A Unique Chopping Board Categorization System

Joseph Joseph INDP0100CB Index Plus
The Index Plus Chopping Board set not only comes with color coded chopping boards, but four color coded kitchen knives too! ‘Index’ is a new chopping board categorization system. If you like everything to be in order and ship-shape in your kitchen, then these chopping boards are an ideal solution. Categorized in a neat ABS storage case, the four color coded chopping boards have illustrated tabs labeling which board should be used for which food type (vegetables, fish, raw meat and cooked food). Made from dishwasher safe polypropylene, these handy Index Chopping Boards will keep your kitchen organized and hygienic. Sleek and stylish, our chopping boards would be a fantastic addition to your home or workplace!

The set includes four knives, each for a different job! Each shaped for specific uses, this will be the handiest thing in your kitchen. An ideal Birthday, Christmas or housewarming gift, our Joseph Joseph kitchen accessories compliment modern homes and provide space-saving and colorful alternatives! Have a look at our other great Joseph Joseph range including the Nest of Bowls featured in the Sunday Times Magazine! The chopping boards are held in a non-slip case and the tabs make it easy to pull out each board, even with sticky fingers! Ideal for stylish pads and to brighten up your kitchen, Index Chopping Boards keep things fun and colorful whilst helping you minimize the risks of food poisoning! Read more

Are You Looking to Automate Your Home With Z-Wave Lighting and Appliance Control?

The Vera2 system is based on a Wi-Fi access point that links with your wireless router. Once connected, the Vera2 interface can be accessed as a web browser from a web-enabled PC, phone or PDA anywhere in the world. You can remotely program scenes, events and timers that activate an individual device or group of devices throughout your home. You can also receive remote notifications via a text message, email or a phone call when certain things happen that you want to be notified of. Vera2 features built-in Z-wave products support but is also able to control INSTEON and X10 devices, certain wireless IP Cameras and audio video equipment.

Energy Savings
Vera makes it easy for you to create real, measurable changes in your energy usage. You can tell Vera2 to monitor how much energy you’re consuming at certain times of the day, and to notify you if the energy usage is higher than normal. Vera2 can send an SMS text message, email or phone call when your energy consumption has reached certain points that you’ve set. You can then choose a scene that you’ve created to adjust the lighting and thermostat (and any other devices you’re controlling) to be turned down or off while you’re away from home. Additionally, Vera2 can make you aware of government or utility alerts when the power grid is being overloaded, if available in your area. You can program a scene that uses minimum power in your home, and when you receive one of these alerts, just choose the scene to execute.

The first time you access Vera2 you will see Vera2’s setup page, as explained in the quick start guide. Once Vera is setup, you will instead see the dashboard. The dashboard is a simple control panel that shows you all the rooms in your home, and all the scenes and devices in those rooms. Click the ‘go’ button next to a scene to execute that scene. Or click one of the control buttons next to a device to control that device. Read more

If you find yourself in the predicament of needing to record your phone conversations, check out these great solutions!

Mini Gadgets VR256F Forus Digital Voice Recorder, 256MB
Records Incoming and Outgoing Phone Conversations


  • Built in flash memory
  • Voice activated recording
  • Data is stored as WMA audio files

Here’s the ultimate telephone answering machine. Set up is simple: Plug this little wonder into a wall jack, pick the recording quality mode that suits the situation. Set it to automatic answer and forget it for a while. The voice-activated controls will record both outgoing and incoming conversations – while you listen in with the include ear buds, if you wish.


Mini Gadgets Voice2GB-Black Telephone Conversation Recorder
A Hassle-Free Way to Record Your Phone Conversations


  • One button recording or voice activated
  • Rechargeable battery records up to 4 hours of conversation

Easily record any of your phone calls with this compact recording device. It plugs right into a wall jack for the simplest of installations. Several recording quality modes are available so you can choose one that best fits your application. Program the unit to begin recording when it picks up someone’s voice. Or use the one-touch recording mode to only record selected moments.Files can be transferred to our PC in seconds with the included USB cable.




