Get More Benefits from Your Watts Up Meter

Watts Up? 62485 Real Time Logging Software
The Watts Up meters are great analytical tools using the free software that comes with them, but you can get much more information and enhanced features with this Real Time Logging Software package. This logging software creates log files and strip charts, sends email notifications, updates in real time, and automatically calculates statistics.

What Does It Do?

The Real Time Software gives you continuous logging of data in real time and can generate strip charts of various parameters, showing x number of minutes or samples. Email notifications are sent to you automatically based on criteria you select – peak usage, voltage sag, total usage, etc. Log files are created automatically for your desired intervals – daily, every 10k records, etc. and can be exported to Excel or Word. The refresh rate can be as fast as 1 second. Read more

Terminates 99.9% of Germs Over Large Surface Areas in Less Than 10 Seconds

Zadro NANO10 Nano UV Wand Large Area Disinfection ScannerUtilizing the technology that has been used in hospitals for years, this scanner uses UV light to quickly and thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces. With UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, this scanner kills germs on contact, terminating 99.9% for healthier and safer living conditions. All germs are killed within 10 seconds of contact. The scanner folds out to cover 13 inches of surface area so you can sanitation larger areas faster. Use the scanner in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and more. Or take it with you to sanitize your office or hotel room. Put through rigorous testing, this wand is proven to be extremely effective if used correctly and as directed. A child resistant lock eliminates accidents and damages by preventing unintentional activation. The scanner is powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. When the battery starts to run low, a green LED will illuminate to notify you. Use the included AC adapter to fully recharge the unit in less than an hour. Read more

Address Energy Wastage by Your Home Theater Equipment

Embertec ECUSAV-ET-01 EmberCeptor Power Saving Device, Audio Video SeriesWhen your audio/video equipment is turned off, the devices might still be using power. And when your equipment is hibernating or in standby mode, it wastes significant amounts of power, even if not being actively used. All this wasted power could end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year! The EmberCeptor offers the perfect solution. Affordable and effective, the EmberCeptor determines whether or not your components currently require power and automatically switches them on or off as needed. If the device is not in use, all power will be removed until the device is actively being used again.

The EmberCeptor is so easy to use. Simply plug your main component, such as a cable box, into the dedicated “Always On” plug. Connect your additional components, such as plasma and LCD televisions, speakers, game consoles, and more, into the “Power Saving” plug. Then, connect the EmberCeptor into a standard AC outlet. When the EmberCeptor detects that a certain device has not been used for over an hour, it will automatically cut off power to the unused device. To resume using the device, simply turn it back on as normal. A convenient hook on the end of the EmberCeptor provides a clean and convenient way to store the unit within your AV cabinet. Read more

Extend the Life of 12 Volt Batteries

  • Provides 6 Watts of power for every hour of sunlight
  • No charge controller required
  • High quality amorphous solar panel works in all light conditions, even when it is overcast
  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frames for strong weather resistance
  • Includes all mounting hardware for permanent surface installation or tilting poles for temporary charging

Take advantage of a natural energy source – the sun – to maintain and prevent dead 12 Volt batteries. The high-quality amorphous solar panel delivers a small current to rechargeable 12 Volt batteries to compensate for small key off draw, such as that consumed by displays, stereos, and alarm systems. This trickle charger helps your battery maintain enough power to ensure quick-starts or keeps the batteries topped off during storage months. The solar panel is designed to work in all light conditions and is strong enough to absorb sunlight during cloudy days. A built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electricity for the most efficient charge.

No AC power is needed, making this trickle charger perfect for taking on the road. Mounting hardware is included for a permanent surface mount. Tilting poles are also included for a temporary charge solution. Eleven feet of cable offers flexibility, allowing you to place the panel in the best possible position to absorb maximum sunlight. The solar panel can be connected directly to the battery with battery clamps or plugged into a 12 Volt car plug. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, this solar panel is perfect for use with cars, boats, tractors, RVs, motorized sports vehicles, deer feeders, water pumps, and any other device powered by a 12 Volt battery.

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Innovative Electronic Notepad is the Green Alternative to Using Paper

Improv Electronics 90054001 Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet for BindersJoin the Green movement by lowering dependence on paper with the Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet for Binders from Improv Electronics. Using just one of these tablets can save as much as 50,000 pieces of paper because it cuts out the need for sticky notes, memo pads, scrap paper, etc. Think about all the scratch paper that gets thrown in the trash after being used for doodling and jotting down notes or reminders. With this LCD Binder Tablet write out notes from a class or meeting and simply erase it from the board with the push of a button when no longer needed so that it can be used for another paper-saving task. It weighs in at a very light 5.5 ounces and a thickness of an 1/8 inch making the Tablet nearly unnoticeable upon adding to a binder. Bring it with you to school or the office for note taking as an alternative to using scratch paper throughout the day. An included pen-like stylus makes writing or drawing as easy as it would be on a piece of paper. Can’t find the stylus or don’t feel like using one? No problem. The Boogie Board Writing Tablet can be even be drawn or written on with a finger.

The Boogie Board Binder Tablet is constructed of durable, non-toxic, shatter-proof plastic and is safe for use at home, the office or school. The Tablet is powered by a 3V battery which will provide the unit with over 50,000 erase cycles. Read more

Install a Video Door Entry Monitor So That You Always Know Who’s Knocking at Your Door

Samsung SHT-3006XM EZON 6 Inch Video Door Phone MonitorThe Samsung EZON SHT-3006XM video intercom monitor allows you to answer your door from a distance, adding both convenience and security to your home or business. A touchpad controlled monitor connects to a Door Camera (sold separately), giving an image of your visitor and a direct line to speak with them. With optional expansion cameras and handset units wired into the system (available separately) you have the ability to create a door camera and video intercom system to cover your entire home or business.

In addition to the convenience of being able to see visitors, the SHT-3005XA allows you to capture images from the door camera. It also includes the option of controlling an electronic door strike (available separately) so you can admit visitors without going to the door. A wired connection ensures both voice and video are transmitted clearly.

  • Superior 6″ color TFT LCD screen
  • Enhanced security access control
  • In-house call among VDPs and sub phone

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