No More Dropped or Lost Items Between your Seats when Driving

The AirFlow Technology 1000-0108 Seat Barricade is the best solution on the market for preventing items from falling between your seat and center console while driving. No longer will you struggle with reaching down for lost money, cell phones, wallets or pens. When these items fall it is dangerous to retrieve them.  Never worry or reach again with the Seat Barricade. Available in Tan and Black; the Seat Barricade fits most cars, vans, trucks, and SUV’s. Installation is a breeze just place the strap over the seatbelt receptacle and you are ready to roll. Included in the box are 2 Barricades so the driver and passenger receive equal protection. The cushion is poly-filled and constructed out of vinyl to ensure a no-hassle cleaning.

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The Greatest Thing to Happen to the Remote Control Since Infared

The NextGen Genius Remote Extender adds RF to your existing remote simply by installing a battery transmitter. Simply install the Remote Extender in place of one of the AA or AAA batteries inside your remote control, then point the receiver or attach the bright eye emitter to the components you wish to control. Control your components from anywhere in the house. Even works through closet doors and closed entertainment system cabinets! Go from room-to-room and control your components up to 100+ feet away, no direct line of sight is needed. Unlike other remote control extenders, you don’t have to attach anything to the front of your remote or be limited to using your remote in one room. The receiver has a built in charger and comes with (2) 2/3 AA specially sized rechargeable batteriess. And by simply installing extra battery transmitters you can convert as many remotes as you like. Works with virtually every remote control!

The NextGen Genius Remote Extender comes in 5 frequencies and colors: Green, Orange, Gray, Yellow and Purple.

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Allows Vertical Equipment Mounting for Space Efficiency and Aesthetics

Middle Atlantic WRP-8 Low Profile 19 Inch Wall-Mount Rack, 8 SpaceThe Middle Atlantic WRP-8 19″ low-profile wall mount rack allows vertical equipment mounting for space efficiency and aesthetics. The wall mount includes 23 inches of usable equipment depth (vertical) and a locking hinged top and separately locking hinged body. ½” and 1 ½” laser knockouts are located in the backpan top and bottom, plus 3″ x 12″ laser knockouts in body of the backpan. Two fan mounting positions with guards are located in the bottom, fans are not included. The front of the wall mount is vented for cooling purposes. The adjustable front rackrail provides 20 to 23 inches of useable equipment depth.

  • 23″ useable equipment depth (vertical)
  • WRP Series racks are UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • Locking hinged top and separately locking hinged body
  • 1/2″ and 1-1/2″ laser knockouts in the backpan top and bottom
  • 3″ x 12″ laser KO in body of backpan
  • Two bottom located fan mounting positions with guards (fans not included)
  • Vented front for cooling
  • Adjustable front rackrail provides 20″ to 23″ useable equipment depth

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