Charge Handheld Devices Using Free and Clean Solar Energy

Digital Ozone offer’s up an alternative to the wide array of phone and gadget chargers needed to ensure a device is never the victim of a dead battery. The Juicebar Multi-Device Solar Charger is a lightweight back-up power source for all of today’s handheld, battery draining, devices. As Smartphone’s continue to get smarter the drawback is their batteries tend to drain faster and faster over the course of the day. At only 4 ounces and roughly the size of a cell phone, the Juicebar conveniently fits in a pocket, purse or bag to easily power-up a cell phone, GPS or MP3 player.

The dual sided Juicebar Solar Charger features a polycrystalline solar panel on one side and a sleek, stainless steel reverse side with a power status light and LED flashlight. The Juicebar also has a built-in USB port so that those of us who are unable to regularly take advantage of the solar charging option can still charge it from a USB power source. This charger is powered by a rechargeable 3.7 volt, 2000mAh Li-ion battery. There are two push-buttons on the stainless steel side of the Juicebar which will show its available power and turn on the LED flashlight. The larger of these two buttons will turn on a blue, power status, light while the smaller will activate the flashlight. Read more

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