Take Your Pool Safety System Along When You Go to the Lake or River

Battery Pack for Base Station & Carry BagIf you use the Safety Turtle pool safety system to receive an instant alert when your child falls into your swimming pool, you can take this portable system with you when you go camping or to the local lake or river. Simply install the Battery Pack for the Safety Turtle base station, and the base will be able to emit its piercing alarm if your child’s Safety Turtle Wristband is submerged in fresh water.

Protective Cover Included

Included with the Battery Pack for the Safety Turtle Base Station is a protective cover, which keeps the battery pack and the base unit safe from sand and water droplets. The base unit’s alarm can be heard through the protective cover, although it may be muted.

Two Charging Options Available

The Battery Pack for the Safety Turtle Base Station will keep the base unit charged for up to 10 hours, but you can recharge the battery pack using an AC or 12-volt charger (sold separately). Charge overnight in the cabin or RV to be able to enjoy your day at the river or on the lake without worry.
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Operate your iPod Via your Voice Commands

Using your iPod while working, exercising or driving can be difficult if your iPod is in your pocket, if you can’t see the display or you don’t have a free hand. The Accenda Voice Activated Control Adapter for iPod takes these troubles away. It features the latest in speech recognition technology, actually listening for your voice commands so that you can tell your iPod what to do without lifting a finger. No setup or power supply is required. The voice control adapter will respond right out of the box to command of ‘Adjust the Volume’, ‘Play ‘, ‘Stop ‘, ‘Go to the next track’, ‘Go to the previous track’, and ‘Replay song’. Simply plug your existing earbuds or headphones into the adapter, plug the cable into the iPod dock connector, and you are ready to tell your iPod what to do. The Accenda Voice Activated Control Adapter designed specifically to work with iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Included neck strap allows for the voice control adapter to rest comfortably or use the built-in clip to attach the controller to your shirt. Read more

Secure Entry to Your Office With Biometric Door Access Control System

David-Link A-1300 Biometric Door Access Control System




  • Scan up to 3,000 fingerprints
  • Record up to 60,000 accesses
  • Employee authentication methods: fingerprint, proximity card or pin number
  • Display employee name on screen when punching in
  • Administrator feature to edit, add or delete records


Control System is good for up to 3,000 fingerprint template and can record up to 60,000 accesses. Employee authentication methods are by fingerprint, proximity card and pin number, when employees punch in their name will be displayed on the screen. The latest David-Link Biometric Fingerprint Scanning Sensor (500DPI) can scan fingerprint image in less than 1 second. The Standard Proximity Card Reader is built in with RFID. Each terminal is assigned with an IP address in the network, so the Door Access Software can basically pull data from multiple terminals. The control system offers administrator feature to edit, add or delete records. It allows you to download employee records with a USB flash memory device, Ethernet (TCP/IP) and USB cable connection. You can connect the control system directly to any computer through the USB Cable or Ethernet. Since there are no restriction on how many doors the terminal can support up to, it depends on the power supply unit customer buys. The power adapter is not included in this system. This control system can be wall mounted in your office.

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Don’t Be an Energy Hog and Save Yourself Some Cash

TrickleStar 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection



TrickleStar’s 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection is the ideal aide in reducing wasted standby energy also referred to as vampire energy. TV’s, computers and other household products still continue to draw energy even when they are not turned on which can lead to a whole lot of wasted energy. Current sensing circuitry in this surge protector recognizes when a product in the control outlet is either off or on and can then power off or on the switch outlets accordingly. A TV or computer is typically the product used for the control outlet while the subsequent switched outlets are for products that are used with the control product. When off the control outlet and switched outlets stop drawing power until the product in the control outlet is turned on. Thus if you have a TV plugged into the control outlet and a video game console plugged into one of the switched outlets then the video game console outlet will automatically power off when the TV is not turned on and vice versa. Of the 12 outlets, 1 is reserved as the control, 8 are switched outlets which work in unison with the control and the remaining 3 outlets are “always-on” outlets that are not affected by the control. This PowerStrip also offers coaxial and RJ11 (phone and fax) surge protection of 288,000 Amps or 4,320 Joules. This 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip is ideal for residential and workplace uses and comes equipped with a heavy duty 4 foot power cable that has an angled space saving plug.

TrickleStar’s Metal Oxide Varistor, MOV, surge protection technology is encased in a ceramic fireproof casing which is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The ceramic casing is capable of both suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than that of traditional MOV’s.

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Robotic Lawn Mower, Just Turn it On and Walk Away

Kyodo LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO Robotic Mower




  • Designed for yards up to one third acre in size
  • Cuts up to 3 plus hours on a single charge using a Li-ion battery
  • Virtually silent operation, use it anytime
  • Lightweight, easy to use at only 24 lbs


The Kyodo LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO robotic mower makes mowing the grass a thing of the past! Simply stake down the included perimeter wire around your lawn and any areas you don’t want to cut; flower gardens, landscaped areas, swimming pools, etc. Place the LB1500 SpyderEVO in the yard and turn it on, that’s it!

The perimeter wire, along with the robot’s bump sensor, ensures it cuts only where you want it to. When it is finished cutting, simply charge it with the included charging cables.

Let the LawnBott LB1500 SpyderEVO cut throughout the week to keep your lawn looking good all week long. Maintaining your yard frequently is better for the grass and the small clippings become fertilizer for the lawn. Frequent trimmings even help to reduce flowering weeds, making for a healthier, more beautiful lawn.

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