Control Your Ceiling Fan with a Thermostat

Don’t just set your ceiling fan to its mid-speed setting and hope to be comfortable; you’ll waste energy running the fan motor when you don’t really need it. This fan control has a thermostat, which tells the fan when to run only when it’s needed. The control module is installed inside the junction box and the sensor module is placed on the ceiling adjacent to the fan. Use the remote control (included) to turn the fan on and off and adjust temperature settings. Save energy by recirculating the warm air that naturally rises to the top of a room, reducing the need to additional heat.

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Regulate the Current and Voltage Going into your Battery

Nature Power 60028 28 Amp Charge ControllerIf you are using a solar panel to charge your batteries, this charge controller will be sure to protect it. The charge controller will protect your battery from overcharging, high voltage surges, short circuit, low voltage, discharging, and reverse current. Use the charge controller with both 12 Volt and 24 Volt solar panel systems. Designed for permanent installation, this charge controller is simple to install and use. A digital LED screen shows the charging current, load current, and battery voltage in 5-second intervals. The charge controller also features adjustable voltage settings and Pulse Width Modulation technology to provide higher charging efficiency and maintain a higher battery reserve.

  • Use with any 12 Volt or 24 Volt solar panel system
  • Designed for permanent installation
  • Adjustable voltage settings
  • LCD screen clearly displays charging current, load current, and battery voltage in 5 second intervals

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If You’re Watching the Game Without Surround Sound, You’re Doing Something Wrong.

Smarthome Select 5 Speaker In-Ceiling Surround Sound Package



Full 1″ Liquid Cooled Silk Dome Tweeter
Most speakers of this size use 1/2″ or 3/4″ tweeters that can deliver less-than-optimal response in the high-frequency range (12,000 Hz – 20,000Hz). The pivoting silk dome tweeters built into the Smarthome Select 6″ In-ceiling Speakers are not only very efficient, but they are liquid cooled to ensure proper sound reproduction at high volume levels for extended periods of time, allowing you to enjoy your music at any volume level you wish for as long as you please.

Don’t Clutter the Room with Bulky Box Speakers
Speakers should be heard and not seen. These elegantly designed speakers blend into your decor with their flush-mount design and low-profile grilles. For an even more custom look, the removable grilles can be painted to match the texture and color of your ceilings, and the included paint shield can be used to customize the speaker bezel without removing the speakers from their installed positions.

When You’re Proud of Something, You Put Your Name on it
With speakers of this quality, you would expect to pay twice as much. The Smarthome Select 6″ In-ceiling Speakers represent a phenomenal value for a set of speakers that were selected and manufactured specifically for their ability to sound like live music.

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A Sophisticated Weather Station Perfect for Any Home or Office

Aspiring meteorologists will be thrilled with this La Crosse Technology wireless weather station. Ideal for darkrooms, greenhouses, or other environments that require a consistent temperature reading, the WS-7014CH records indoor temperature, humidity, and remote temperature as measured by the included TX29U-IT remote sensor. For those who need multiple temperature readings, the unit is compatible with up to three remote sensors, and displays the information in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. If gauging current temperature isn’t enough to satisfy, the station also forecasts upcoming weather conditions based on changing air pressure, employing several user-friendly icons, such as clouds, raindrops, or the sun, in the display. The forecast is approximately 75 percent accurate for 12 to 20 hours.

Like all La Crosse Technology products, the included clock and date indicator receive their readings from the U.S. atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado, ensuring that the time is always 100 percent accurate. In addition, the weather station stores both daily maximum and minimum temperatures in its memory. The remote sensor is accurate up to 330 feet away with no obstructions, and approximately 50 to 65 feet away if exterior or interior walls block the weather station. Other features include a 12- or 24-hour time mode and an air-pressure tendency arrow. The unit is comfortable either hanging on a wall or free standing and measures 3-1/2 by 5-1/2 by 1-1/4 inches (W x H x D). Both the display unit and remote require two AA batteries.

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