No More Wives Nagging About the Toilet Seat, this One’s Automatic!

You won’t need to worry forgetting to put the toilet seat down ever again with this automated toilet seat installed in your bathroom. This toilet seat cover opens and closes based on readings from its infrared sensors located on the top and inside of the cover. Walk right up to the toilet and the cover will automatically open. Place your hand above the top of the cover to raise the seat . An occupant sensor on the inside of the cover determines whether or not the toilet is in use. When it detects the toilet is unoccupied, it will automatically lower the seat and cover of the toilet. The cover will stay closed until the toilet is approached again. You’ll never have to touch the toilet seat, eliminating contact with and transmission of germs.

To avoid unnecessary activation, the beam-type sensors require you break the infrared beam for a short amount of time before the seat and cover will respond. Therefore, walking past the toilet will not cause the cover to open. The seat is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can last up to three months on a full charge. When the battery power starts to wane, attach the included charger and plug into an AC outlet. If you do not have an AC outlet readily available, the toilet seat easily slides off for temporary relocation.

iTouchless TS1EWAC Touch-Free Sensor Control Automatic Toilet Seat - White Elongated



  • Seat and lid open and close based on activity sensed by infrared beams
  • Do-it-yourself installation only takes a few minutes
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery can work for up to 3 months on a single charge
  • Seat slides off the toilet for easy cleaning and recharging

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Have You Switched to CFL?

TCP Inc. 69414ADL 14 Watt A19 Armor Coat CFL Light Bulb - Daylight

Save Money

Less Energy

Environmental Benefits


Switching to CFL bulbs does not mean you will have to compromise your lighting. This CFL bulb only uses 14 Watts and produces light equivalent to a standard 60 Watt incandescent bulb. You will see energy saving of over 75%, with an estimated $1.69 usage cost for an entire year! The bulb’s exclusive patented InstaBright technology utilizes amalgam mercury to ensure an instant start time. No more warm-up time like with traditional CFL bulbs. Bulb life can last up to seven years, meaning you’ll have to replace bulbs less often. Its armor coating provides a durable and shatterproof coat designed to keep the glass and bulb contained, making it ideal to use with children or pets. However, the armor coating does not inhibit the light output. Produced light is so much like that of an incandescent bulb, you will hardly notice the difference.

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Gift for Her: A Comfortable, Ergonomic, and Convenient Tablet Stand

We all spend lots of time on our tablets and iPads – and have the neck aches, muscle fatigue and eye strain to prove it. This plush pillow features a u-shaped ledge that holds your tablet in place while you rest the pillow on your lap or on a table. Your tablet will stay propped up to a comfortable viewing angle, leaving your hands free. No more sore wrists from gripping and holding the tablet in place. Tablets will fit into the pillow with or without a case and can be positioned horizontally or vertically. A 3 inch pocket is perfect for holding small items, such as writing utensils, headphones, cleaning cloths, and more. Straps are located on the back of the pillow, perfect for taking with you on the go or sliding over the handle of your rolling luggage. No matter how you choose to use it, the ePillow will provide a more comfortable and convenient way to ready, watch movies, browse the web, or play games on your tablet.

Veyl 4.0 ePillow - Pink with Black Trim




  • Pink synthetic leather pillow with black accents
  • U-shaped ledge holds tablets in place for better viewing angles
  • 3-inch pocket hold headphones, cleaning clothes, pens, and more
  • Handles can be draped over luggage handles for easy portability
  • Holds tablets in a vertical or horizontal position

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Give Your Baby a Great Night’s Sleep by Purifying the Air in His or Her Room

Recent research shows that indoor air is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, which is why you should keep the air in your home as healthy and clean as possible. Your baby might not be getting a good night’s sleep because of the pollutants in the air he breathes. The high-performance Austin Baby’s Breath Air Purifier not only removes particulate matter like smoke, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, germs, viruses, and pollen, it will even remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from such sources as cleaning solutions, carpets, paints, building materials and formaldehyde. Four stages of filtration ensure you are breathing clean air: First is a “large-particle” pre-filter to trap dust, hair, and pet dander; this filter is designed to be vacuumed rather than replaced. Second is a “medium-particle” pre-filter which traps mold, spores, and pollen. The third line of defense is 30 sq ft of medical-grade true HEPA filtration, which removes micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses. Finally, 6.5 pounds of military-grade activated carbon removes chemicals, gasses, and odors. Most air filters sold in stores do not remove gaseous VOCs, and the electrostatic cleaners emit harmful ozone. The machine has four casters for easy mobility, making it easy to move from room to room so your baby can breathe clean air.
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Austin Air HM205 A205 Babys Breath Air Purifier, Blue

  • Recommended for babies, allergies, asthma, and smoke
  • HEPA filter and military-grade carbon cloth filters
  • Promotes sounder sleep
  • Reduces sneezing
  • Ensure your baby breathes only fresh, healthy air
  • Five-year filter life

Also comes in pink

Home Burglaries Rise During the Holidays, So Protect Your Home and Your Family!

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent





  • Dynamic, color changing occupancy simulation helps prevent entry by criminals
  • Super-bright multi-color LED Light output simulates the effects of a normal television
  • Built-in light sensor turns FakeTV on when it is dark and off when it is light




If you are looking effective, affordable way to deter criminals from breaking into your home at night, the FakeTV Burglar Deterrent is the perfect solution. FakeTV is a plug-in unit about the size of a coffee cup that simulates light output equivalent to a typical 27″ TV. A built-in light sensor automatically turns the device on at night and/or when lighting in a room turns black (at 0.5 lux). From outside your home, it looks like someone is home watching TV. A built-in computer controls the super-bright LEDs to produce light of varying intensity and color that light up a room just like a real television does. Lighting effects included scene changes, fades, swells, flickers, on screen motion and color changes. Like real television programming, FakeTV is constantly shifting among more and less dynamic periods, more vivid and more monochromatic, and brighter and darker scenes; it is completely unpredictable, and it never repeats. FakeTV makes your home look occupied in a way that that a light on a timer cannot, by offering the impression that someone is inside your home watching television.

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Holiday Party This Weekend? Don’t Drink and Drive


The AlcoMate® AccuCell AL9000 Breathalyzer is a lightweight and portable alcohol detector that uses the new fuel cell technology for maximum accuracy. It is perhaps the easiest to use fuel cell based alcohol breathalyzer machine on the market today. Many alcohol testers work by using a silicon oxide chip to detect and measure alcohol concentrations. These designs are more error prone and subject to contamination problems. The advanced fuel cell technology of the AccuCell AL9000 requires fewer re-calibrations and is more accurate. The AL9000 can also handle high volume testing without a problem. The AccuCell was designed with the professional tester in mind with such features as a USB connection to allow the export of data to a computer in Excel format for analysis. At the current time the software supports Windows XP, VISTA and Windows 7. The AlcoMate AccuCell gives an accurate reading of blood alcohol concentration and has a rapid response time. Professionals such as law enforcement personnel, hospitals or businesses can rely on the AL9000 when fuel cell accuracy is needed.



AlcoMate AL9000 AccuCell Breathalyzer



  • DOT Approved: Accuracy +/- 0.005% BAC
  • Active Pressure Sensor
  • Deep-Lung Air Sampling
  • State of the Art Fuel-Cell Alcohol Sensors

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