Digital Scale Determines Weight and Nutritional Content of Food

These days, people are becoming more and more careful about what they put into their bodies. Ideal for the health-conscious eater, Escali Cibo Nutritional Food Scale is a digital scale with a smart weighing system inside. This diet scale has easy-to-use features to display nutritional values, including calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein, for 999 food items, including ingredients and beverages.Escali Cibo Nutritional Food Scale

Preprogrammed with 999 food items, the Escali Cibo Nutritional Food Scale calculates and tracks calories, sodium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fiber content for single ingredients or complete meals. Place the food on the removable stainless steel plate that also provides fast and easy cleanup. The scale will display the weight in ounces, pounds, grams or kilograms. A tare feature subtracts the container’s weight to obtain the weight of its contents.

Using the Cibo Nutritional Food Scale is simple. Just find the 3-digit food code from the list of 999 codes in the included manual and use the number keypad to input the food code. Press CAL, SOD, PROT, FAT, CARB, CHOL or FIBR key to display the nutritional readings. The manual’s pages are protected by a coating that makes it safe to leave the booklet around areas prone to frequent spills. Read more

Smart Tips for Outdoor Holiday Lighting

1.Clear your gutters of debris
Gutter Cleaner Wand

Nothing is worse than a fire caused by holiday lights. Keep your home safe by properly preparing your home before you decorate with lighting. Also be sure to decorate during the day when the weather is clear. This heavy-duty hose attachment has a telescoping wand that extends from 41.5 inches to 68.5 inches to get to those hard-to-reach spots along your roof.

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2. Use solar-powered lights to avoid increased energy costs
Flipo SOL-50LED-MULT 50 LED Solar Powered String Lights - Multi-Color

Enjoy the look of string lights without the mess of electric cables or stress of increased energy costs.  LEDs typically stay illuminated between 8 and 12 hours, depending on lighting conditions. A built-in photo cell measures the amount of available sunlight. If it senses there is not much sunlight left, the string lights will automatically turn on. When ample light is detected, the string lights will automatically turn off.

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3.Not using solar-powered lights? Use a timer to manage your lighting usage
SkylinkHome PA-318 Remote Controllable Indoor/Outdoor Plug-In On/Off Control Module, 1,500 Watts

SkylinkHome’s Indoor/Outdoor PA-318 was designed to operate a 1,500 watt load at 120 volts of alternating current (120VAC) for either lights or small apliances. This plug-in dimmer can be paired to a max of 8 transmitter controllers. To use this device simply plug the PA-318 into an Indoor/Outdoor AC outlet, then plug in the device you wish to control.

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4.Use a long, sturdy ladder
Little Giant 15700-001 Type 1A MicroBurst Fiberglass Ladder - Model 4

The all-new Little Giant MicroBurst is designed to be versatile and durable, yet folds down to a super-slim 3-1/2 inch storage and carrying profile.  Stability is key with any ladder. That’s why Little Giant developed the patent-pending StableLock Spreader System. The high-strength steel alloy spreader bars lock into place creating a solid A-frame structure with no room for shifting or walking. For added stability, the MicroBurst features an extra-wide flare on both sides of the ladder. The added flare significantly increases lateral stability when working near the sides of the ladder.

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5.Keep you extension cords neatly wrapped up
Stanley Electrical 33958 All-Weather 4-Outlet Cord Reel, 20 Feet

Stanley Electrical’s All-Weather 4-Outlet Cord Reel is a great power extension for all outdoor applications. Each receptacle is grounded. The 20 foot black power cord extends out of the yellow durable casing and winds back up for neat storage. It features a carrying handle on the top of the case for easy mobility and an On / Off switch directly on the side of the case that can quickly power down all four outlets. When finished with use its compact size allows you to store the four outlet cord reel almost anywhere.

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The Fast, Safe and Easy Way to Feed Portable Generator Power to a Load Center

Reliance Controls ProTran 30216A 6-Circuit Indoor Transfer Switch
The Pro/Tran 30216A indoor surface mount transfer switch is designed for fast installation in residential and commercial applications. The 18-inch flexible conduit whip attaches easily to the load center and all wires are clearly marked. Simply select the circuits needed in an emergency and connect them to the Pro/Tran wire leads.

Pro/Tran transfer switches feature a rugged powder-coated steel cabinet with six combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts, resettable branch rated circuit breakers and non-defeatable (break-before-make) double-throw switches.

