Adjustable Viewing Angles and Natural Looking Light for the Truest View of Your Face

Zadro SLVT410 Surround Light 10X/1X Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror - Satin NickelSitting atop an elegant pedestal, this ultra-thin mirror adds class and style to your bathroom or dressing room, while allowing you to see just about every angle of your face. A patented design with surrounding light bulb evenly disperses light around the mirror for ample light at every viewing angle. Special SURROUND LIGHT technology reproduces the effect of sunlight for the most natural looking light possible. The light can easily be dimmed to meet your personal light intensity preferences. The mirror includes both 10X and 1X magnifications and can be swiveled and pivoted to achieve the most optimal viewing angle. The light is powered by an AC adapter located in the base of the pedestal. Read more

Sensor Keeps Pet Food Fresh and Free of Bugs

To keep your pet’s food fresh, the Auto Dish features a built-in sensor that will automatically lift the lid when your pet approaches and close it as they walk away. Food won’t be exposed to the air and elements so it will stay fresher longer. With the lid closed when your pet isn’t consuming any food, you can keep odors and bugs at bay. The plastic dish is extremely durable so it can be used indoors or outdoors. A removable interior stainless steel bowl makes cleaning and switching out food simple. The Auto Dish requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately.

  • Opens when your pet is within 1 foot of the bowl
  • Closes 3-5 seconds after your pet leaves
  • Keeps feeding area odor and bug free
  • Use both indoors and outdoors

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Convert Outdoor Incandescent, CFL, and Halogen Lighting into Automatically Motion Controlled Lights

AmerTac OMLC3BC-4 Outdoor Screw-In Motion Activated Lighting Control, 150-WattsGive your home added security and safety by adding automatically activated, motion based lighting controls. This screw-In, 150-Watt, outdoor, motion detecting lighting controller will automatically and appropriately turn On” your outdoor/security/perimeter lighting whenever motion is activated. It uses a built-in photocell to determine whether the outdoor lighting is needed. If it is dark enough to require lighting, the bulb will be energized when motion is detected, then will be turned “Off” after ten minutes of inactivity within the detection area. Motion will be detected up to 25-feet away from the sensor and can be mounted at a height ranging from 8 to 18 feet providing the user flexibility for installation. The motion detector attaches to the screw-in adapter using a ball-and-socket style, swivel mount. A swivel mount also provides flexibility during installation by allowing the sensor to be fully adjusted left, right, up and down; directing the detection pattern to wherever it is needed. Compatibility with almost every type of bulb (Works with CFL’s, incandescent, and halogen), allows you to use this with any outdoor/security/perimeter lighting you already have around the home. Read more

Linkable Under Cabinet Ultra Light for up to Ten Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures Wherever you Need Them

Westek FA201LBCC 20-Inch Warm White 16-Watt Plug-In Fluorescent Under Cabinet Ultra Light, Black

  • Low profile design
  • Linkable for easy installation of more than one fixture
  • Uses popular T-4 style fluorescent bulb
  • Bulb will last up to 10,000 hours
  • Provides 860 lumen output

The Westek FA201LBCC is a very powerful under cabinet light great for any area in your home. Flicker free operation provided by the electronic ballast will allow you to enjoy instant start lighting not common in fluorescent fixtures. This unit features a 16-Watt T-4 fluorescent bulb which provides a 860 lumen light output. The included bulb is expected to last up to 10,000 hours. This fluorescent fixture is linkable so you can add several in-line, if one does not provide enough light to suit your application. Connecting several units together is a breeze using the Westek quick connect cables, allowing you to connect up to 10 fixtures. This fixture is controlled by a manual On/Off switch housed on the fixture. Read more

Instantly Add High Speed USB Ports to Your Computer

GE 98209 USB 2.0 4-Port Round Hub, BlackGE 98209 USB 2.0 4-Port Round Hub, Black

The GE 98209 USB Round Hub adds four instant Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports to your computer. Specially designed, top-loading USB ports allow almost any device to be connected without interfering with neighboring connections. Blue power-up LEDs add big appeal to such a compact device. The compact design make this hub perfect for traveling.


GE 98210 USB 2.0 4-Port Flex Hub, BlackGE 98210 USB 2.0 4-Port Flex Hub, Black

Add four instant Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports to your computer. Specially designed, the center port swivels 90° for easy access without interfering with neighboring connections. Blue power-up LEDs add big appeal to such a compact device. Compact size makes it perfect for traveling.

Protect Your Bicycle With a Quality Keyed Lock and Cable

TRIMAX Heavy-Duty Six Foot Versa-Cable and LockProtecting your property can be as simple as using this heavy-duty versa-cable and lock from TRIMAX. It is ideal for securing your bicycle, tool box, patio furniture, kayak, motorcycle, ATV, moped, or shed, just to name a few. The TRIMAFLEX quadra braid cable is six feet long with a 10mm diameter, long enough and strong enough to provide convenient worry free protection of your hard-earned possessions. The lock is keyed with a European style type E flat key, an exceptional defense over standard keys and combination locks that other cables use. As an added bonus, there is a cinching feature that helps to prevent the cable from coming loose and a PVC coating that reduces the scratching of surfaces. The TRIMAX Heavy-Duty Six Foot Versa-Cable and Lock is a inexpensive security device and theft deterrent. Read more