Install a Video Door Entry Monitor So That You Always Know Who’s Knocking at Your Door

Samsung SHT-3006XM EZON 6 Inch Video Door Phone MonitorThe Samsung EZON SHT-3006XM video intercom monitor allows you to answer your door from a distance, adding both convenience and security to your home or business. A touchpad controlled monitor connects to a Door Camera (sold separately), giving an image of your visitor and a direct line to speak with them. With optional expansion cameras and handset units wired into the system (available separately) you have the ability to create a door camera and video intercom system to cover your entire home or business.

In addition to the convenience of being able to see visitors, the SHT-3005XA allows you to capture images from the door camera. It also includes the option of controlling an electronic door strike (available separately) so you can admit visitors without going to the door. A wired connection ensures both voice and video are transmitted clearly.

  • Superior 6″ color TFT LCD screen
  • Enhanced security access control
  • In-house call among VDPs and sub phone

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