Make Sure You Protect Your Biggest Investment

Electrically actuated water shut-off valve for use with the housEvolve Water Presence Detector. Each water detector can control up to 2 shut-off valves.

In stand-alone mode, the detector will automatically shut off the water valves it is connected to if water is detected at any of its sensors.

In a housEvolve system, the Main Controller can be instructed to shut off all valves in the system, regardless of which detector they connect to, when any Water Presence Sensors detect water.

The valves may be turned on or off remotely by phone. (Note that this control ability is global: all valves in the system will either turn off or on there is no individual valve access).

The valves can also manually Open or Close locally by pressing the OPEN or CLOSE buttons.
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Get the Sony Tablet S Now at a Lower Price!

Get all the great things you love from Sony, now in a tablet. Enjoy a truly optimized tablet that’s responsive and intuitive with a vibrant TruBlack display – its comfortable design fits perfectly in the palm of your hands. Access PlayStation® games and Reader eBooks, plus music and new release movies from Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited. Control the living room with the built-in universal IR remote or choose to share, view and transfer personal video, photos and music and more to your DLNA compatible PC, TV or speakers. Sony’s latest software technology brings you fast web browsing, responsive touch panel, and exceptionally intuitive user interface.

The Sony Tablet S was conceived for comfort over long periods of time. The ergonomic, wedge-shaped form shifts weight closer to the side, making it feel ultra light in one hand. It also makes for a perfect typing angle when set on a table. Sony’s latest software technology brings you faster web browsing, a more responsive touch panel and smooth animation through the menus. You’ll appreciate the enhanced speed in everything you touch. Snap photos and shoot video of the world around you with a 5-megapixel rear camera. There’s also a front-facing camera for recording your own antics.

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The EPA Recognizes January as National Radon Action Month–Make Sure Your Home is Safe

According to the EPA they are encouraging all to take part in National Radon Action Month, by taking small simple steps to test their homes from harmful radon gas. First you may want to get familiar with what radon is.

Radon is a natural, radioactive gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. It can enter homes through cracks in the foundation or other openings such as holes or pipes. In addition to testing for radon, there now are safer and healthier radon-resistant construction techniques that home buyers can discuss with builders to prevent this health hazard.

Approximately 21,000 people die from radon related lung cancer each year in the U.S. according to the EPA. These drastic numbers can be reduced with these simple steps:

  1. Test: EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General recommend that all homes, both with and without basements, be tested for radon. Affordable Do-It-Yourself radon test kits are available at home improvement and hardware stores and online or a qualified radon tester can be hired.
  2.  Fix: EPA recommends taking action to fix radon levels above 4 Picocuries per Liter (pCi/L). Addressing high radon levels often costs the same as other minor home repairs.
  3. Save a Life: By testing and fixing for elevated levels of radon in your home, you can help prevent lung cancer while creating a healthier home and community.

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Use a Remote to Switch Between Four Different HDMI Sources

Steren Python Digital 4x1 HDMI Switch, with Remote

  • Switches between up to four different HDMI sources for display on a single HDTV or monitor
  • Maintains high definition resolutions of up to 1080p
  • Control manually or via the included remote control

Connect all your HDMI devices to your television with a single device. Once this HDMI switch is integrated into your system, you’ll be able to choose which source you’d like to pull the signal from with a wireless remote. Sources can also be selected manually from the switch’s front panel. The unit installs in seconds and is ideal for HDMI-compatible digital video recorders, cable/satellite set-tops, DVD players, and more. The only additional materials you will need for installation are HDMI male-to-male cables. Adapters can also be used for DVI-D (video only) digital connections. All HDTV resolution formats up to 1080p are supported by the switch, as well as 1920×1200 pixel resolution for computer monitors. Read more

Create 3D Slideshows from your 2D Images to Bring Your Pictures to Life

Make your favorite family photos extra special by converting them to 3D images!

Blazon 100101 3D Digital Picture Frame, 8 Inches

With a built-in 2GB memory, you can display lots of your favorite memories. This picture frame can display JPEG slideshows and DVI videos. You can even accompany your slideshows with your favorite MP3s. The picture frame supports SD, MS, and MMC memory cards and features a USB and mini-USB port for easy transferring. With the 3DMagic software, you can customize your 3D images quickly and easily. Then, transfer the images directly to the frame from your computer with the included USB cable. Once your files are uploaded to the frame, you can program and control using the buttons on the back of the frame or with the convenient IR remote control. This picture frame can also display a real-time clock or calendar along with your slideshows, making it a great accessory to your desk or office.
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Wouldn’t it be Nice to Receive a Reminder to Not Pull Into Your Garage When You Have Gear Loaded on Your Roof Rack

It can be easy to forget about the bicycle, kayak, camping equipment, or other gear strapped to the roof of your vehicle, especially after a long drive. And if you pull into your garage with your gear on the top of your car, you could significantly damage your gear, your car, and your home. This wireless alert system prevents that from ever happening again. Consisting of a wall-mounted sign, audio alerter, and gear tags, the alert system is easy to use and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. The sign should be mounted where it is visible to you as you pull into the garage while the audio alerter can be clipped to your sun visor. Gear tags are water resistant and can be attached directly to your equipment or slipped into bags and cases.

With the included power adapter, the sign is continually detecting for the gear tags to provide constant protection. When gear tags are in sensing range of the sign, audio and visual warnings will be issued – the sign will flash and the alerter will beep. The warnings will last three minutes, so you can be sure to see and hear them. The alerter can easily be silenced with a quick button press. Comes with one alerter for your car and two gear tags. Read more