Create 3D Slideshows from your 2D Images to Bring Your Pictures to Life

Make your favorite family photos extra special by converting them to 3D images!

Blazon 100101 3D Digital Picture Frame, 8 Inches

With a built-in 2GB memory, you can display lots of your favorite memories. This picture frame can display JPEG slideshows and DVI videos. You can even accompany your slideshows with your favorite MP3s. The picture frame supports SD, MS, and MMC memory cards and features a USB and mini-USB port for easy transferring. With the 3DMagic software, you can customize your 3D images quickly and easily. Then, transfer the images directly to the frame from your computer with the included USB cable. Once your files are uploaded to the frame, you can program and control using the buttons on the back of the frame or with the convenient IR remote control. This picture frame can also display a real-time clock or calendar along with your slideshows, making it a great accessory to your desk or office.
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