Keep dogs happy and healthy by providing them with a guaranteed source of cool water

It’s easily done with the WaterDog, an easy and convenient system that installs on any outdoor spigot and supplies dogs with fresh, clean water on demand. Once hooked up, the WaterDog’s ultrasonic sensors will automatically turn the flow of water on and off based on the dog’s proximity. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to fill Scruffy’s bowl again!

Contech WAT-001 WaterDog

The WaterDog uses sonar technology to sense the presence of an object in a cone shaped area in front of its sensors. It’s important to note that the sensors don’t detect motion, but presence. That is, if your dog is present in this active cone area, moving or not, the WaterDog will turn on its water supply.

Maintaining an adequate supply of cool water should be a priority for pet owners, especially during the summer and winter, as pets will often not drink sun-heated or frozen water, increasing the risk of dehydration. WaterDog provides the solution by giving instant access to fresh water from which pets can drink until satiated. In addition, WaterDog can also significantly reduce the risk of contracting intestinal diseases, such as Giardia, which can be caused by dogs drinking from stagnant water contaminated by parasites or bacteria.

The WaterDog also includes a flood protection feature. Should your dog stay in the unit’s active area for longer than 5 minutes, the water will shut off and remain off until the dog leaves the active area. This feature will protect your yard or kennel from flooding.

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