Standalone Access Control System For Magnetic Locks and EMS Doors

Visonic TIAB KIT-2 Single Door Proximity Keypad w/10 Tags
If your company is like most larger companies, you’ll agree that making keys for new employees is not only time and money consuming, it’s inconvenient: Changing the locks each time an employee leaves the company just isn’t feasible. The Tag-in-a-Bag is a versatile weather-resistant proximity access control unit, designed to limit access to restricted areas while permitting authorized people to enter. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications, the Tag-in-a-Bag access control solution provides authorized control for up to 250 users with two available security levels: Users can either gain access just using the tag, or a PIN code can be used in conjunction with the tag for additional security.

The Tag-in-a-Bag system’s proximity readers are based on advanced RFID technology: Each user is assigned a unique encoded proximity key. When a valid proximity key or tag is presented to the reader, which is located outside the protected area, the controller relay activates a magnetic lock or an electromagnetic strike (EMS) that releases the door (magnetic lock and EMS sold separately). A single card can be conveniently programmed to open any combination of doors in the system. If a card is lost or stolen, it can easily be deleted from the system, and a new one can be issued.

The control unit connects to the frame of your door with an electro-magnetic strike or magnetic lock and operates by either a 12V DC or AC power supply (sold separately). The control unit includes internal non-volatile memory, unaffected by power failure. The internal memory stores up to 250 tags and four-digit PIN codes. This system comes with 10 tags; additional tags are available but sold separately. Read more

Get Rid of the Grocery Bag Mess in Your Closet or Cabinet!

simplehuman KT1013int Upright Grocery Bag Holder - Brushed Steel
If you’re like me then you probably have a cabinet or drawer messily jam packed with old plastic grocery bags used for a variety of purposes. It looks ugly and wastes tons of valuable space. Don’t worry because simplehuman® has created the answer to this nightmare. The KT1013int Upright Grocery Bag Holder can hold up to 50 plastic grocery bags and do so without being an eyesore. It has a sleek brushed steel and plastic design that will look good on a countertop or bookshelf as well as save you tons of cabinet space if you store it there. A cylinder opening at the top makes it easy to stash bags in the holder and the wide dispensing area on the front allows for quick removal of bags when needed. Read more

High Resolution Power Testing to 10mW

Extech Instruments 380820 Universal AC Power Source and AC Power Analyzer
The Extech 380820 Universal AC Power Source and AC Power Analyzer can be used to test products in the range of 85 to 250VAC with a frequency range of 45 to 65Hz. This unit also features a Standby Power Measurement feature (10mW to 100W) for testing desktop and notebook PCs, LCD TVs, AC adaptor/chargers, and other products that continue to use power when connected to AC even though they are not in use.

The Power Quality Measurement function can monitor Watts, Power Factor, Voltage, Current and Harmonics and includes a Cost Function Calculation mode for finding a product’s cost per day, month or year. This meter is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.


  • Low Power, high resolution front panel output with variable voltage and frequency
  • High Power rear panel output supplies line frequency and voltage
  • Low Power Measurement (10mW to 100W) for testing power consumption of small devices
  • Test standby power at different voltages and frequencies
  • Power Quality Measurement (Watts, Power Factor, Voltage, Current, Harmonics)
  • Cost Function calculates cost per day, month, and year
  • 99 memory locations for preset voltage and frequency output settings
  • Standby and Operation button
  • User-programmable Over Current Protection (current limiting)
  • Programmable through the built-in RS-232 interface
  • Data acquisition mode captures readings to your PC with a sampling rate of 2 to 65,535 seconds
  • High Power and Harmonics Measurements 100mW to 1000W @ 110V or 100mW to 2000W @ 220V

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