Interactive LED Volcanic Eruption Experience

Bring your desktop to life with Nature’s Fire™ Mini Volcano from Fascinations. This miniature version of their popular Volcano is the ideal size for displaying on a desktop or shelf to liven up a room. The Mini Volcano uses motion beads and red LED lighting to simulate the wonder that is an erupting volcano. This product is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the Mini Volcano. Read more

Fascinations NATFM Nature's Fire Mini Volcano




  • Miniature design makes for a perfect office, home or dorm display
  • Simulates a volcanic eruption
  • Red LED lighting enhances the show in the dark
  • On/off power switch

Time Lapse Camera Records Everyone Moving in its Range

Brinno MAC100 Motion Activated HomeWatchCam Time Lapse Camera

  • Battery-operated for simple installation
  • Motion sensor enables camera to run only when people are present
  • Stores images on SD card up to 16GB
  • Rated for outdoor use

Have you ever wanted to know what goes on while you’re away from your home? This simple camera will fill in the gaps! Just pop in four AA batteries (sold separately) and an SD memory card (2GB card included) and place it so it can see the area you want to monitor. Give it a good view of your storage shed, place it near the bird’s nest in the back yard, or point it toward your front door. The next day, pop out the SD card and see everything that happened. Mount it on a pole to take time-lapse images of your house being built. The built-in passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor turns the camera on and off to record only when it detects movement, saving memory. This feature also makes it easier to fast-forward through the video, as periods of inactivity are not recorded. The batteries can last up to 50,000 frames. Comes with universal mounting bracket. LED indicators for power on, low battery, and SD Card full.   Read more

Offsets the Natural Drainage of Standard 12 Volt Batteries

Take advantage of a natural energy source – the sun – to prevent dead 12 Volt batteries due to electric drain. The high quality amorphous solar panel delivers a small current to offset the battery’s natural drainage tendencies. This charger is perfect for keeping your battery topped off during storage. The solar panel is designed to work in all light conditions and is strong enough to absorb sunlight during cloudy days. A built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electricity for the most efficient charge.

Absolutely no AC power is needed. Mounting hardware is included for a permanent surface mount. Tilting poles are also included for a temporary charge solution. The solar panel can be connected directly to the battery with battery clamps or plugged into a 12 Volt car plug. Easy to use and environmentally friendly, this solar panel is perfect for use with standard car batteries. Read more

Utilize Renewable Energy to Set Up a Backup or Emergency Power Reserve

Nature Power 40400 Solar Home and RV Kit with 40 Watt Solar Panel




The Solar Home and RV Kit is a complete solar kit that absorbs energy from the sun to eliminate operating costs. A great alternative to gas generators, this solar kit is silent and won’t pollute the air. Drawing power strictly from the rays of the sun, this system ensures you will never be without power. The 40 Watt solar panel gathers the sun’s energy while the 60Ah battery stores it until you are ready to use it. Thirty-five feet of cabling offers flexibility in placement of the solar panel so you can put it in the perfect position to draw in the maximum amount of energy. Four AC outlets allow you to plug in and power multiple devices at once. If you desire longer runtimes, you can expand the system with an additional auxiliary battery.

Setting up the system is so easy and will only take a few minutes. The compact system is perfect for taking on camping and road trips, picnics, boat rides, or even just to ensure you’ll always have power at home in the event of a power outage. You can even plug in the power supply to your home’s electricity to ensure uninterrupted power to your plug-in devices – an internal transfer switch automatically detects when your home’s electricity has stopped and begins utilizing its stored energy. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, this kit does not require any professional installation. The system can be set up in a few simple steps and will take less than an hour. Environmentally friendly, this solar system makes sure you will never be without power, while keeping the air around you free of fumes and other pollutants.   Read more