3-in-1 Lightweight DC Power Supply with 3 Selectable Ranges

Extech Instruments 382260 80W Switching Mode DC Power Supply
The Extech 382260 80W 3-in-1 Switching DC Power Supply has three output ranges that perform like 3 power supplies in one. It can be used for many applications including bench testing, field service, hobby and telecommunication equipment use. This power supply is shipped fully tested and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.


  • Constant voltage or current
  • 3 selectable ranges:
    0.10 to 16.40V/0.100 to 5.100A
    0.10 to 27.60V/0.100 to 3.100A
    0.10 to 36.80V/0.100 to 2.300A
  • 4-Digit LED displays
  • Front/Rear output terminals
  • Remote sensing for accurate applied voltage at load point
  • Compact slim tower housing is ideal for tight work bench
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Complete with AC Power cord

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Monitor Live Video, or Record, Search, Playback, and Backup Security Videos From up to 16 Cameras

The DIY security H.264 16-channel networkable DVR is easy to program and can be managed locally or remotely, offering the perfect solution for DIY security customers. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to this DVR for 24-hour surveillance. Sixteen outputs are also available for audio microphones. There are four recording modes available: continuous, scheduled, motion detection, and alarm triggers. Email alerts can be sent out with a JPEG image when events are detected or alarms triggered. The DVR’s VGA port allows it to function as a standalone set-top box when connected to a PC monitor or display. It can be controlled with the included remote control, front panel, or a USB mouse. You can also view footage over the Internet using PC, laptop, or supported Smartphone.Mace MDIY-DVR1610HDK DIY Security 16-Channel DVR 500GB HDD

  • Connect up to 16 security cameras
  • H.264 video compression technology for maximizing hard drive capacity and minimizing network bandwidth
  • Provides local on-screen control and monitoring
  • Use as a remote internet system management and video monitoring from a computer
  • Programmable email alerts with JPEG snapshots

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Compact Speaker Features a Rear Wave Enclosure that Inhibits Sound Transfer

Niles CM4PR 4-Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling / In-Wall Performance Speaker with Rear Wave Enclosure (Each)
The Niles CM4PR 4-Inch 2-Way In-Ceiling / In-Wall Performance Speaker features advanced Rear Wave Control enclosure that is uniquely designed for retrofit installations and optimized for high quality, predictable sound performance and reduced sound bleed into adjacent rooms. The Rear Wave Control enclosure is shaped and sized for high quality, predictable sound performance while significantly reducing unwanted sound from bleeding into adjacent rooms and spaces. The CM4PR Loudspeakers are designed to be installed in any standard ceiling where larger, bulkier loudspeakers would not fit, permitting even greater installation possibilities. While sold individually, optimum sound coverage may be obtained by installing pairs of CM4PR loudspeakers. A magnetically attached MicroThin round speaker grille ensures a low profile, clean, unobtrusive designer appearance that blends with the room’s aesthetics. Three easy to use, spring tensioned mounting clips permit quick installation and compensate for uneven mounting surfaces. Weather-resistant construction enables installation in moist areas such as in bathrooms or outdoors under eaves. The designer aesthetics, superior sonic performance, and ease of installation of CM loudspeakers put them in a class above competitive products. Read more

Take a Vacation from Watering your Potted Plants

Get the Claber 8053 Oasis Self Watering System. This is a one of a kind solution to the problem of watering up to 20 houseplants. If you are away from home for long or short periods of time you need an automated watering system. And if you are always home but just don’t want to hassle with daily watering this is the solution for you. This unit is completely independent and safe. No need to connect to a power outlet or waterline. Equipped with an electronic timer and bi-stable solenoid valve, the Oasis® guarantees calibrated water delivery to your plants for the entire program. Just fill the Oasis with water and select one of the 4 independent watering programs: 10, 20, 30 or 40 days. The Oasis runs on just one 9v battery and can last far beyond the 40 day cycle if refilled with water. Normally the Oasis Self Watering System retails for $89.98, to help you get organized for the new year we have lowered our price to $58.53. Go to Smarthome.com today to take advantage of this great offer before it’s too late.

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Tablet stand makes traveling with your iPad easy!

The truly unique and extremely versatile i-Got-Stood-Up tablet stand by IGI Corp is perfect for using your favorite tablet on any flat surface. The articulating joints offer dozens of locking positions for perfect screen viewing while you work in both portrait and landscape viewing angles. Made from highly durable ABS plastic to withstand any impacts, the stand folds down to a compact position which makes it extremely easy to travel with. The stand also features built-in Sure Grip on the bottoms of the feet and vertical arm which virtually eliminates the risk of scratching and holds your iPad, E-Book reader or other virtually any other Tablet securely in place. The stand comes with a stylish travel pouch and is made of microfiber which doubles as a proper screen cleaning tool.

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IGI Corp IGSUB i-Got-Stood-Up Articulating Tablet and E-Book Reader Stand
IGI Corp IGSUB i-Got-Stood-Up Articulating Tablet and E-Book Reader Stand
IGI Corp IGSUB i-Got-Stood-Up Articulating Tablet and E-Book Reader Stand

Light Up your Yard this New Year

The Coleman Cable 91249 Moonrays Postcap Light lets you quickly add much-needed illumination to your fencing, gardens and pathways. Installation is a breeze and takes a few moments to permanently attach (screws included). Most every post around your yard can be capped by this light to illuminate your landscaping. The unit is 4.3″ tall and includes a rechargeable battery to power the LED which never needs to be replaced. Constructed out of durable plastic this product is weatherproof and ready to be installed outside in any climate. The Postcap Light is available in two finishes Black and Brushed Copper. Normally $9.99 we have lowered our price to $6.61 at Smarthome.com to help bring you a bright new year.

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The Perfect Solution for the Indoor/Outdoor Pet in Your Home

If you have had unwelcome guests sneaking in through your pet door,  then the Ani Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door may be the right answer for you. The device  unlocks automatically and allows your cat or small dog to push through the flap when it senses the magnetic key on your pet’s collar. All other animals will encounter a locked door. Pet door liner suits hollow and solid doors up to 2 ¼” thick.  The weather-proof flap remains the perfect solution, even during the colder months of the year. With four total settings you have the option to lock the pet door, allow your pet to enter but not exit, allow your pet to exit but not enter again, or allow your pet two-way access. Say goodbye to the neighborhood stray.
Ani Mate 202W/254W Electromagnetic Cat Door