Ultra-Secure Insulated Dual-Flap Dog Door Mounts in Door

Fancy Paws D-ADDDM Medium Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog DoorIf you’ve resisted installing a pet door due to the loss of insulation and security to your home, a new solution is available that will last for many trouble-free years and look great in your home. Best of all, the Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door is beautifully engineered to be durable, insulated and secure: This heavy-duty aluminum unit mounts in your existing door and can’t be removed from the outside.

The Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door is easy to install. The self-framing tunnels are an integrated, telescoping system that self-adjusts to the thickness of your door (1.25 to 2.25 inches): Once the hole in your door is cut out using the included template, the inside and outside frames just slide into each other. There is no cutting or constructing of tunnels and no screws visible from the outside.

This heavy-duty dog door features dual flaps for maximum insulation. The dual-flap system creates an air pocket between the flaps and doubles the protection against drafts. The flexible flaps will not tear or puncture and carry a lifetime warranty. This special material withstands extreme temperatures without losing its shape, and the flaps are tinted for added security and protection against harmful UV rays.

This dog door comes complete with a bulletproof polycarbonate security panel, which you can insert in the interior door channel to prevent intruders from entering your home via your pet door when you’re not at home. A unique locking system keeps the security panel in place. Read more

In a Noisy Envrionment? Telephone Hearing Aid Amplifies Incoming Sound for Optimal Quality

Clarity Portable Telephone Handset AmplifierMillions of people experience high frequency hearing loss, making it extremely difficult for them to stay in contact with family and friends over the phone. The Clarity Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier is designed to help anyone with hearing loss by connecting directly to a telephone handset, making calls louder and easier to understand. This product is the most powerful in-line telephone amplifier available, boosting call volume by up to 100 times (+40 dB) normal listening levels. The patented Clarity® Power technology amplifies and shapes high frequencies to enhance communications over phone lines. An adjustable slide volume control and slide tone selector let the user fine tune how loud they want the phone and to maximize the clarity by creating a distinction between similar sounding words. A boost button adds more amplification and eliminates background noise and feedback by muting the microphone in the handset. The device is compact and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere. it connects easily between a handset and phone base and is battery powered, there is no complex wiring involved. Additionally, the device is voice activated which reduces power consumption and extends the life of the battery; an LED indicator light will identify when the battery is low. The Clarity Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier is the ideal solution to improve hearing over the phone for people with mild to sever hearing loss. This product requires the use of one 9-Volt battery for operation, included. Read more

Solar Panel that Powers a Lamp’s LEDs as Well as Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

HomeSelects 4212 eLIGHT Solar LED Lamp - Graphite
This lamp is self-sustaining to help you save money by cutting down on your electricity costs and dependence. Instead of relying on electrical connections for power, this solar-powered lamp has a removable panel which stores sunlight to power 3, 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours. The panel can reach a full charge in about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Because it is not dependent on electrical connections, the lamp is ideal for keeping in the RV for camping or barbequing. The ultra-versatile eLIGHT is also perfect for lighting bedrooms, dorm rooms, or offices with very few electrical outlets. If the lamp is not located near direct sunlight, you can remove and relocate the battery pack and panel to a window or dashboard.

In addition to the removable solar panel, the eLIGHT features a couple other charging methods. Connect the lamp to a computer via USB cable to keep your desk lit while you work. Or use the AC adapter to draw energy from an electrical outlet, if needed. You can even plug in your cell phone, iPod, camera, or other digital device to charge from the battery pack. Remove the battery pack and take it with you to keep your devices charged while on the go. No matter how you choose to use this solar lamp, you can be assured that your energy costs will be cut down since you are harnessing the free power of the sun. Read more

Dual-Sided Mirror Remains Unaffected by Steam For Closer Shaves

Zadro ZDW05 Z’Fogless 3X/1X Telescoping Fogless Shower Mirror
Shaving in the shower has never been easier than it has with the Z’Fogless Shower Mirror. Attach the mirror to your shower in mere minutes. The mirror fits all standard showerheads with a ½” thread. Once installed, the mirror will draw water from the showerhead to ensure the mirror stays fog free throughout the duration of your shower. A miniscule amount of water is drawn, so it won’t affect your shower’s water pressure. The mirror is dual-sided, offering both 3X and 1X magnification. You can extend or adjust the position of the mirror to a location that is most comfortable for you. An accessory holder also makes a convenient place to stow your razor or even toothbrushes when not in use.

