Easy-To-Use Digital In-Wall Switch with Two Independent Preset Times

Sylvania SA 155 60-Minute Digital Auto Shut-Off In-Wall Timer, 20 Amps

  • 60 – 30 minute one-touch countdown timer
  • Easy-to-read illuminated digital display
  • Offers to-the-minute digital accuracy
  • Retains memory after power outages
  • No moving parts to misplace
  • Can be used with fan, whirlpools, and more

The Sylvania SA 155 is an easy-to-use one-touch countdown timer offering 30 or 60 minute preset countdowns which can be adjusted to anytime in between. Adjusting this time is done by using the arrow buttons after pushing the desired preset time. A manual On/Off button is available for instant On or Off operation of the load. The digital display will confirm the status of the load showing “On” or “Off”. When a countdown time is activated the display will show that time and continue to show the remaining time left to be tracked or checked by the user. This device offers to the minute digital accuracy keeping the correct countdown time, every time. The installation and wiring is as simple as replacing the existing switch; the only possible difference is the need of a neutral wire. A memory saver feature retains last setting after power outages. This device is perfect for lights, fans, whirlpools, and other high wattage appliances up to 20-amps. Read more

Control Your A/V System and Computer Applications with a Single Remote

EZ@Home EZ902 EZ CommanderEZ Commander is a wireless trackball mouse and keypad that is used like a remote control. Just plug the included receiver into the USB port of your desktop or laptop, and start to experience the full control of your multimedia center. It’s as EZ as the touch of a button and without the need to sit in front of your computer.

Media Control & PC Function Keys
In Media mode, these keys are defined as the control hot-keys for Microsoft Windows Media Player (10). With EZ Input software installed and running on your system, you may use the “Media” key to turn on the auto-key-translation function and use these keys to control other popular media software.

In PC mode, these keys are defined as some of the most frequently used hot-keys for Windows desktop and user applications. For example, you may press the “Task-Mgr” key to bring up the Windows Task Manager; press the “Web” key to open up your default web browser such as IE, etc.

Fully Functional Trackball Mouse
EZ Commander also features a highly sensitive wireless trackball mouse. Experiencing full control of your computer and applications is right at your fingertips. In addition to the mouse left-click key “L” and right-click key “R”, you may also push the trackball directly and it works as the mouse left-click key.

These keys are regular number keys and some frequently used standard function keys. In Media Mode, these keys may be used as special function keys for multimedia application software.

In PC mode, these keys are used to control the multilingual text input software (EZ Input) and to type words into your current applications, such as search words in your web browser or a short email message. Read more

Keep Your Snowboard and Ski Equipment Neat this Snow Season

It’s winter and that means more snow! Therefore you may be pulling out our ski and snowboard equipment. If you are like many people, your equipment is probably just stashed away in the corner or in a closet..or maybe even both. Instead of having your equipment scattered and laying around, why not make sure that it is stored away neatly. And not to mention, with the cost of the equipment being pretty high, make sure that it is safe. These perfect solutions can be installed in 15 minutes!

  • The perfect solution for keeping garages, sheds, shops, and more tidy and organized, this rack keeps your snowboards out of the way, yet easily accessible.

Gorgeous Garage MONKEY11 Monkey Bars Snowboard Rack

When organized, your gear will take up less space and with all your gear neatly hung up, packing for snowboarding trips will be a breeze. The industrial steel frame is rated at 120 pounds. The unit will consolidate up to six snowboards into a 32″ wide space. No more unsightly heaps on the floor or clusters in the corner. Now snowboards can be hung up, organized, and ready for the next trip.

  • Keeps Gear Neatly Arranged and Not Bunched Up on the Floor or Stuffed onto a Shelf

Gorgeous Garage MONKEY10 Monkey Bars Camping Gear Rack
The industrial steel frame is rated at 120 pounds, with each hook capable of holding up to 30 pounds. Your tents, sleeping bags, chairs, backpacks, and more will no longer be left in unsightly heaps on the floor. Now they can be hung up, organized, and ready for the next trip.

Listen to What You Want, When You Want, with this FM Transmitter

Livio Radio CA001 Carmen Ultimate FM TransmitterIt’s a nuisance to tune in new radio stations as you’re driving long distances. As reception from one begins to fade out, you search the airwaves for a new one that plays your style of music or talk radio. Here’s a unique solution: fill the Carmen FM Transmitter with up to 45 hours of internet radio content before you leave home, then play it back through your car’s audio system. You can also connect your MP3 player to the Carmen and play all your recorded music. The included remote control gives you complete control over what’s playing and allows you to fast-forward past the commercials if you want. There’s an internal equalizer with settings for Flat, Rock, Pop, Easy, Soft, Jazz, and Bass. The Carmen’s LCD display shows elapsed time of current track, FM frequency, and song info. Read more

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort in the shower to conserve water

Oxygenics IntelliShower Fixed Showerhead, GoldThe Oxygenics IntelliShower adapts to incoming water pressure and maximizes water performance, maintaining high pressure and efficiency, saving in water and energy consumption. The patented design injects air into the water stream for a powerful, full body spray. While other industry-standard showerheads flow at 2.5 GPM at 60 PSI (national water pressure average), the Oxygenics IntelliShower flows at 2.0 GPM at 60 PSI, offering an instant 20% water savings; the showerheads adapt to the incoming water pressure, so as the pressure decreases as much as 70% water and energy can be saved. There are two easy-twist settings available; the first spray is the patented Oxygenics core which delivers an invigorating full-body spray and the newly designed Tri-Core™ spray incorporates three Oxygenics mini cores which create a wide, robust spray. What’s more, the internal components are durable, eliminating clogging, mineral build up and corrosion, which means no cleaning or maintenance is required. Along with providing an invigorating shower experience, the modern gold finishing on this showerhead stylizes and enriches bathroom décor while adding elegance and flair to existing fixtures. Using this type of water-conserving showerhead can not only saves thousands of gallons of water per fixture per year, but it also saves energy costs as less hot water is used. Read more

Alleviate Back Pain With a Gel Cushion

Gelco 85-100 GSeat Portable Gel SeatDoes your back hurt after you’ve been sitting for a while? Are you headed out to the kid’s soccer game or another sporting event? No one wants to sit on those hard bleacher seats, and no one likes a sore back. The original GSeat is the answer. Constructed of visco-elastic gel and no-memory foam to cushion your pressure points, and shaped with a 5° forward tilt to improve your posture. The cushion folds in half to make it easy to carry, and there’s an integrated handle as well. The center groove relieves pressure on your tailbone. Its size makes it great for all-day comfort in your office chair or in the car. It’s easily carried, so take it with you on long flights.

  • Padded comfort
  • Special design and construction help align your spine
  • Gel and no-memory foam
  • Folds in half and has a carrying handle for easy portability
  • Perforations for ventilation
  • Center depression relieves pressure on tail bone
  • Perfect to use in a wheelchair

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