Transfer Large Amounts of Information Between Digital Devices Quickly and Efficiently

Calrad 72-117-10 IEEE-1394 FireWire 9 Pin Male to 6 Pin Male, 10 Feet

  • Backwards compatible with FireWire 400 products with speeds up to 400Mbps
  • High-speed communications with isochronous real-time data transfer
  • Hot pluggable – connect and disconnect devices even when the power is on

FireWire cables allow you to send data between your high-bandwidth digital devices. This 1394b cable is backwards compatible with prior FireWire versions and will enable you to move large volumes of data quickly, efficiently, and reliably, whether your devices are equipped with FireWire 400 or FireWire 800 technology. Use FireWire cables in a broad range of devices, such as high-end digital audio/video applications, consumer audio/video device control and signal routing, home networking, nonlinear DV editing, digital audio mixing, DV cameras, hard drives, digital still cameras, professional audio, printers, scanners, and home entertainment equipment. FireWire cables also allow for peer-to-peer connections, so you can connect your digital devices directly to one another – no need for a computer for the devices to communicate. Also known as i.Link or IEEE 1394, this cable can transfer information between devices at a maximum distance of 100 meters. Read more

Increase Safety with Walkway Lighting Powered by the Sun

Nature Power Solar Powered Pathway Lights are an indiscreet way of lighting up a frequently used path, flower bed to keep from getting trampled or dock for safety. These lights come in a pack of 2 and they are made of stainless steel for weather resistance to wear and corrosion. Each path light features a 0.2 watt amorphous solar panel which collects sunlight throughout the day to power the light at night. With a full battery charge each Solar Pathway Light will illuminate for up to 8 hours making it important to put in an area that can receive ample sun during the day time. At nightfall a photocell sensor will cause each light to automatically turn on and then turn off at dawn. With the Solar Powered Pathway Lights there is no need for wiring and no subsequent operating costs because they are powered by the sun rather than an electrical grid.

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The Innovative, High-Quality Storage Solutions for the Garage and Home

RacorPro+ ABL-1R Bike and Ladder LiftThe RacorPro+ ABL-1R Bike and Ladder Lift is a fabulous compliment to your garage storage needs, and it is made from indestructible aluminum for a lifetime of use. With its unique rail design and single point attachment, the ABL-1R is easy to install with provided hardware. It can be mounted directly to the joist or perpendicular to the joist without having to be mounted to a board first. Its unique cam lock secures the rope with every pull.

RacorPro+ products can help you organize the clutter and eliminate stress. Get the finest functionality for storage and access — with durability, ease of use and installation, superior engineering and unsurpassed quality. So if you’re the person who has everything, and getting more, put it away where it’s safe, handy and takes up less room. You’ll be proud of how your valuable gear is stored and displayed. Built with extra-heavy gauge materials and finished with a tough powder coating, products in the Racor line have been designed for lifetime use. Use Racor racks in your garage, laundry room, workout area, workshop, home office, and just about everywhere!

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Stay Safe and Secure by Wirelessly Illuminating Your Vehicle’s Surroundings

GoGear AUTOLED Remote Control LED Car Light
There is no better way to keep yourself and loved ones safe, than to be able to see who is around your vehicle at night. The GoGear® remote controled LED car light is not only quick and convenient but it also has a range of up to 150 feet. The lighting unit installs easily and hangs from the rear-view mirror. Now you will be able to know exactly who is around your vehicle and where it is, by illuminating the interior from a distance.

Beyond safety, this light is great for routine vehicle care or roadside emergencies. The next time you are changing the tire or tinkering under the hood, you will be glad to have the extra light!

  • Remotely illuminates in and around the vehicle
  • Perfect for personal security, roadside emergency, and convenience
  • Use the included keychain remote to light 11 LED’s
  • Extremely portable for use in both auto and home

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Create a Stable and Worry-Free Workspace With Your Tripod

The TriPad® is a portable workspace for creative professionals that protects your valuable equipment and promotes efficiency. It conveniently slips over your existing tripod and presents you with a flat workspace for holding additional electronics. There are also two additional slide-out surfaces – add additional space and hold a beverage. It can easily hold your laptop, tablet, and any other necessary items while you work.

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Have an Extra Set of Earbuds Around for your iPhone – Keep it in Your Bag, Car, or Anywhere

Calrad 42-140 iPhone Stereo Headset with Microphone

  • Light weight, compact, stylish, convenient
  • No need to use any adapters
  • For use with iPhone 3G & 3GS models
  • Microphone push button controls various call features on the iPhone

The Calrad 42-140 iPhone Stereo Headset with Microphone offers superior comfort, fit, and sound quality. It is an affordable alternative to the Apple iPod Earphones that will let you have an extra pair of earbuds handy wherever you go. This stereo headset features a built-in in-line microphone that allows you to control functions on your iPhone 3G/3GS, including a Send/End button, for answering and ending of iPhone calls, and it can even control simple music playback such as pausing music, skipping tracks, etc. You should consider these headphones even if you don’t have an iPhone. They are very comfortable, and the sound quality is great – perfect for relaxing, travel or working out. Read more