  • 3X and 1X magnification
  • Telescoping arm extends from 14 to 19 inches
  • Runs water from the shower head directly to the mirror to fight fog
  • Accessory holder for razors and toothbrushes
  • Hassle-free installation

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Have the Optimum Cleaning Technology at Your Finger Tips

Product Title (In box)
The USPA bidet seat features dual self-cleaning spray nozzles and a convenient, easy-to-use remote control with LCD window that allows for simple operation of all its luxurious cleansing and drying functions. The USPA has a warm air dryer, a deodorizer, auto wash and kids functions, heated seat, a constipation relieving IIP constipation relieving IIP (Intensive Impulse Pulsation) enema function, and much more.

Dual Nozzle with IIP

  • Convenient dual nozzle for satisfying posterior wash and soft feminine wash
  • Motor driven nozzle afford more quiet and consistent nozzle movement
  • Aerated bubble is added to water streams for gentler, softer water streams
  • Exclusive IIP, Intensive Impulse Pulsating feature for optimum cleansing

Far Infrared Ray Air Dry

  • Convenient warm air dry with far infrared ray
  • Far infrared ray help dry water faster but keeps moisture on sensitive skin
  • 5 settings for dryer temperature and fan speed

Convenient Wireless Remote

  • Wireless remote with easy to read LCD window
  • Preset and operation buttons are separated for easy identification. Remote is small enough to hold in one hand comfortably and buttons are soft touch buttons with scratch-proof finished surface
  • Remote can be mounted on wall with included mounting brackets or used as handheld

Heated Hydraulic Seat

  • Digital occupied sensor allows safe operation
  • Hydraulic seat and cover allows slow closing. Soft closing is regulated by built in special damper

Quick Release Type

  • The slide installation allows the system to be easily installed and cleaned
  • D.I.Y design and does not require plumber for installation under normal circumstance

Deodorizer and Power Save

  • Active carbonated powerful deodorizer eliminates embarrassing odor
  • Power save mode activates automatically when seat is not used for an hour

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Reduce the stress on your pet’s hips, shoulders, wrists, and forearms while eating and drinking

Kennel Gear 6001-A 1 Pint Bowl System, Adhesive MountThis feeding bowl system delivers a more effective way to feed your pet than standard dog bowls. A heavy-duty mount allows you to attach the bowl to a variety of smooth surfaces. Strong adhesive on the back of the mounting unit makes installation a breeze. The mounting unit can also be screwed in for extra support. You can customize the height of the bowl to best fit your pet. Keeping their food and water bowl elevated makes dining more comfortable for them by relieving stress on their hips, shoulders, wrists, and forearms they would normally experience when they reach down to their ground to eat. Because your pet won’t have to bend down to eat, they will be less likely to spill their food, so you will have less of a mess to clean up. And by raising the bowl off the ground, you can help prevent bugs and other critters from finding their way into your pet’s meal.

Once the mounting unit is installed, the bowl can be inserted and removed from the mount with ease. The bowl slides right into the mount and stays put until you release it with the quick release latch. Even if your pet were to paw and play with the bowl, it will stay secure in the mount until you release it. Pop the bowl into the dishwasher for no-hassle cleaning. The system is constructed from extra durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum, making it resistant to humidity, UV exposure, water, numerous chemicals, and extreme temperatures. This long-lasting system is sure to make mealtime more comfortable, hygienic, and convenient for years to come. Read more