World’s First Indoor Laser Bird Repellent Device

Bird-X BLazer Bird BLazerLaser beams are well-documented to chase away pest birds. The Bird-X BLazer Bird BLazer uses 10 milliwatts of fat beam laser power technology to safely frightens birds away. The beam seeks out their roosting-spots, alarming and confusing them, causing them to flee. This technological breakthrough makes current hand-held, labor-intensive lasers obsolete and opens up this proven method of bird control for general industrial use. This product is a State-of-the-art, fully registered, consumer-safe device that works day and night to cover up to 10,000 feet; laser beams constantly change pattern and location to prevent acclimation. The Bird BLazer works om pigeons, sparrows, starlings, swallows, bats, rodents and more.

Ideal for use in the following areas: hangars, warehouses, plants, tunnels, loading docks, railroad sidings, breezeways, boat houses, underpasses, storage sheds, barns, sports arenas, convention centers, parking garages, car washes and other enclosed or semi-enclosed area.

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