Six Solid Reasons Why Pro/Tran is the Only Logical Choice

  • Low Cost: Surprisingly low. A fraction of the cost of a DPDT switch, sub-panel, power inlet, fittings, conduit, circuit breakers and wire. Pro/Tran transfer switches combine all these elements in a single, compact, ready-to-install unit.
  • Fast Installation: Extremely fast. That’s because every Pro/Tran transfer switch is completely pre-wired. Simply attach the conduit, mount the cabinet, make the necessary connections in the load center and it’s ready to use.
  • Safe operation: Ultimately safe. The double-throw, break-before-make switch action of each Pro/Tran circuit keeps the generator isolated from the utility at all times. This eliminates the danger of back feeding the utility and causing injury to repair crews as well as preventing utility power from feeding into the generator and causing damage or injury.
  • Easy to Use: Remarkably easy. Plug the generator cord into the Pro/Tran, or the optional power inlet box, start the generator and move the switches on the Pro/Tran from LINE to GEN. Now you have power to your critical circuits.
  • High Flexibility: Unusually high. Every indoor Pro/Tran model can be cord-connected or hardwired. All enclosures include six combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts and a wiring compartment with over 60 cubic inches of space. Models that include a power inlet on the front also include a cover for the power inlet opening that facilitates hardwiring. Models without a power inlet on the front include a covered opening that permits the installation of a power inlet for convenient cord connection. And by ordering the optional Flush Kit, every indoor surface mount unit can be easily flush mounted.
  • Exceptional Quality: Quite exceptional. Every Pro/Tran component is manufactured to exacting specifications and tested before assembly. Then each completed Pro/Tran is thoroughly tested before shipment from the factory. And this exceptional level of quality is backed by an exclusive two-year warranty.

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Gift Idea: Protective Case for iPad 2, One Case – Infinite Possibilities!

The Wallee Mountable Protective Case for the Apple iPad 2 does double-duty as a durable, sleek protective case and using the patented ‘locking X’ mechanism you can confidently mount it to any of the Wallee accessories. There are a multitude of applications for the iPad, next to the phones for quick message taking and calendar checking, on the kitchen back-splash to follow recipes, in the offices as an extension of your work space, on a wall to display pictures of family and friends, on the back seat of our car to keep the kids entertained – the list goes on and on and on! With a complete range of accessories all built around the elegantly simple locking mechanism, the Wallee features a great design that functions brilliantly, enabling you to use your iPad comfortably in any of the thousands of ways you desire. The unobtrusive locking X mechanism is built right into the case and works seamlessly with any of the Wallee accessories (each sold separately), for a seamless transition from wall, to desk, to cafe, comfortable typing, swing arm and wherever else your imagination takes you. A simple turn and click and your iPad is locked into position; another turn and click and it is released together with its protective shell. Precision designed, all of the physical buttons are left easily accessible and an integrated thumb tabs means your iPad can be removed from the case quickly and easily. Read more

Revolutionary Network Installation and Trouble Shooting Tool

Hobbes Innovation 256713D SMARTtone and SMARTprobe Network Installation Kit
The Hobbes Innovation SMARTone & SMARTprobe kit is a revolutionary network installation and trouble shooting tool, it goes entirely above and beyond the traditional methods to trace and identify cables. In the past, when using tone and probe tool you had to listen quite closely to identify the tone signals; it was easy to confuse the signal with surrounding noise making it difficult to be certain of the results.

The SMARTone & SMARTprobe uses advanced digital signal technology to trace and identify cables in high speed and high precision; avoiding noise and false signals.

It is a true breakthrough beyond traditional testing methods. The SMARTone and SMARTprobe kit is compatible with traditional analog tone generators. Finally, it is not only a digital Tone and Probe but also a cable tester; it can test cable continuity, telephone service/polarity, and even wire mapping.


  • Traces cables at a distance
  • Identifies cables in bundles or at patch panels
  • Sends digital/analog tones in two distinct modes: one note tone and two note tones
  • Receiving tone sensitivity level: 9 levels
  • LED Bar and speaker are used as indicators
  • Can use probe to trace traditional 1KHz analog tone
  • Cable map: pin to pin test for cable opened/shorted/reversed/ crossed/miss-wired
  • Telephone service and polarity test: +polarity; -polarity; ringing
  • Probe has an adjustable speaker volume level suitable for various work environments
  • Auto Power off and low battery indicator
  • Complied with IEEE802.3af standard

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Minimalistic Designed Remote with Very Advanced Learning Features

Use this remote control with virtually any system, from basic TV and cable boxes to the most advanced home theater system. Program only the functions you want for a completely customized remote control. The Weemote uses a minimal amount of buttons so it can be used by anyone, especially children and elderly users. Buttons are dedicated to the most standard functions, such as power, mute, and volume and channel control. Five additional buttons can be dedicated to your favorite channels or programmed to include a number of advanced functions, such as a sleep timer or video input control. Very advanced learning functions make the Weemote compatible with just about any brand of television equipment.

The Weemote can also be programmed to restrict certain functions. Volume control can be turned off to ensure it won’t get too loud. The channel up/down buttons can also be programmed to cycle through certain channels, limiting the access to your available channels. Programming buttons can only be accessed by removing the screw and cover so you can be sure your settings won’t accidentally get changed if someone sits on the remote. The Weemote requires the use of two AAA batteries, sold separately. Once the batteries are installed, the battery cover must be screwed back on, keeping the batteries secure until the screws are removed. All settings are stored regardless of battery level so reprogramming won’t be necessary when you replace the batteries. Read more