Trigger X10 Enabled Devices by Humidity Level

Minotaur Engineering XHS X10 Humidity Sensor/Controller




  • Trigger devices based on high or low humidity level (set by user)
  • Self-contained unit
  • Uses a sold state transducer
  • Great for keeping your home comfortable and safe



The X10 Humidity Sensor/Controller provides a way to sense humidity levels and trigger X10 devices based on user settings. It interfaces to a standard X10 Powerflash device (sold separately). The sensor is completely self contained and uses a solid state transducer preset at the factory, with the trigger point adjustable between 15% to 85%. There are three leads extending from the sensor. Depending on your application, the user selection of leads determines turning on or off devices based on whether to trigger when the humidity is higher or lower than your preset value. The user selects two leads, sets the approximate humidity level using a small screwdriver, connects the sensor to the Powerflash terminals, plugs in the wall transformer, and places the sensor in the appropriate location.  Read more

The Ultimate On-The-Go Desk and Lap Workspace with Two Slide-out Extensions

The TriPad® Traveler is the ultimate in portable workspace. It is not only ideal for business people but children, travelers, and home users alike. The Traveler easily attaches to any standard sized suitcase or carry on luggage handles. It has two slide-outs that offer additional room and even a slot for beverages.

When you are not on the go, it double as a lap desk that can keep you and your laptop cool. All these features in a product with a form factor of only half an inch thick – this is the perfect companion for your active life. Read more


Product Title (In box)



  • The Traveler instantly provides you with a convenient and portable workspace
  • Easily attaches to standard size suitcases for an easy handsfree and rigid workstation
  • Two slide-outs extenders provide the option for extra workspace and a beverage holder
  • Keep your lap and laptop protected from excess heat
  • Only half an inch thick – it is easily stored away in almost all luggage and suitcases

Cool Air You Want, Where and When You Want It

GoGear SP571204 Personal Cup Holder Tower Fan

GoGear™ brings the personal tower fan technology to vehicles. Allowing individuals the ability to control and personalize the amount of air flow. This small fan fits in any vehicle cup holder, yet is powerful enough to help you beat the heat. Due to its compact size and ease of placement, this tower fan will not obstruct your line of sight while driving. Helps keep you and your family safe and cool.  

Read more

Charges 12 Volt Batteries and Provides Backup Power for Use with Cabins, RVs, and More



Capable of providing up to 72 Volts or 600 Watts of AC power, this solar panel kit is perfect for keeping a 12 Volt battery charged or harvesting backup or emergency power. A great alternative to noisy gas generators, this solar system is silent, won’t cause pollution, and won’t cost anything to run. Running strictly off the rays of the sun, this system ensures you will never be without power. Four solar panels and accessories such as sockets, adapter, wires, and an inverter are all included in this kit. Installation is hassle-free and can be completed in three easy steps.

Each amorphous solar panel is designed to work in all light conditions and even absorb sunlight during cloudy days. The sturdy aluminum frames are constructed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Built-in blocking diodes prevent the reverse flow of electricity for the most efficient charge solution. Tilting stands are also built into the solar panels, allowing for the most optimal angle for maximum energy absorption. Use this solar system to provide power for cars, boats, RVs, motorized sports vehicles, deer feeders, water pumps, and any other device powered by a 12 Volt battery. With the AC power inverter, you can even power appliances within the RV, a cabin or cottage, and much more. Environmentally friendly, the Mini Solar Farm ensures you will never be without power, while keeping the air free of fumes and other pollutants. Read more

Say Bye-Bye to Bulky, Straight Power Strips Forever

The Quirky Pivot Power Flexible Power Stip lets you reclaim your outlets with an adjustable power strip that holds large adapters in every outlet. The power strip can be flexed into a circle, semi-circle or zig zag pattern to accomodate larger plugs as well as fitting around furniture. The Power Stip also features surge protection of up to 672 Joules. Includes a 6 foot power cord with flat head plug. Read more

Quirky PVP-1-BLK Pivot Power Flexible Six Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protection, Black

  • Flexible form that bends into circular, semi-circular, and zig-zag shapes
  • Six outlet pods, which can be adjusted so that large power bricks don’t hog space
  • Adjusts so you can utilize all six outlet pods
  • 672 Joules of rock-solid surge protection