Automatically Adjust Light Levels According to Currently Available Amount of Light

Leviton WSCPC-W LevNet RF Self-Powered Wireless Light SensorBuilt-in photo cells make this light sensor completely self-powered. You won’t need to move existing wiring or install additional wiring to power this sensor. And you’ll never have to replace its batteries. The sensor harvests energy from the sun to power itself, enough to continually power itself in up to 48 hours of total darkness. The sensor can be operational after just one minute of charge time. Use this sensor with any LevNet RF or EnOcean receiver to control relays and other switching devices, as well as dimmable devices.

This light sensor assesses the amount of light currently available and adjusts your lighting as necessary. When no light is detected, the sensor will automatically turn on the lights connected to its receivers. If the sensor decides there is ample natural light, it will turn off any connected lights. You can even program the sensor to a dimmable light source and it will dim or brighten the lamp as needed. Designed with energy-savings in mind, this sensor reduces energy usage by making sure lights are not kept on when they aren’t needed. And since the sensor is solar-powered, you will never see an increase in your electricity bill – all you will notice is savings! Read more

Kill 99.9% of Germs on Surface Areas on Contact or Disinfect Water in Less Than One Minute

Zadro NANO15 Nano UV Dual ScannerThis dual scanner provides reassurance to the health-conscious and germ-phobic. Lightweight and portable, this scanner fits perfectly in purses, briefcases, backpacks, suitcases, luggage, and even pockets! Use in the home, at the office, in restaurants and public restrooms, or during outdoor activities such as picnics and camping. You’ll be able to terminate germs on contact within 10 seconds. Simply hold the scanner about ¼” away from the desired area – the scanner will kill germs from up to 1 ½ inches away. Or remove the protective cover and insert the sensor pins into water to rid the liquid of bacterial contaminants in less than 40 seconds. As soon as the sensor pins are removed, the UV light will automatically turn off to maintain your safety. Using UVA and UVC rays, this scanner has been tested and proven to kill 99.9% of germs for healthier living conditions and drinking water. To activate, side buttons must be pushed in simultaneously; this acts as a child lock feature and eliminates the potential for false activation. The scanner requires the use of four AAA batteries, included. On a fresh set of batteries, the scanner can provide over 6,000 hours of use. Read more

Send Wireless Signals to Components Up to 1000 Feet Away

RF Link DAV-2450 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Video SenderSend video and audio signals up to 1000 feet wirelessly with this 2.4GHz Digital Wireless A/V Sender. Installation is simple: just plug in the source and destination devices, plug in the power adapters, “pair” the transmitter and receiver to each other, and you’re finished. Supports hi-res video up to 720i, at frame rates up to 30 fps. Use this system to connect a surveillance camera to a DVR without stringing wires all through the house or any other application requiring the source and display or recorder to be widely separated. Comes with AC power supplies and BNC to RCA adapters.

  • High D1 resolution transmits crystal clear video without messy cables
  • High photo frame rate brings smooth wireless video reception
  • Security ID coded communication ensures privacy
  • Digital wireless technology avoids interference
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Supports NTSC and PAL video formats

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Innovative Technology Combines Gravity and Magnetism for a Unique Way to Display Your Favorite Small Items

Fascinations REV2P Levitron Revolution Platform with EZ Float TechnologyMesmerize your guests by suspending your small objects in mid-air. Balancing the universe’s two strongest forces – gravity to pull down the magnet and magnetism to push it up – the Levitron Revolution is composed of a base and floating magnetic platform. All you have to do is place the magnet above the base at the right point for it to begin hovering in mid-air. LEDs located at each corner of the base will light up simultaneously when the magnet is placed in the appropriate spot. Once the magnet is floating, you can place your display item atop the floating platform. The magnet will hold any small object up to 12 ounces. It even adjusts for weight changes, keeping the magnet levitated even as you add more or subtract weight. The system is so advanced, you can even turn the base on its side and the magnet will remain steadfastly in place. The objects you display with the Levitron Revolution will stay levitated and slowly rotate. Your guests won’t stop talking about your high-tech display! Read more

Save Space and Mount Your TV on Corner Walls with a Fully Adjustable and Durable Mounting System

KanexPro WALLMWA8 Full-Motion Corner HDTV Wall Mount, for 32When you would like your television angled in the corner, this wall mount provides the perfect solution. Not only will you save surface space, you will be able to fully adjust the television to make every seat the best seat in the house. Designed for LCD, LED, or plasma TVs, this full motion system offers maximum flexibility. Retract or extend the arm up to 28.3″ inches from the wall. Effortlessly tilt or rotate the TV 90 degrees with the push of your finger. Its pre-assembled design interface and included hardware makes installation into concrete, solid block, or wooden studs quick and easy. The mount’s construction from scratch resistant and durable steel will hold up your TV to provide years and years of reliable service.

  • Fully adjustable with extension, tilt, rotation, and swivel options
  • Quick assembly and hassle-free installation
  • Use on concrete, solid block, and wooden studs
  • Mounting hardware included

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