Stream Content from Your Digital Media Library to an iPad

Nuvyyo JMA-001-01-NA JetStreamHD Mobile Media Streamer

Nuvyyo JMA-001-01-NA JetStreamHD Mobile Media StreamerTake your home media library with you wherever you go. With the JetStreamHD, you will be able to remotely access any of your digital content, no matter where you are – at home, the office, or on vacation halfway around the world. Just plug the JetStreamHD into your router and download the app onto your iPad. Once you organize your files, the app will automatically search for cover art, plot summaries, and other related information. You media will stay organized in easy-to-navigate categories, with sorting and filtering options. Then, connect your iPad over Wi-Fi or 3G and instantly access your entire media library.

You won’t have to worry about running out of memory space when you watch a movie on the go. Everything you own will always be right at your fingertips. No more converting or transferring. With its media conversion and adaptive bit-rate streaming hardware, the JetStream HD automatically adapts to available bandwidth, lowering video resolution if necessary to prevent stuttering and freezing. All you will ever need to access your personal media library is an internet connection. Music, photos, and SD videos can be streamed over a 10 Mbps connection, while a 100 Mbps connection is preferred for HD video content.
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Keep Your Extension Cord Tangle Free and Ready to Go

The Woods Cord Wiz Extension Cord Holder holds 100 feet of 14 3 AWG or 150 feet of 16 3 AWG extension cord. Includes a snap on stand for easy assembly. Now both ends of the cord are accessible and useable. Wrap 10 feet to 15 feet on the top spool for extra reach and the remaining cord on the bottom spool. Actual size 12 x 12 inches, natural fit handle reduces strain. Extension cord not included.

  • Holds up to 150-feet of 16/3 cord
  • Provides ergonomic features for easy handling and use
  • Stores extension cord neatly
  • Made of long lasting durable plastic

Have You Resisted Installing a Pet Door Due to the Loss of Security to Your Home?

Fancy Paws W-ADDDL Large Dual-Flap Wall-Mounted Dog Door
Well, a new solution is available that will last for many trouble-free years and look great in your home. Best of all, the Dual-Flap Wall-Mount Dog Door is beautifully engineered to be durable, insulated and secure: This heavy-duty aluminum unit mounts in your wall and can’t be removed from the outside.

The Dual-Flap Wall-Mount Dog Door is easy to install. The self-framing tunnels are an integrated, telescoping system that self-adjusts to the thickness of your wall (4 to 7.5 inches): Once the hole in your wall is cut out using the included template, the inside and outside frames just slide into each other. There is no cutting or constructing of tunnels and no screws visible from the outside.

This heavy-duty dog door features dual flaps for maximum insulation. The dual-flap system creates an air pocket between the flaps and doubles the protection against drafts. The flexible flaps will not tear or puncture and carry a lifetime warranty. This special material withstands extreme temperatures without losing its shape, and the flaps are tinted for added security and protection against harmful UV rays.

This dog door comes complete with a bulletproof polycarbonate security panel, which you can insert in the interior door channel to prevent intruders from entering your home via your pet door when you’re not at home. A unique locking system keeps the security panel in place. Read more

A revolutionary filter that uses nature’s best cleaning agent since the beginning of time–Water!

No more expensive filters that just clog or leak dust, germs, and bacteria back into your home.

While removing things like cigarette smoke, foul cooking odors, pet odors and all other harmful particles floating in your air, you can use Thermax’s specially formulated oil based fragrances and/or deodorizers to leave a fresh sanitizing smell behind. It scents the actual air molecule so it will smell fresh and clean even hours after you turn the unit off.Run the Mini-Max 2 beside your bed and the smooth sound of it washing your air will allow you to finally sleep throughout the night. Just add 1 capful of Aqua Blue Deodorizer or 5-10 drops of Eucalyptus/Menthol oil and it will not only purify and therapeutically deodorize your air but leave a nice vaporized aroma to open up your air passages.

One satisfied customer said:

DANIEL — minneapolis, MN   10/7/2011
“I bought this for my girlfriend because her and her roommate’s cats smells were embedded in everything and she couldn’t find a way to get rid of it. Bought this thinking it might reduce the smell a bit, but we started running it with a small amount of the oil provided and within five minutes in her room the cat smell was completely gone! 4 days later, with only running it for eight hours that day, the smell still hadn’t returned. I highly recommend this product to anyone. It is phenomenal! It also provides a great visual to what is actually floating around in the air because the water gets progressively dirty and discolored. It’s surprising what we actually breathe in. Another bonus is that most of her congestion issues are gone as well, all thanks to this small, sleek and attractive product.”

Gift Idea for Senior: Receive a Flash Visual Indicator Whenever Your Home Phone Rings

In-line Telephone Flashing Alert Light

As we get older it can be harder for us to hear our telephone ring, especially if the house is a little bigger than most. The sound of the ringer can be drowned out by ambient noise, and thus leaving us to miss a call. With the In-line Telephone Flashing Alert Light it can take care of this problem so you’ll be less likely to miss an important phone call in the future. The device simply installs between your existing telephone and the telephone jack, no batteries or power is required for operation. Whenever an incoming call is received, the built-in high-output LED light will flash, illuminating the area where you have it installed. The flashing will continue, letting you know that someone is trying to reach you, and will cease once your phone has been picked up or when the caller hangs up. It can be used anywhere in any phone system, video phone system, some PBX systems, and can even be used as a way to help the hearing impaired receive a phone call notification.

  • Ultra bright LED flashes when an incoming phone call is received
  • 180° dome cover sends light in all directions
  • No batteries or power supply required

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We all don’t have Siri to Remind Us of Important Tasks, Instead Setup your Alarm Clock to Remind You!

iTalk Reminder Assistant - Voice Activated Reminder Clock
Neutrano Concept’s iTalk Reminder Assistant – Voice Activated Reminder Clock allows you to easily record important tasks or reminders with alarm times, all to the tune of your own voice. iTalk is completely voice activated. Speaking English simply talk to iTalk in your normal voice to record up to 10 personal reminders, set the alarm, ask for today’s date and much more. The iTalk Reminder Clock intelligently combines the new generation of TimeSet Voice technology with large 2″ inch Blue or Amber LED digits in an attractive and highly functional clock design. Best of all, iTalk is completely “speaker independent”, meaning it understands any English spoken voice- right out of the box!

5 Stars SHARON — COOS BAY, OR    Date: 3/14/2011
Review: I bought this for my mom who tends to forget her medicine and it has just been wonderful. She says it is just like I was there reminding her because I record the reminders and it plays back in my voice. It was easy to set up and has a little card to help you remember what key words to say to get it to do what you want it to do. It is a great buy and I would recommend it for anyone.

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