Safely limit the access of your pets

Bindaboo Extra Tall Walk Through, Self-Closing Dog and Pet Security Gate, BlackThe gate fits most standard doorways and is ideal for other openings in the kitchen and stairway. No tools are necessary, simply attach the tension knobs and adjust them according to your doorway or opening. The pet security gate acts as a fence that will prevent your pets from entering areas that you don’t want them to or roaming your home and getting into trouble. It is even safe enough to be used as a barrier that will protect babies and toddlers from going into dangerous areas where they could possibly be harmed. The gate is not a solid wall, pets will be able to see into other rooms and feel like they are part of the action. Unlike other barriers that require you to step over them once they are in place, you can walk through this gate with a simple one-handed motion to unlock, lift and swing it open in both directions…then just let it automatically close and lock! The Bindaboo Walk Through, Self-Closing Dog and Pet Security Gate is a functional device essential for homes with pets or toddlers.

  • Protect your pets by letting them grow and play in a secure environment
  • Ideal for doorway openings and openings at the top or bottom of a stairway
  • Adjustable width for openings from 28″ – 32″ inches (71cm – 82cm), extra tall at 40.5″ (103cm) high
  • Allows pets to see through the gate so and be part of activity in the next room
  • No tools required for installation

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Four Power Supplies Built Into One Unit

Extech Instruments 382270 High Precision Quad Output DC Power Supply

  • Two fully adjustable outputs and two semi-adjustable outputs
  • 3-digit LCD display for each output
  • Adjustable outputs can be configured for constant voltage or currents, connected in parallel or in series
  • Overload protection

This DC regulated power supply provides four outputs in a single unit. Each output has a separate three-digit LCD display. Two of the outputs are fully-adjustable, allowing you to configure for constant voltage or current. The fully-adjustable outputs can also be connected in parallel or in series. The remaining two outputs are semi-adjustable with good stability and ripple factor. Overload protection prevents damage from overloads and short circuits. Use this power supply for bench testing, field service, hobby, educational, maintenance and telecommunication equipment use. Read more

Reduce the Standby Energy Consumed by Your PC and its Equipment

PC TrickleSwitch Energy Saver

If you are using or plan to purchase the PC TrickleSaver you may want to consider the PC TrickleSwitch as an Accessory. The TrickleSaver turns PC USB peripheral devices Off when you turn your PC Off and On when you turn your PC On. The TrickleSwitch takes energy savings a step further. It attaches to the TrickleSaver, and allows you to turn all of your PC USB peripheral devices On and Off manually at anytime while your PC is On – simply press the button on top of the TrickleSwitch. By allowing you to manually switch PC USB peripheral devices On/Off and to supply power to them only when required, you can significantly reduce the amount of ‘vampire power’ consumed when your PC is On. This is especially helpful for those that put their PC in standby mode, in which case the USB is still active and wouldn’t turn off the switched outlet. The TrickleSwitch connects directly to a PC via a standard USB connector and a PC TrickleSaver plugs into a USB connector on the product. Read more

Don’t Fuss With Changing the Speed of Your Windshield Wipers as the Rain Pressure Changes!

Hydreon RT-50A Rain Tracker Windshield Wiper ControlWe have all done it–we lower the speed of our windshield wipers as we drive through a patch of clear skies, and then we get to an area where there is huge downpour so then we have to increase the speed. Having to keep changing the speed of your windshield wipers can quite annoying and not to mention distracting while trying to drive in already hazardous conditions. Turning your wipers on and off is a nuisance when it’s not raining enough to justify leaving them on, and even the intermittent setting is too frequent. It would also be convenient if your wipers simply turned themselves on when needed, leaving your hands and mind free to drive your car. The Rain Tracker needs only five connections to your car, and the entire system can be installed in an hour or so. So if your car doesn’t already come equipped with automatic sensing wipers, don’t worry this is the answer! Make sure you get this before we truly see high amounts of rain. Read more

Read or Complete Tasks in the Dark Without Straining Your Eyes

Sylvania LED Book Light

  • Swivel LED light head with extendable and retractable gooseneck
  • Large clip for secure mounting
  • Convenient slide on, slide off switch
  • Compact and portable

The Sylvania LED Book Light is the ideal companion for reading, taking notes, or searching for something, all while in the dark. It can be used in the bedroom so you can let you loved one sleep or while traveling so you don’t have to disturb others. The LED is situated on an extendable gooseneck and can swivel up and down to direct your light in just the right place. A large clip firmly attaches to books, magazines, binders and day planners. It is powered by two CR2016 batteries (included) so there are no wires dangling around to bother you. And unlike traditional incandescent lights, LEDs do not heat up so there is no danger if you fall asleep and the light tips onto your book or blanket. The Sylvania LED Book Light offers plenty of illumination for small spaces and is adaptable to suit your needs. This product requires the use of two CR2016 batteries, included. Read more

Wireless Water Sensor Triggers AAA+ Home Monitoring System Alarm

Flood Sensor For AAA
Expand your AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system by installing leak detectors near water-using appliances around your home. The Flood Sensor for AAA+ is a wireless leak detector designed to sense the presence of water wherever there shouldn’t be, sending a wireless alert to your home security system when it detects a potential leak and possibly saving you thousands in flood-related damages. The AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system is sold separately.

Each zone in the AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system can support two sensors, so you can install a leak detector in numerous locations, such as near toilets, washing machines, and bathtubs. Using the attached suction cup, mount the Flood Sensor for AAA+ on the wall or device to be monitored. If it detects even the slightest amount of water, the sensor will transmit an alert to the AAA+ Home Smart Center, which will alert you or can even sound an alarm, call out to up to five phone numbers, or trigger another event, depending on how you have set up your security system.

The AAA+ Home Smart Center supervises the sensor and its built-in lithium battery condition automatically, alerting you immediately if something is wrong.
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Fix or Remove Broken Sprinkler Heads with Ease

Orbit Irrigation 53027 Medium Area Aluminum Sprinkler Head Wrench

  • Use to install and remove sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum construction
  • Offers many years of dependable sprinkler system repair use

This Orbit 53027 aluminum head adjustment wrench sprinkler tool is used to install and remove sprinkler nozzles from pop-up sprinkler heads. With its high-quality die-cast metal construction, this sprinkler head wrench has many uses in sprinkler repairs and for sprinkler systems do-it-yourself projects. If you need to replace or install a pop-up nozzle from a spring-loaded sprinkler head, this is a tool you must have. The Orbit Sprinkler Wrench is easy to use and versatile in installing and replacing sprinkler system parts. Read more