Increase Your Home Security System by Using Multiple Solar Powered Lights

EE Systems Group EE836PK Digital Solar LED Lighting Matrix, White (4 Lights)
Add solar powered, energy savings security and safety lighting to your home or property. This matrix includes 4 outdoor LED flood lights that are powered by the included 12V solar board (panel). The LED bulbs have been arranged into an ergonomic design allowing the lighting to be dispersed and projected onto a wide expanse, providing greater light coverage and balanced projection when compared with other lighting systems.

  • Typical Applications
    • Residential – Extra security and safety coverage for front entrance, garage/side doors, backyards, pool areas, side walkways, garden, and driveway. It can be an extra lighting source for indoor areas such as hallway, sunroom, play/game room, storage room, and bedroom etc. It can also be stored inside a residence as an emergency backup lighting.
    • Commercial – Extra lighting for any parking lot, hallway, stairway, lobby, lock room, workstation, shipping room, warehouse, and restroom, construction site and office trailer etc. Secure your premises during the nighttime.
    • Recreational – Keep an extra or two on hand. The portability of the eLEDing makes it fitting for travel, camping, RV, hangar, boat, trailer, or anywhere that would require extra lighting. Because the eLEDing is rechargeable by solar power (or even charged with 12V automobile lighter or 12VDC power supply), you can count on reliable lighting anywhere.
    • Industrial – Serves as a bright light projection ideal for video surveillance in hard to spot places such as loading areas or areas without light coverage.
    • Emergency– It can be used as an emergency lighting source during AC power outage (caused by such as thunderstorm, hurricane, or earthquake, etc.). It can be installed inside a building such as hallway, stairway or just as a portable light. It is ideal for senior apartments, student dorms, hotel, etc.

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One thought on “Increase Your Home Security System by Using Multiple Solar Powered Lights

  1. Hi There Blog,
    I know what you mean, It is a known fact that single-family homes are often targets for home burglaries. A home security system is an effective way to reduce your risk of home intrusion and theft, while ensuring the safety of your possessions and family.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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