Wall mounted aquarium that hangs like framed art!

If you’d love an aquarium but don’t have the space to put a traditional tank, the Aquavista wall mounted aquarium is the perfect solution for small living spaces. The Aquavista aquarium doubles as a beautiful piece of art – thus saving you money on purchasing pictures to hang on the wall. It’s a pretty cool piece of “3-D art”. It tested extremely well – easy set-up, nice clean look & the overwhelming consensus from the team was that it would be a beautiful addition for someone’s home or apartment and make a unique gift for the “person who has everything” or the child who “really wants a pet” with low maintenance.Aquavista 500 Wall Mounted Aquarium

The first thing everyone asks when they see an Aquavista 500 is “What is THAT? Is it real?” The second is “Where can I get one?” The Aquavista 500 is a piece of art. It’s an aquarium. It’s an automated, all-in-one fish tank. It’s the smart way to have freshwater fish.

The Aquavista 500 is a complete setup, containing everything you need to keep fish. The aquarium comes pre-assembled with proprietary wet-dry filtration, air pump, overhead lighting, heating system, and a programmable LCD display control panel which simplifies control. It sets up in under five minutes-including programming, and hangs with the included custom steel mounting bracket. You only need to add fish!

Maintenance takes less than 15 minutes per month and set up is easy with the custom steel mounting bracket included.

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

5 Stars TEJINDER — STROUDSBURG, PA    Date: 1/13/2011
Review: Excellent display tank. Easy set up. Lots of positive comments at our parties. Two thumbs up.
5 Stars DANA — TACOMA, WA    Date: 10/24/2009
Review: This is a very nice up scale fish tank,I could not be happier with this item,I would tell friends to purchase this item
5 Stars SCOTT — TECUMSEH, ON    Date: 5/29/2008
Review: The tank is great. Everyone that sees it thinks its amazing.

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Either on the Table or on the Wall, This Flameless Candle Adds Ambiance to Any Space

The dramatic Flipo FLA-TAB/WAL-CAN Biltmore Glass Hurricane with Polished Stones and Candle with Timer features a single column of mouth-blown glass enclosed within a rugged dark brown metal frame. Each glass cylinder holds decorative tumbled and lightly polished stones surrounding a 12″ ivory flameless candle. Each hurricanes metal frame can rest on a flat surface or hang with eyelets to wall mounts. The flameless candle is dripless, battery-powered, pet-safe, kid-friendly and waterproof and includes a 4 or 8 hour daily timer. The Biltmore measures 6 3/4″ x 14″ and the candle measures 4″ x 12″; Requires 2 “C” Size Batteries (not included). Product includes metal frame, flameless candle, glass hurricane, polished stones, dry wall mounts and screws. Read more

Install a Door Intercom System Without Running Wires!

3-Channel Door Intercom System (1 Door Station & 1 Interior Station)

  • Answer your doorbell without ever opening your door
  • Easily converts any doorbell into a complete in-home intercom and security system
  • Installs in minutes
  • Easy to operate

Enjoy a door intercom system that installs in minutes! This 3-Channel Door Intercom System communicates over your home’s existing wiring — no new wiring is required! With this Door Intercom, you’ll be able to answer your doorbell from any room in your home.

The 3-Channel Door Intercom System communicates via existing AC wires and will block X10 signals during the period that the intercoms are being used. They will not affect X10 operation if they’re plugged in, but are not transmitting sound.

The door intercom unit easily replaces your existing push-button doorbell using existing doorbell wiring. Read more

Cool-Blue Always “On” Nite Lite for Added Safety in Dark Areas

AmerTac 71282 Plug-In Forever Brite Cool-Blue LED Nite Lite, 2-pack

  • Soft illumination provides continuous glow
  • Device stays cool to the touch
  • Always on while powered
  • Device only costs $0.02 per year to operate
  • Popular Cool-Blue color
  • Energy efficient LED lighting used for low operating costs

The Forever Brite Cool-Blue LED Nite Lite is an always “On” night light perfect for areas where additional lighting is needed for safety while walking around in the dark. With this product, bedrooms, bathrooms, garages, pantries, storage areas, and many other locations around the home can be made safer and easier to navigate through. This item is incredibly inexpensive to use, operation of this device will cost the user around $0.02 per year. Energy efficient LED lighting used in this device will last users for years. The flat-panel design will cover the entire outlet allowing this device to add a delicate touch to your home decor. Read more

Simple Way to Illuminate Your Yard or Pathways

Solar powered not only to save energy but an easy way to light up your yard- no programming or wiring is required!

Tricod Inc L2207L Stainless Steel Long Tube Solar Light (4-Pack)

Operating solely off the rays of the sun, these tube lights will keep your garden pathways, driveways, and other outdoor areas well-lit through the night. Once the lights are installed, you will never have to pay a cent in operating costs. A solar panel on the top of each unit collects sunlight throughout the course of the day to charge its internal Ni-Cd rechargeable AAA batteries. Each light will automatically turn on at dusk when the sun goes down. The lights are perfect for use in areas that are not in direct proximity to an electrical outlet, with each light operating independently for added flexibility in placement. If you ever decide you don’t want the light to illuminate, simply use the on/off switch to keep the light off until you re-enable it. The lights are constructed from water and corrosion-resistant materials, making them stand up to any weather condition and provide light all year round. Read more

Get Ultra High-Performance for High Speed Connectivity

The Baseline Cable Category 5e 350Mhz cable is designed especially for critical communications and high-speed data networks. This cable provides high performance for high-bandwidth uses and is excellent for data communication systems. The twisted pairs are easily identifiable by color making installations much smoother and much easier to track the cabling. This cable is 100% tested and features excellent attenuation and crosstalk characteristics. It offers 24/4 PR bare copper center conductors with a jacket containing foot markings. With 1,000 feet of cable in a convenient pull box, you will be able to cut the exact length you need for each cable run and have plenty of cable for the job.BaseLine Cable 13885 Category 5e UTP UL CM Bulk Cable, 1,000 Feet, Blue


  • Swept to 350MHz
  • Excellent for high-speed data communications applications
  • 24/4 PR bare copper center conductors
  • Flame retardant jackets with foot markings
  • Supplied in 1000 foot pull-box put-ups
  • Supports 100Base-TX, Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and critical network applications
  • Conforms to ANSI/TIA/EIA 568B.2 standards
  • Either UL/cUL, CSA, or ETL Listed
  • NEC Type CM & CMR

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