AV) control center


If you want to control a single group of AV components from your IR remote control(s) from multiple areas throughout your home, consider using this Vanco 280735 8-Port IR Receiver Hub. The hub is hardwired with up to eight IR receivers and outputs to a single IR connecting block. From the connecting block, emitters go out to your AV components. The IR receiver takes in a signal from your remote control, passes it to the hub, through to the connecting block and out to the emitters allowing you to remotely control your AV components behind cabinet doors or in a closet. The supplied terminal blocks on the hub facilitate making the wire connections and can accommodate wire sizes ranging from 24 AWG to 12 AWG. The hub is a passive device that does not require a power supply. For added convenience, the hub has opening that allow it to be shelf or wall mounted.   Read More

Home Solution Project: Stop Water Leaks from Becoming a Disaster!

The average household water heater holds about 50 gallons of water and with a flow rate of about 20 gallons per hour, an 8-hour leak can spill over 200 gallons of water into your home. Chances are your water heater is located somewhere out of sight, so a spill can go unnoticed for a considerable amount of time. This can mean thousands of dollars in water damage and cleanup costs. Factor in the sub-freezing temperatures in winter and you have an even bigger disaster. Learn more here

Flexible, Powerful, and Affordable Solution to Controlling Your Home or Business

Mi Casa Verde is offering home control that is affordable for everyone, with their new VeraLite, Z-Wave controller. Featuring a faster processor and more memory for downloading apps, Vera is more powerful than ever. The VeraLite is designed for those that already have a Wi-Fi router and want to add home control. Advanced users with multiple device types and plug-ins will find Vera is up to almost any challenge. Compatible with INSTEON, Z-Wave, and X10 devices, the Vera allows user’s to easily integrate new lighting or appliance controls into their home, while also providing them a choice between different protocols to be used. Vera is compatible with all other types of Z-Wave devices. This gives the user a larger selection of devices to choose from. Take advantage of everything the Z-Wave world has to offer and choose the devices that best match your home decor.

Vera is a great solution for new construction and those who already have home automation devices installed in their home or business. Vera’s unparalleled interoperability lets you include your existing devices and add on new device types, such as Z-Wave, INSTEON, and IP cameras. Receive an alert and view live video footage on your web enabled mobile device anytime a motion sensor is tripped in your home or business. Imagine knowing exactly when your children get home from school, when an elderly grandparent gets out of bed, or if motion has been detected while you are away on vacation. Vera can automatically turn on lighting so you never have to approach your home in the dark. change a thermostats temperature in your home while on your way there from work. Monitor energy usage to find bad habits you can change to save money and track your spending. Automatically receive notifications when motion is detected, a certain device has been activated, a flood or leak has been detected, and much more.

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No More Wires Mess – RF Transmission of your HDMI Signal Ensures a Clean Installation

Calrad 40-1097 Home Theater Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter and Receiver System



Forget about running your unsightly HDMI cables in, through, around or on your walls. The Calrad 40-1097 Home Theater Wireless HDMI Video Transmitter and Receiver System delivers a plug-and-play method of extending HD audio/video wirelessly up to 30 meters (100 feet), with a perfect replication of high definition (HD) video and full digital and analog audio. Featuring a performance unimpeded by line-of-sight operations, source signals are capable of transmitting through walls to accommodate multiple room installations. Wireless transmission speeds are achieved up to 300 Mbps, supporting even the most stringent demands of HD video.

Simply connect the transmitter device to any HDMI source, such as a Blu-ray player, A/V receiver, STB or even a PC, and users can now transmit uninterrupted HDMI signals wirelessly and view it on the display that has the receiver connected to it. Now you can place your HD component behind a cabinet, in a closet or in another room and mount your display right where you want it, without having to worry about available cable jacks, outlets, or wired connections. A built-in IR repeater system with the included IR receiver and IR emitter even allows you to control your source component remotely.

To connect multiple source components, consider using an HDMI 4-In, 1-Out Switcher and then connect the output of that switcher to the Wireless HDMI Transmitter. Read more