Gift for Her: Candles Minus the Messy Wax


Candlelight is a great way to create a soothing environment and with the Wisteria Leaf Basket from Flipo you can do this without the hassle of a traditional flame wax candle. The Wisteria Leaf Basket includes a flameless LED candle that won’t drip wax or blow out with a gust of wind. This candle holder design is fall inspired and perfect for both indoor and outdoor decoration and use. The leaf basket is handcrafted from forged iron with a bronze finish. An added feature of the Wisteria Leaf Basket is that it has a handle which allows the user the option of hanging it. The included 3″ x 5″ flameless candle looks just like a traditional candle but requires much less maintenance and doesn’t leave a waxy mess. The candle turns on and off by simply flipping the switch underneath the candle.

Flipo FLA-CAN-MET-LF Wisteria Leaf Basket with LED Candle




  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Adds ambience and style to any setting
  • Includes LED candle
  • LED candle flickers just like a real flame
  • Fall inspired leaf design


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