Weather-Resistant Dummy Camera Looks Like the Real Thing

You don’t need to install an expensive surveillance system to feel secure at home. The Outdoor Dummy Camera w/Blinking LED is a heavy-duty decoy that looks like the real thing, ideal for deterring burglars without the unnecessary expense. This weather-resistant theft deterrent even has a battery-powered LED light for added authenticity.ABL Corp ODH-DUM Outdoor Dummy Camera w/Blinking LED

The Outdoor Dummy Camera w/Blinking LED is easy to install. All mounting hardware is included, and two AA batteries are included to power the LED light. Safe for outdoor use, the Outdoor Dummy Camera w/Blinking LED has a weather-resistant casing.

  • Looks like the real thing
  • Weather-resistant casing
  • Blinking LED light adds to authenticity

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Prevent Scalding Water–Make Sure Your Water is at a Constant Temperature

AntiScald, Inc. 14111 Scaldshield Mini Thermostatic Mixing Valve
The AntiScald Scaldshield Mini Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a high performance Thermostatic Mixing Valve used to supply single outlets. It can be used to supply sensor faucets or two handle manual faucets. The TMV is a compact Thermostatic Mixing Valve that mixes hot water with cold to deliver tempered water at a constant temperature. It features a rapid response thermostatic element for superior control. The thermostatic element senses the outlet water temperature and reacts to maintain a constant delivery temperature even under changing flows or variations in supply temperatures or pressures. It provides stable operation at flow rates as low as 0.5 gpm. The valve also reduces the outlet flow to a trickle in the event of a cold water supply failure.

A snap-on cover over a spindle mechanism that requires a special tool to adjust the temperature. The special tool is provided with each valve. The TMV has inlet connections to suit a 3/8″ flexible hose connector or a compression connection to 3/8″ OD tube. It has a 3/8″ NPT female thread on the outlet which allows adaptation to any connection type. It features a robust design based on the expertise gained from years of experience in the design and manufacture of safety valves. Every valve is tested through a range of tests on an automated testing station during the assembly process. The valve is ASSE 1016 listed for individual point-of-use applications. Read more

LED Light Bulbs Offers Equal Light Intensity as a 100W Incandescent Bulb at a Fraction of the Price

Take advantage of LED technology and save money on your electric bill by using an energy efficient, environmentally friendly light bulb!

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Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are more directional and concentrated which gives them a much greater advantage when installed in directional lamps or can lights. Because of the directional nature of LED bulbs, the “down light” you’ll get when installed in a traditional desk lamp will typically be less bright than that of an incandescent bulb, while the “up light” will be two to three times brighter than the incandescent.

When selecting a color (cool or warm), keep in mind that a “warm” temperature LED bulb will more closely resemble the color of traditional incandescent bulbs and a “cool” temperature LED will more closely resemble the color of daylight.

Temperature Comparison

  • 100 Watt incandescent bulb after 2 minutes of use, 335° F
  • 13 Watt CFL bulb after 2 minutes of use, 179° F
  • 13 Watt EVOLUX LED bulb after 2 minutes of use, 87° FIn order to create an LED light bulb that can compete head to head with both CFL and high wattage incandescent bulbs, a revolutionary active cooling system has been built-in that employs a nearly silent internal fan to cool the heatsink. Additionally, the entire housing is encased in ABS plastic to always ensure that the body of the EvoLux is cool to the touch.

Lifespan Comparison

  • 100 Watt incandescent bulb will last approximately 1000 hours; at 12 hours per day, the estimated lifespan is 83 days.
  • 13 Watt CFL bulb will last approximately 10,000 hours; at 12 hours per day, the estimated lifespan is 833 days or 2.2 years
  • 100 Watt EVOLUX LED bulb will last approximately 50,000 hours; at 12 hours per day, the estimated lifespan is 4166 days or 11.4 years.

Save Money on Electricity

The approximate cost to run the EvoLux S 13 Watt LED Bulb, Long, Warm White bulb for one year is only $3.80. This is based on calculations assuming 8 hours per day operation, 365 days per year with $.10 KWh electricity cost. The same use from a standard 100 Watt incandescent bulb will run approximately $29.20 per year.

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Advanced 1.3-Megapixel Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera Sends HDTV Images Over Cat5 Cable

Level One FCS-6010 1.3MP Pan/Tilt PoE Day/Night Network CameraThis surveillance camera can receive its power via an Ethernet cable (Power over Ethernet – PoE) or from a normal DC power jack. Using just one cable for power, video feed, and two-way audio simplifies your installation. The 1.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor sends images at HDTV quality. Use the pan, tilt, and zoom feature to hone in on just the view you need for your security requirements.

Infrared (IR) cameras can pick up images in total darkness. Most IR cameras send out IR light from light emitting diodes (LEDs), which can not be seen by the human eye. This light reflects from objects, which can then be picked up by the camera in low-light and no light areas. These images are seen in black & white rather than color. The greater the number of IR LED illuminators, the greater the power of the camera. The Pan/Tilt PoE Day/Night Network Camera has 10 IR LEDs.

Lux rating is the amount of minimum illumination that a camera can have and still pick up an image, 0 being the lowest, or no light. So the closer the lux rating is to 0, the better the camera will operate in no light or low light situations. The Pan/Tilt PoE Day/Night Network Camera can pick up images in 0.5lux in color, and 0 lux with the LEDs on.

Resolution is the amount of horizontal TV lines that make up a picture, so the higher the number of the resolution, the better clarity your picture will have. Note that the monitor or recording device you use must have a resolution equal to or greater than the resolution of the camera, as it will do you no good to have a camera that can output in 540 lines of resolution but have a monitor or recording devices that only picks up images at 300 lines of resolution. The Pan/Tilt PoE Day/Night Network Camera has a resolution of 1280×1024, better than broadcast HD television.

On Screen Display
The Pan/Tilt PoE Day/Night Network Camera has an On-Screen Display (OSD) which allows you to see and control the camera’s various features. Adjust settings for pan/tilt/zoom, focus, camera ID, and more.
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Analyze Your Heart Rate From the Comfort of Your Home

The first Observer-Handheld ECG monitor with FDA approval, is designed for home use with the purpose of health care–Heart Condition Analysis with Waveform Display. Users can choose different measurement modes as they like, 30 seconds for easy mode or continuous mode for a long time measurement. The USB interface can fulfill the data transmission perfectly!
UniPride KH497 Carepeutic ECG EKG Heart Health Monitor

The stored waveforms and analysis results help users do the review freely and obtain heart health alerts instantly. This product has a palm-sized compact design which makes for convenient portability, is completely cable and electrode free, takes only 30 seconds for a measurement, transfers measurements and data to your computer easily through the included USB and software, and has an auto power off function to conserve your batteries which are good for up to 500 measurements without needing changing. Other features include simple operation and rapid testing: Just two hands and 30 seconds to get the analysis result, display of ECG waveform, heart rate, analysis results and battery status on the backlit LCD screen, measurement of one channel ECG anytime, anywhere you like, and auto-evaluation based on detected heart data which results in diagnosis assistance for your doctors. Read more