Protect Your Vacation Home While It’s Vacant

Product Title (In box)Protecting your vacation home when you aren’t there can be stressful and challenging. Peace of mind can be achieved with the Sensaphone Monitoring and Control System. The Sensaphone monitors abnormal conditions and sends alerts straight to your phone. From temperature changes to burglary, get the alert you need fast. In the event that a change is detected, the Sensaphone can call up to four different numbers. Once installed, the monitor can detect water leaks, changes in humidity, outdoor temperature, glass breaking, motion detection, and the opening of windows or doors. Monitor environmental conditions such as wind, rain, and freezing outdoor temperatures. Customize different alarm messages using pre-recorded voice notes. Also, maintain even greater control by accessing the built-in microphone for live monitoring. Even if your vacation home landline is left off the hook, the Sensaphone can automatically re-establish a dial tone to make an outgoing alarm call. For web-based control, consider the Sensophone Web 600.

The Sensaphone Monitoring and Control System extends beyond protection alerts. Set the house to be the temperature that you want before you arrive by connecting the Sensaphone to your thermostat. Or use INSTEON compatible sensors and controls to manage lights and appliances. With a simple phone call, you can turn your lights on to give your home the appearance of being lived in. Also, have the ability to grant access to your home by connecting an electronic door strike to remotely lock and unlock your door. Additional input sensors may also be compatible with: water sensors, humidity sensors, indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, glass break sensors, indoor motion sensors, and smoke detectors. Read more

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