Troubleshooting Timesaver–Test Coax Cable Quickly and Easily

Coax Cable Continuity Tester
Don’t spend hours trying to figure out which coax cable goes to which jack. Save time during wiring projects with this pocket-sized Pocket Toner continuity tester. After completing the pre-wiring stage of an installation, you could be faced with dozens of coax cables. While it is easy to group the different cables, you still have to figure out which cable goes to which jack or location. The Pocket Toner can help you solve this problem in minutes.

Simply plug the sender into a wall jack in a room. Back at the location where all the cables come together, connect one cable at a time to the speaker until a tone is heard, and you’ve found your cable.

The Coax Cable Continuity Tester is an easy to use tool for testing coax cable. With it you can check DC shorts, splitters and self-grounding devices in coax cable. An audible tone sounds when the line-carrying signal is detected. Read more

 Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

4 Stars DENNIS — LOVELAND, CO    Date: 11/4/2011
Review: Product does a good job indicating a short. However, splitters will cause a false signal.

3 Stars F — THORNHILL, ON    Date: 4/17/2010
Review: OK

5 Stars ALEXANDER — BROOKLYN, NY    Date: 4/10/2010
Review: Works great.helped me find the problem. With cabling for the broadband. Useful for testing the splitters as well.

5 Stars JASON — SAN ANTONIO, TX    Date: 1/8/2010
Review: Small, easy to use and carry. Perfect for working in the attic.

4 Stars HUY — CYPRESS, TX    Date: 5/13/2009
Review: works great for shorter runs, not so much for long runs (no sound)

4 Stars GREG — CONYERS, GA    Date: 11/7/2008
Review: Easy to use device that works well. Also detects line splitters!

Stop Fumbling Throuhg Those Dark Cabinet Drawers, Illuminate Them with LED Lights for More Convenience!

The Carson Optical TL-10 Illuminators LED Drawer Light comes with a set of two ultra-bright cordless LED Lights that can be installed almost anywhere. Simply push the top of each unit to turn on/off. The Illuminators LED Drawer Lights can attach to most surfaces using the adhesive backing. Super-bright LED Lights illuminate any area where light is needed, and requires two CR2032 button cell batteries (included).

  • Set of Two Ultra-Bright Cordless LED Lights
  • Can Be Installed Almost Anywhere
  • Attach to Most Surfaces Using the Adhesive Backing

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Gift for Her: A Wind Chime with a Solar-Powered LED Light

Sun-Mate Corp 230 Solar Wind Chime with Bright LED Illumination
Efficient solar panels charge the batteries by day, so the sensor can automatically turn on the LED’s at dusk. The LED light inside the globe creates a beautiful bright illumination. Long chime tubes create magical sounds from the wind. This wind chime has an elegant finish over sturdy construction. Environmentally friendly and glows for up to 8 hours nightly. Includes a metal “S” hook and chain for easy hanging, and best of all there is no wiring needed!

During the day, the solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity and recharge the included rechargeable battery. In the evening, the Solar Powered Lamp will turn on automatically. Provides up to eight hours of light when batteries are fully charged (the hours of light per charge depends on your geographical location, weather conditions and seasonal lighting availability).

Although the Ni-Cd rechargeable battery included with every unit is designed to provide years of reliable use, most rechargeable batteries do begin to deplete after cold winters. When this happens, the battery can be easily replaced with newer models available anywhere batteries are sold. It is suggested Ni-Cd batteries are replaced once every 12 months to ensure constant performance. Read more

Hate running to your door in rainy weather, only to fumble with your slippery keys before getting inside your warm, dry home?

No More Fumbling With Keys In The Rain!

Domino Engineering SC-20-B Keypad and Control Module

Mount this keypad near your door, and all you have to do is punch in a code (from 1 to 6 digits) and your door will unlock automatically. Prevent your kids from being stuck outside after school, or from trying to break into your home by climbing in dangerous areas! No more re-keying your home every time you or someone in your family loses keys! Requires Doorstrike and 12-24-Volt AC/DC Power Supply (sold separately).

The keypad can grant access to doorways with either a magnetic lock or an electric strike. The system is designed for up to 20 user codes of 1-6 digits each, allowing you to have a number of authorized entrants, without having to share codes. Also, because each person has their own customized entry code, instead of a single code that everyone has to try to memorize, it makes it easier for your family members and friends to remember their codes. The keypad is completely weatherproof, so you don’t have to worry about damage from inclement weather or sprinklers. It also features EEPROM memory, so that the unit will not lose its programming in the event of a power loss and you won’t be locked out of your house! Powered by 12-24 VAC/DC. Read more

Adds Soft Lighting to Your Outdoor Areas Without Wiring or Complicated Installation

Smart Solar 3140WMM2 Solar Wall Light (Twin Pack)
Smart Solar 3140WMM2 Solar Wall Lights are compact and easy to install onto walls, fences, outdoor steps, and more. Mount the lights onto any flat surface with the included mounting kit for soft lighting in just about any outdoor area. The lights are powered by an integral solar panel and rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly wiring.

  • Adds light to any outdoor space
  • No wiring required- contains integral solar panel and replaceable rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Contains 2 white energy-saving LEDs
  • Up to 6 hours illumination when fully charged
  • Mounts on any flat surface-mounting with mounting kit supplied

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Holiday Gift Idea: Add Personality to Your Pool Area with a 2-Tiered Fountain

Dunn-Rite Pool F100 Wonderfall Pool Fountain

Versatile with hassle-free installation, this pool fountain is a quick and simple way to add elegance your backyard or pool area. Its installation requires no tools with a 1 ½” threading with lock-ring to fit the most standard inlets. Two adapters are also included to use with some non-standard-sized inlet threads.

This two-tiered fountain can be installed in minutes and is easily adjustable. Choose from two 20-jet spray patterns. Spray height can be adjusted from an elegant 15 feet high to a soothing trickle. A rotating ball valve lets you adjust the spray direction – water can flow up, out, or even underwater. The fountain’s nozzle is shaped like a flower for added elegance. Adding this fountain to your pool not only adds ambience, but the aeration process can also keep the water a few degrees cooler.

  • Wall-mounted fountain
  • Can be used for both in or above-ground pools
  • Spray height is adjustable from a trickle to 15 feet high
  • Rotating ball valve allows you to spray water up, out, or even underwater
  • Includes adapters to fit most inlets

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