Protect Your Home Theater System from Overheating!

Active Thermal Management 00-100-02 Cabinet-Mounted Equipment Cooler
Prevent A/V equipment mounted in custom enclosures from overheating with this powerful cooling system! It’s perfect for eliminating common heat-related problems, like amps that mysteriously shut off, or even preventing permanent damage.

It works by drawing cool, room-temperature air into the enclosure, while sending hot air out through a flexible duct. It’s ideal for cooling any devices that typically run hot, like receivers, amplifiers, preamps, decoders and more, especially those mounted in enclosures, equipment cabinets or racks with limited ventilation. Add an optional variable speed controller (sold separately), and the fan speed will automatically adjust based on the amount of cooling needed.

Carefree Operation

Just plug it into one of your component’s switched outlets, and it will automatically turn on as you use your equipment. Includes main cooling unit, tubing adapter, mounting brackets and 7 feet of insulated, flexible ducting material that can be cut to size. Learn more

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