Directional Nightlight Aims Crisp Beam From Dusk to Dawn

Directional LED NightlightNightlights are a convenient source of minimal light, necessary for late-night jaunts. But they have a downfall: Either you have to remember to turn them on each night, or they remain on at all times, wasting electricity. But the Directional LED Nightlight is different. Plug it in and forget about it, because its photo sensor will turn it on automatically each evening at dusk and will turn it off when it gets light out again.

Unlike standard nightlights, which simply emit a dim glow, the Directional LED Nightlight provides a crisp LED light that can be aimed where you need it. Put one at the top of a staircase or facing kitchen cabinets. If you keep a nightlight in your child’s room, aim one toward the door or closet, so it won’t be bright in your baby’s eyes all night long.

Best of all, since it glows only when the room is dark, the Directional LED Nightlight isn’t wasting energy all day long. When lit an average of 10 hours a day, this nightlight will cost only $0.10 per year!

 Customer Ratings

4.5 Stars

3 Stars JONI — LITTLETON, CO    Date: 6/11/2011
Review: Being able to direct these is a plus but they are a little too bright for me
5 Stars SHARI — HOWARD BEACH, NY    Date: 3/10/2011
Review: Haven’t used them yet, but they definitely look like they can come in handy. They came fast and was a good price.
5 Stars ALEXANDER — LINDEN, NJ    Date: 6/1/2010
Review: Easy to install, works as advertised. Not too bright. Swivel option is great. Let’s you direct light where you need it.

5 Stars EMILY — GARRISON, NY    Date: 11/26/2009
Review: excellent and great price


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Save the water from rainfall to use at your own convenience!

Koolatron/Lentek RBB55 Crius Rain BarrelThis unique rain barrel combines the contemporary aesthetic elegance of authentic stone with the enduring longevity of plastic. The rain barrel is manufactured by rotation molding plastic process and is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Want to know how much water you could save? To find out how much water your roof will collect you first need to calculate the catchment area.

L = total length of your house
W = total width of your house
(L+eaves) x (W+eaves) = Catchment
Example: (36+4) x (46+4) = 2000sqft.

-1 inch of rainfall can provide an average of 600 gallons per 1000 sq ft. catchment area.
(Catchment area/1000) x 600gallons= total gallons of water collected per 1 inch of rainfall
Example:(2000/1000) x 600gallons = 1200gallons

To find out how much you will collect in a year:
Total gallons of rain water per sq.inch x average rainfall per year in inches=total gallons per year
Example: 1200 gallons of water per sq. inch x 20 inches of rainfall a year= 24000 gallons

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Winter Weather Tip: Save Energy & Money By Installing an Energy Star Thermostat

With the winter months here you can consider taking some steps to saving money during the time when homes have their highest demand of energy of the year. When this type of thermostat is installed, combined with the use of four pre-programmed temperature settings for weekend and weekdays you could give you a savings of about $180 a year!

Did You Know?
The average household spends more than $2,200 a year on energy bills – nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling. Homeowners can save about $180 a year by properly setting their programmable thermostats and maintaining those settings.

With a programmable thermostat it will make it easier for you to save the optimal amount of money, since there are already pre-programmed settings for when you are home, asleep or away. Here are are the settings for an energy star programmable thermostat:

Check out our full list of Energy Star qualified programmable thermostats.

Use Your iPhone as the Display for Your Car Stereo

Product Title (In box)
Smarthome is launching Oxygen Ocar Audio Head Unit for iPhone, a new product that integrates the very best in hands-free technology. This head unit is far more than just a simple car stereo, because it integrates your iPhone as its display and memory. Installing Bluetooth can be costly. But with this device, your phone calls can be heard from your car’s speakers while the music is automatically muted. Any other app you run will also send its sound through your car’s audio system – games, videos, internet browsing, GPS driving instructions, and more. Of course, there are built-in FM and AM tuners, or listen to internet radio, controlled via your iPhone. The display will show all RDS information, including the AF function which will attempt to tune in your radio station on a different frequency if it loses signal while driving.

The sleek design is both stylish and functional. The iPhone connects directly to a mounting cradle that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees and swivel 15 degrees to allow the driver to adjust the angle and tap into iPhone technology with safety and ease. While connected, your iPhone will charge as you drive. Although most people would think the faceplate has already been removed when you take your iPhone with you, you may also detach the faceplate to give potential thieves reason to shift their attention to a different vehicle. Read more

Turn Your iPad into an IR Remote Control

With its built-in worldwide IR database and learning capability, the IRB1 turns your iPhone or iPod touch into the most powerful personal remote control ever devised. The IRB1 accessory and its associated iTunes application (i-Got-Control) combine to turn your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal remote control that can virtually control any Infrared device! There is no need for a home Wi-Fi network; just CONNECT, SELECT and CONTROL your A/V components.

Check out how it works with the iPhone!

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Experience a luxurious, maximum-flow shower that just happens to be environmentally friendly, too

Water Lily Rain ShowerheadInstead of conserving water while you’re taking a shower, Evolve’s ShowerStart™ technology saves the hot water that’s wasted before you actually get in. The result – save time, hot water, energy and money without giving up a single thing. Taking your shower never felt so good.

Water Pressure

This is the perfect showerhead if you love the idea of a rain shower but worry that the spray won’t be strong enough to remove the shampoo from your hair. Well, worry no more. With this innovative head you’ll get ShowerStart technology and a great-feeling rain pattern as well as a concentrated pulsating spray that massages your scalp while quickly removing the shampoo from your hair.

Trickle Mode

Evolve’s integrated ShowerStart technology prevents expensive hot water from unnecessarily running down the drain before you actually get in the shower. It does this by automatically entering trickle mode once the water reaches bathing temperature, approximately 95°F (35° C) and stays there until you pull the chain to resume normal water flow. If the water flowing to the showerhead has reached this temperature, your Evolve showerhead goes into trickle mode the moment you turn it on. This typically happens when users are taking showers within a few minutes of one another. It could also happen if your bathroom became exceptionally hot – above 95° F (35° C). In either event, pulling the chain will resume your showerhead’s normal flow if it is in trickle mode when the water is turned on. Read more