Mini Gadgets VRDigi1000 Telephone Voice Recorder
Discreetly Record Your Phone Conversations
  • Adjustable recording quality modes
  • Can automatically begin recording when you answer a call

Keep a record of all your telephone conversations with this voice recorder. Setup only takes a few minutes and you will be ready to start recording. Different recording quality modes are available to best fit your application. You can even set the recorder to automatic mode and it will instantly start recording when you answer a call. Recordings can be played back from the unit or transfered to a PC from the SD card.

Are you tired of fiddling around with your set of keys to find the right key? Or are you just tired of using keys in general?

With the iButton Solo Door Lock you don’t have to worry about those things anymore.

TimePilot 2930-R iButton Solo Door Lock, Silver

What’s an iButton?

The iButton is a key-sized device that contains a computer chip and attaches to a keychain. Each chip has its own unique ID number and is unaffected by magnetic fields, metal detectors, water and most common chemicals. You can drop it, step on it, scratch it or wear it swimming. The iButton is wear-tested for 10-year durability and can be reassigned to a new user quickly and securely.

Multiple Access Options
The iButton Solo Door Lock has multiple ways of releasing the lock. The lock comes with 2 mechanical keys, 3 iButtons and a manual. You can lock and unlock the iButton Solo with an iButton, a mechanical key or, a key-code that you can program in a matter of seconds. Also, you can set up users that require both the iButton, and a key-code for access. The mechanical key will over ride all options. It’s basically the master key.

Handles up to 299 Users
The iButton Solo Door Lock can handle 299 users with a combination of iButton and code, keypad only, iButton only, or dual access. When programming users, you can choose a user code between 1-8 digits long. Programming users can be as easy as 1-2-3. Simply enter programming mode by entering the master code, select a number for the user, and then choose a 1-8 digit code. Each user has their own level of access, meaning you can set specific times that users can or cannot enter.

iButton 5 Pack
Need extra keys?

Auto Lock Mode

The iButton Solo Door Lock has the auto lock feature that is so valuable to those who forget to lock the door on their way out, or for those who don’t enjoy locking the door after they’ve left a room or setting. The manufacturer’s default settings has the auto lock mode disabled, so this must be changed to auto lock at present time in order to function as explained. Read more

Gift Idea: A Flashlight and Radio that Will NEVER Run out of Batteries!

What it is?
This is the most beautiful designed dynamo battery-free AM/FM radio, flashlight, and table-top Nightlight.

How it works?
1 minute of cranking will give you 20 minutes of radio listening or 40 minutes of flashlight and nightlight. Because of its creative design, you can display it on tables, shelves, or next to your bed’s nightstands. Before you go to bed, crank it for music listing on your favorite radio stations. It will turn off automatically in 20 minutes while you are falling asleep. Let the flashlight shows your way to bathroom at the middle of night. Use it as emergency flashlight that never needs battery. Includes light cap for soft bright nightlight. Offer in three colors: Fresh Orange, Lime Green, and Pure White.

Who Cares?
People need a stylish radio and flashlight but do not want to keep buying batteries.

Why bother?
People fumbled in the darkness for a flashlight during a power outage or need to listen to a radio during emergency situation only to discover that the batteries were dead.


  • Dynamo AM/FM Radio/Flashlight/Nightlight
  • Beautiful design with 3-in-1 multi-functions
  • Includes light cap for nightlight
  • 3 attractive colors
  • Worldwide design patent pending

Capture and Edit Movies on Your PC

Xpert DVD Maker USB 2.0

  • Video capture up to 720×480 resolution
  • USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • Supports composite and s-video inputs
  • Capture, editing, & burning software included

The Xpert DVD maker USB 2.0 allows for both desktop and notebook users to transfer analog video signals to their hard drives. Once captured, use the included software to edit your own home videos. With the Xpert DVD maker USB 2.0 you can easily connect a video camera to your PC to allow video transfer.

It does not matter what old tape or format you have the Xpert DVD maker USB 2.0 can convert V8, VHS, Hi8, and even old videotapes. The image is easily sent to PC for editing and saving on CD in VCD and DVD format (CD or DVD burner required to burn disks).

The Xpert DVD maker USB 2.0 is capable of capturing video at 30 frames per second at 720×480 resolution. Not only that, but this device is also tiny and is suitable to take anywhere. Read more