A Quirky Desk Organizer for All Ages

The Fascinations FISHQ1 USB Desktop Aquarium is a fully functioning fish aquarium that fits perfectly on a desk to help liven up an area. This USB Desktop Aquarium is the perfect blend of functionality and capability because it also doubles as a desktop organizer. Keep your pens, phone, scissors and whatever else you have lying around your desk in one convenient spot that is sure to brighten your day every time you look over and see your small fish companion swimming around. The desktop organizer also comes with an LCD screen on the front that displays the time, date, day and temperature while also having the ability to play soothing nature sounds that come with it. The aquarium is powered by a USB port that can be plugged into your computer or any other USB outlet. The aquarium features a low voltage pump and a filtration system under the gravel. If buying a live fish to put in the aquarium it is recommended that you bring the desktop aquarium with you to pet store or at least the dimensions to ensure you get a fish that can thrive in this size environment.

Fascinations FISHQ1 USB Desktop Aquarium



  • A perfect desktop companion
  • Adds a touch of fun to your home, dorm or office
  • Under-gravel filtration system
  • Re-circulating water to provide oxygen for your fish
  • Supports an actual small fish

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Wireless Headphones Designed for your Active Lifestyle

BOSS Electronics 2183 Sports Wireless MP3 Headset




  • Store music directly into the headphones
  • Listen to audio with no wires, just the headset
  • Holds 2GB of music
  • Load music via USB connection
  • Comfortable, hassle-free design


Are you tired of the wired headphones coming from your MP3 player getting in your way or even falling off your head? The BOSS Electronics 2183 Sports Wireless MP3 Headset is a perfect solution that allows you to move freely and control your music directly from your headphones with track and volume controls. The wire fee operation allows the headphones to stay on your head and out of your way, ideal for use with normal day to day activities around the house or the office; or use it as a workout companion at the gym. The tight design allows for multiple workout routines including cardio on the treadmill, core training with a stability ball, and lifting weights.

Use the USB connection to load MP3/WMV audio files from your computer using the preloaded software; this connection will also charge the headset. This durable, lightweight, cord-free headset provides an all-in-one solution that delivers the audio quality that you expect and allows you to listen to your favorite music and be hands-free without distraction at the same time.

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Feeling Cold at the Office?

COZY Products TT Toasty Toes



  • Compact, lightweight and portable for any room
  • 3 adjustable ergonomic positions provide stress relief on legs and feet
  • 2 heat settings
  • Helps you stay productive in the workplace, or relax comfortably at home
  • Optional fleece cover (sold separately) snaps on for additional warmth & comfort


Toasty Toes delivers maximum comfort and heat to cold feet and legs at home or in the workplace. Save money by lowering the thermostat, while keeping your personal space warm with this angle-adjustable ergonomic foot rest. Gentle, radiant heat delivers heat directly from the warm surface to your legs and feet, while still remaining safe to the touch. The low wattage design keeps your toes cozy, without potential circuit overload.

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INSTEON Project: Receive a text message when a water leak is detected

The TriggerLinc is a wireless battery-operated INSTEON transmitter that while used mainly as a door/window alert, it also can send On and Off commands to linked devices using a pair of contacts that can be connected to any Normally Open or Normally Closed sensor. This allows you to turn any type of sensor into an INSTEON-compatible sensor. Here we will show you how to turn it into a water leak detector for use under sinks, next to toilets and the like. We will be attaching the TriggerLinc to a basic water sensor and linking it to a computer controller that can send text or email alerts such as HouseLinc, ISY, Indigo.

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Color Touch Pad to Help Control Your Entire Home Audio System

NuVo NV-CTP36 Color Touch Pad
The full-color 3.6″ LCD touch screen of NuVo’s new Color Touch Pad means incredible control, in a striking and simple-to-use on-wall package. The Color Touch Pad can also be used as a whole house controller, providing access to all the zones in your home. The Color Touch Pad can turn zones from any location on and off and change audio sources playing in zones. This display will show full metadata from NuVo sources, such as the NuVoDock for iPod, T2 series of tuners, and Music Port. Album Art is also displayed on the Now Playing Screen when used in conjunction with the Music Port. Features flexible, programmable options for enhanced operation.

Color Touch Pad Buttons

  • Power button. Press this button once to turn on or off the music in the zone. Press and hold it for four seconds and it will power off all zones.
  • Home button. Press this button to view the Menu.
  • Volume Down. Press once to decrease volume one increment. Press and hold to decrease volume faster.
  • Volume Up. Press once to increase volume one increment. Press and hold to increase volume faster.

Party Mode. This setting is turned on and off with the OK button. When selected, all the configured zones in the system will turn on and that Control Pad becomes the Host for the entire house. This function is defeated in an individual zone by initiating a function on that zone’s Control Pad.
Do-Not-Disturb. This sets a temporary source lock on a chosen source within that zone. This selection is also turned on and off by pressing the OK button.
Sleep. The Sleep Mode, when set, allows music to play in that Control Pad’s zone for a specified amount of time. Once the time selection is made, the system will gradually ramp down in volume and the zone will turn itself off at the end of the selected time.
Lock Zone. This temporarily locks the zone on the current source selection. It requires a four digit security code that must be set by your installer. Once the number is set, the zone will remain locked until the security code is entered to unlock it. The default key is 5555.
Lock Off & Lock. This temporary lock works very much like Lock Zone, but is used to turns the zone off and requires the security code to turn the zone on. Read more

Makes Showering Safe and Energy Efficient (No Batteries or Wires)

The Sylvania LED Ecolight Water Powered Shower Light can make showering both safe and energy efficient. This easy to install Shower Light has a built-in LED light that requires no batteries, power supply or wiring. So how does it work? It simply converts incoming water pressure into the power supply allowing you an eco-friendly shower. As well as being a power-saving shower light, a built-in sensor will change the color of the LED light, letting you know if the water will be too hot or too cold. Now you won’t have to worry about being shocked by freezing water or burned by scalding water or worried if the kid’s showers are the right temperature. By using this LED you can go without turning on your bathroom light in the morning or night and save energy. With this clever bathroom product you can enjoy innovative lighting technology in a practical way. This energy saving product is also perfect for teaching children how to choose the right temperature for their showers. As well as letting Mom or Dad know if the water is going to be too hot or cold for their little ones. The Sylvania LED Ecolight Water Powered Shower Light installs on standard 3/4″ shower pipes and attaches to most showerheads. An easy to press On/Off switch is built-in if you choose not to use the light feature. Read more