Easy-to-Program Door Lock with Up to 1,000 Individual Users

TimePilot 2904 CrossOver X25 iButton Keypad Door Lock - Stainless Steel
Heavy-duty construction makes this door lock suitable for all weather conditions. Its reversible handle allows it be installed as a left or right hand handle. The keypad allows for access through the built-in keypad, an iButton, or both. iButtons are about the same size as a traditional key but contains a programmed computer chip for greater security measures. Programming is done through HomePilot software, sold separately. The HomePilot software can be used to program all your CrossOver locks and iButtons in a matter of minutes. Up to 1,000 iButtons or 100 key codes can be programmed to the X25 door lock. Restriction can be placed on each user, only allowing access between certain times on specific days. These restrictions can be especially useful for maids, handymen, temporary houseguest, and more. An audit trail lets you see exactly who is entering your home and at what times.

The door lock can also be programmed to automatically lock or unlock at certain times of the day. Other modes of operation include storehouse, which automatically locks the door after it has been unlock, or classroom, which keeps the door unlocked until it receives the lock command. A panic button is located on the inside of the lock door – one simple touch will lock to door from the inside. The door lock requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately. A fresh set of batteries can operate more than 10,000 openings. When the batteries begin to run low, the door lock alerts you so you can be sure your home will always remain secure. Read more

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