Fully Adjustable Flex Neck Desk Lamp that Reduces Eye Strain and Saves Energy

Grandrich ES-201 27-Watt Full Spectrum Desk Lamp - Grey

  • Full Spectrum CFL Desk Lamp
  • On-Off Rocker Switch on Base
  • Full Adjustable Flex Neck
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Energy Star Qualified

The Grandrich ES-201 27-Watt Full Spectrum Desk Lamp represents a fabulously practical take on a truly modern design, culminating in a priceless piece of full spectrum illumination. The lamp uses a 27 watt full spectrum light bulb that simulates natural sun light, and it is equivalent to a 100W traditional light. The full adjustable flex neck feature and the bright light given off by this energy saving light bulb is excellent for reading. Set in a marvelously grey finish, this full spectrum desk lamp will serve as a conventional yet charming touch to your decor. This lamp is designed with the most advanced energy saving technology, ensuring Grandrich’s sincere dedication to energy conservation. Read more