No Mess, No Stress with this Wireless Security System

Skylink SC-1001 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System - Complete Kit

This Skylink SC-1000 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System comes with a complete wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. With the motion sensor and two door/window sensors, the system coverage is adequate for a decent size house. With all the additional accessories and sensors, the SC-1001 is suitable for large homes, business offices, 24-hour stores, retail operations, etc., or wherever security is a concern. The Emergency Dialer (AD-105) acts as your own monitoring center without any monthly charges. You do not need to sign up for additional monitoring service and therefore save the monthly monitoring fee.

The Control Panel can control up to 30 different sensors; these sensors include door/window sensors, motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, etc. If any of these sensors is triggered when the system is armed, the siren will sound and it will send a wireless signal to the dialer that will call for help at the same time.

You can program the emergency dialer to call up to 9 different phone numbers including your own cellular phone, pager, your doctor, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. Once the recipient picks up the phone, the emergency dialer will play your pre-recorded message and inform the recipient that you are in an emergency situation and to send help right away.

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Handheld Remote for Wireless Control of Up to 2 Sets of Lights

Heath/Zenith WC-6005-00 Remote Control Lighting Transmitter - Black



  • Controls On/Off and dim functions
  • 5 levels of brightness
  • Wireless range of up to 100 feet
  • Visor clip included for use in your car



This remote control allows for convenient control of light from across the room. Wirelessly dim turn lights on and off, as well as dim them to five different brightness levels. Control two lights or two sets of lights; with the selectable coding you can choose to control lights as a group or independently. A timer function even turns lights off automatically after the selected amount of time. Each remote is equipped with a visor clip so you can control the lights as you pull into your driveway. Compatible with all Wireless Command receivers for a more robust home lighting control system. The remote is powered by a A23 battery, included.

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Convenient Car Charger Allows You to Charge Household Devices On-the-Go

PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port




  • Fits conveniently into standard cup holders
  • Safely provides 120 volt AC household power from any cigarette lighter socket
  • Charges iPods, iPhones and other USB connected devices from USB port
  • Features overload protection and low battery shut off
  • AC power for TVs, DVD players, video game consoles, laptops and more!


The PowerLine 90309 PowerCup 200 Watt Inverter with 2 AC Outlets and USB Power Port fits perfectly into a standard cup holder because it is shaped like a cup! The PowerCup safely provides 120 Volt AC household power from any 12V socket in an automobile. Charge laptops, DVD players, TVs, video game consoles, and more from the AC outlets, and use the USB port to charge iPods, iPhones, and any other USB chargeable device.

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Lawn Mower that You Just Turn on and Walk Away!

Kyodo LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Mower

The Kyodo LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO robotic mower makes mowing the grass a thing of the past! Simply stake down the included perimeter wire around your lawn and any areas you don’t want to cut; flower gardens, landscaped areas, swimming pools, etc. Place the LB1500 SpyderEVO in the yard and turn it on, that’s it!

The perimeter wire, along with the robot’s bump sensor, ensures it cuts only where you want it to. When it is finished cutting, simply charge it with the included charging cables.

Let the LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO cut throughout the week to keep your lawn looking good all week long. Maintaining your yard frequently is better for the grass and the small clippings become fertilizer for the lawn. Frequent trimmings even help to reduce flowering weeds, making for a healthier, more beautiful lawn.


  • Semi-automatic robotic mower
  • Perfect for smaller to medium yards, up to 1/3 acre lots
  • Lightweight, easy to use at only 24 lbs
  • Lithium-ion battery means 3+ hour runtime
  • Say goodbye to high gas prices: no gas, no oil, no pollution!
  • Uses perimeter wire and internal sensors to determine yard boundaries
  • Use perimeter wire as virtual wall to protect flower gardens, swimming pools and other areas

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Add Some Color to Your Kitchen with this Grinding Gadget

Peugeot Zest Electric Grinder Pepper Mill - Strawberry Red





Treat your guests to the elegance of fresh-ground pepper without the workout. This Peugeto Zest pepper mill is battery powered and eliminates the need to grind pepper by hand. With a simple press of a button on top of the mill, the electric grinder starts, simply release the button when you have the perfect amount of spice in just the right place. The pepper grinder has an adjustable wheel that lets you decide how fine or coarse you want your seasoning to be so you can easily add the right spice texture over your simmering sauce or onto individual salad plates. A convenient loop has been built-in to the top of each Zest electric grinder as a handy way to carry or store the device when not in use. Additionally, a supply of peppercorns as well as the necessary AAA batteries are included. With push button automation, an adjustable grind setting, hanging loop and a smooth velvet strawberry red finish, this contemporary pepper mill is ideal for any home.

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