Our Best-Selling Automated Litter Box!

Cats have a reputation for being pretty self-sufficient, but any cat owner knows that if you don’t maintain the litter box regularly, you can be left with a smelly mess. Eliminate the hassle with a cat box that has no litter to scoop, touch, or change. The CatGenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box connects to your bathroom or laundry room water line to flush cat waste out of your house. It automatically washes, sanitizes and dries your pet’s bathroom area to leave it dust, odor, and germ free. The CatGenie PowerFlusher System, which includes the Turbo Hopper, cuts through hairballs and other tough debris, then flushes and drains the waste faster and cleaner than ever before. Ideal for homes with two to three cats over 6 months old, the CatGenie Cat Box is easy to set up and maintains itself.

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A Gift for the Busy Traveler

Carepeutic KH251 3D Vitality Kneading Neck Massager



Relieve pain, fatigue and tension from your neck
2 deep tissue massage heads rotate forwards and backwards
Adjustable intensity and mode with remote control
Includes adapter for use in car 12V charger
Detachable cloth for easy cleaning



Carepeutic KH251 3D Vitality Kneading Neck Massager is equipped with 2 built-in kneading heads that can be set to work in a forward or backwards motion. The forward direction focuses on two acupuncture points which are “Fengchi” and “Tianzhu”. The backwards direction focuses on relaxation of the muscles and for both directions the user can adjust the intensity of the kneading heads. The kneading heads are designed to simulate the human hand’s fingers. A synthetic soft fiber cloth cover on the Neck Massager is detachable making it easy and convenient for cleaning after use. The 3D Vitality Neck Massager comes with an AC adapter for plugging into a wall outlet and also includes a 12V car adapter perfect for use while on those long road trips or stressful drives home.

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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Yard with a Graceful Crane Stake Light

Moonrays 93304 Crane Solar Stake Light, 2 Pack




With the Moonrays 93304 Crane Solar Stake Light, 2 Pack users can add some accent lighting to their yard without the worry that it’ll be an eyesore during the daytime. There are 2 different Crane designs and one of each is included in this 2 pack. Each Crane contains a turquoise crackle globe in the area where its body would be so that at night it will not only illuminate the surrounding area but the Crane as well. This product is completely self-sustaining as its solar panel rests at the base of the Crane to collect sunlight during the day to charge its rechargeable AA NiCd battery. For optimum performance the user will need to ensure that each Stake Light is setup in an area that receives ample sunlight over the course of the day. The longer the solar panel is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, the longer it will stay illuminated at night. Each Stake Light has an auto on/off feature that allows the Crane to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Because this light is solar powered there are no wires associated with it and it will not have any additional operating costs to its user.

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Hands-free Entertainment while on the Road is a Snap with CoulVue iPad Mount

With its easy mounting bracket system and telescoping flexible arm, the CoulVue iPad mount is a must have for the on-the-go folks who like to keep their passengers entertained. Developed by TouCoul, the iPad mount securely clamps to the back of almost any standard car headrest, allowing passengers in the backseat to watch movies, browse the internet, listen to music and play games. With its reinforced locking system, this mount holds the iPad securely in place while the driver navigates over bumps, potholes and other various road conditions. It features full 360° twist mobility which allows the viewer to easily flip between portrait and landscape modes, as well as a tilting function for angling the iPad to maximize optimal viewing. The iPad simply snaps snugly into place and the soft coated inner lining protects your iPad from scratches or scuff marks. This mount is the perfect accessory for anyone who owns an iPad that would like to use it to entertain their children or passengers on long road trips.

TouCoul CV1000 CoulVue for Original iPad


Easily mounts to almost any car’s headrest
Full 360° twist mobility
Wide range of motion
Soft coated inner lining keeps iPad scratch and scuff free
Takes seconds to install

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The Ultimate Camera to Capture Your Crazy Adventures

Mini Gadgets Ultra Sports Cam Ultimate Sports Camera/DVR

  • Sleek case is waterproof up to 20 meters
  • Records video or takes still images
  • Optional motion detection recording modes
  • 4 LEDs and 4 IRs can be used in conjunction or independently for low-light or nighttime use
  • TV-Out connector

With this compact camera, you’ll be able to clearly capture life as it is happening. Take full color and audio videos with 720p resolution or still images with 2560 x 1920. Four LEDs can be used in low light situations while four IRs allow for night vision. Use the LEDs and IRs in conjunction or independently. Manually record the video or set the camera to motion detection mode to save battery life. The camera is waterproof up to 20 meters, making it great for both indoor and outdoor use. Files can be stored on micro SD cards up to 32 GB. This camera also features a TV-Out connector and can double as a webcam.

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