Travel-Sized Surge Protector Offers Three Grounded Outlets and Two USB Ports

The Flipit! Travel Surge is a mini-surge protector that provides peace of mind when traveling. Three surge-protected outlets are provided along with 2 USB charging ports for portable devices.

The Flipit! Travel Surge is the perfect product to accomodate all your charging needs while traveling. Most hotel rooms offer very little in the way of convenient available outlets and virtually none offer surge protection. Now you can charge a combination of devices from one outlet and have the peace of mind that they are protected from power surges.   Read more

Ideative PP0321W Flipit! 2 USB 3-Outlet Travel Surge Protector



  • AC power plug folds down for convenient easy travel
  • Includes 3 surge-protected power outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Simultaneously charge multiple portable devices including the iPhone, iPad, PC, Etc.
  • Surge protector protects your devices up to 612 Joules

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